August, 1911 England Heatwave Killed Hundreds Of Babies

ScreenHunter_36 Aug. 09 11.17


A US expert recently explained how these heat deaths could have been avoided by not using air conditioning in 1911. (It isn’t clear if this expert had recently suffered a major head injury.)

NYU Sociologist: Stop using air conditioning to save planet from global warming |

Temperatures in England this August weekend, are forecast to get almost up to room temperature.

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— – United Kingdom – Forecast maps – weather forecast

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6 Responses to August, 1911 England Heatwave Killed Hundreds Of Babies

  1. Pathway says:

    In America, women have killed 50,000,000 unborn babies because they were inconvenient.

  2. darwin says:

    This is just conservative propaganda. There were no heatwaves prior to 1980. The global climate was a balmy 72 degrees, mostly sunny with periodic nourishing rains. Hurricanes, wildfires, droughts and floods only appeared AFTER 1980. Read some real science.

    -Random psychotic lib

  3. Adam Gallon says:

    Hey, it’s a great summer here!
    Funnily enough, throughout the weeks of fine & warm – nay hot – weather, I’ve heard not a squeak about this being due to “Climate Change”.
    Probably because we’re all so happy to get a summer! Even the rain’s been warm.

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

      …. Even the rain’s been warm.

      So is the beer. Especially if you’re from down under or the colonies.

  4. Last week we even had a thunderstorm in Cornwall…fried my telephone. Not happened since 1994 (fried Telephone that is).

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