Why Would Obama Want To Deepen Doomed Gulf Coast Ports Located On The Atlantic?

Obama has spent 30% more per year than Bush’s largest budget, but complains that Republicans won’t give him the money he needs to deepen the Gulf Coast port of Charleston, S.C.

It isn’t clear to me why he wants to deepen that port, since he believes it is going to soon be underwater due to global warming.


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8 Responses to Why Would Obama Want To Deepen Doomed Gulf Coast Ports Located On The Atlantic?

  1. scizzorbill says:

    He also said they are widening the Panama Canal. I drove over it 3 times last week. There is no widening going on. There is however, a new canal under construction. That makes his newsflash a double screw up.

  2. chris y says:

    The lowest cost approach to deepening the Atlantic ports is to wait a few years. Hansen predicts a global 10 foot rise in sea level by 2008 or 2018 or something.


  3. David says:

    Just save money and let them get deeper on their own.

  4. miked1947 says:

    They have to make the ports deeper to make a place for all the sea level rise. If they do not deepen the ports the water will cover the buildings. 😉

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    For the same reason that Al Gore bought a $8,875,000 beachfront mansion in Montecito CA. And for the same reason all the leftist warmist celebrities keep buying outrageously expensive pads on the Malibu coast. Because they themselves, the propagators of the alarmist propaganda, don’t believe for a moment their own scare mongering on sea level.

    Look at the Malibu Beach estates. For decades running the beach has been unchanged. NO sea level rise. Not even an inch, as far as what you can see anyways. Even the most seemingly fanatical warmist, when evaluating a $20,000,000 Malibu beach house purchase, would on the one hand be saying we are going to have 10 feet of sea level rise in the next 30 years, but on the other hand would know full well that come 2040 the beach in Malibu is going to look just the same as it does now, and as it did in 1970, so they go ahead and shell out the mega-bucks.

  6. Wendy says:

    When did they move Charleston to the Gulf Coast?
    Chalk up another Obama gaff!!

  7. There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

    Obama can’t be bothered, non does he want to be bothered with all you Flat Earth Crackers in South Carolina or any of the other States on the Atlantic Ocean with a coast line on the Gulf of Mexico. Cheech. That is why it took him so long to show up on the ‘Jursey’ Shore after Sandy. The Pres couldn’t find the place.

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