Brave Police : No Hesitation

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Police in Blue Ash, Ohio have shot dead a Chihuahua cross dog, but only after first tasing it. 5 year old Jack was the pet of the Bullock family, who bought the dog several years ago for their now 12 year old son. While the Bullock’s were out, Jack got out, and that’s where the police became involved. If tasing and shooting a small 5 pound dog isn’t bad enough, the way the family found out about it was worse again.

On returning home, they found three bullets and blood splattered over their front porch, along with a note to call the police about their dog. To keep this is perspective, we’re talking about a chihuahua here with zero history of violence, who lived in a home with a 12 year old child and a 5 year old, and despite coming to the attention of police for getting out, was shot none the less on the front porch of the home it lived in.

Police shoot dead a chihuahua, but only after tasing it first


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27 Responses to Brave Police : No Hesitation

  1. Mike says:

    Unreal, cowardly cruelty beyond belief.

  2. Shazaam says:

    Those law enforcement “heros” were in desperate fear of their lives!!!

    That chihuahua would have eaten them for it’s lunch if they hadn’t emptied their clips into the beast.

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

      Shazaam, ammo clips are not part of any automatic hand gun or assault rifle. Did you mean to post that the guilty officer emptied his magazine while shooting at Jack sh*t? Grin….

    • shazaam says:

      Indeed. I stand humbly corrected in my terminology.

  3. OldSouth says:

    …and no one will admit responsibility, no one will be demoted, much less fired, much less prosecuted for excessive use of force. Police Departments are increasingly hiring physically aggressive, thoughtless types, and handing them weapons. What could go wrong?

  4. Shazaam says:

    And as is usual, there will be no penalty for those “heroes” taking some time to refine their shooting skills. “Sovereign immunity” means that they can shoot as many dogs as they like without worrying about any punishment.

    The police unions will ensure that no law enforcement officer who shoots a chihuahua while quivering in fear will ever face any penalties for his/her actions. It’s just a game you see. The cop who shoots the most dogs wins!!

    They just have to claim they were “in fear of their lives” and everything is forgiven. Sovereign immunity means that any laws against shooting someone’s dog do not apply to the costumed goons who work in “law enforcement”. The “rule of law” is well and truly dead.

    “Protect and serve”??? What a (bad) joke.

  5. papertiger says:

    Lucky there wasn’t a spider on the porch, huh.

  6. Andy Oz says:

    Practice for when they need to deal with humans!

    • Andy Oz says:

      The dog was not carrying Skittles and was thus guilty in the eyes of The White house. He was mainly white anyway.

      • papertiger says:

        Naw. That tiny pooch had murder in his eye. I saw it.

        • There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

          Since the dog in question is half black and the other half is white, Jack does looks like the dog Obama would have had if Obama had a dog…. Wait Obama does have a dog, a black and white Portuguese Water Dog named Bo

  7. bullright says:

    I wonder if they used those hollow points tool? Just disgustingly indicative of things to come. What about that involved serve and protect?

  8. Bob Johnston says:

    The cops killing dogs simply because they can is old news (in this particular case it occurred in 2009). This sort of stuff disgusts me and it happens so often I believe it’s an intentional policy. I’d love to hear from someone who knows if that’s the case.

  9. Dave says:

    Read “Rise of the Warrior Cop”. It has a chapter discussing cops killing dogs in routine “no knock” warrants (plus a good discussion of the unconstitutionality of such raids).

  10. pepperhawk says:

    This is an absolutely horrifying story. I see no reason to kill that little dog for bloody sake. I can’t stand the mere thought of abusing animals and this is an egregious case of it. i think I’d kill someone who killed my dog and if it had been done in front of me, it would not have been pretty. Too bad the parents weren’t home. And what an awful thing for those children. The police have gotten so out of control in this country. I know Blue Ash well and they are so dorked out about dogs off a leash.

  11. redc1c4 says:

    i tried to track the story back at the station web site and failed, so i did a Bing search, and it indeed happened in 2009.

    more details and a copy of the original news report here:

  12. Andy DC says:

    He could have been Obama’s son. Of course, that would be an insult to the dog and his memory.

  13. He was small, however he was trained in the martial arts.

  14. slimething says:

    Green tipped 62g should be standard purchase these days before they are banned.

  15. Hugh K says:

    Sigh….if only Jack had been born a polar bear….

  16. The Iconoclast says:

    All this police shooting of peoples’ dogs is strange in light of uniformed mailmen and women dealing with dogs since mail service began two centuries ago without shooting them. I think getting police in the habit of shooting peoples’ pets desensitizes them to shooting stuff and will make it easier for them to open up on people when the time comes.

  17. Blade says:


    You’re right there will be no accountability.

    People need to start identifying these cops by name and drag them through the mud on their social accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Rat out their superiors that rubber stamp these crimes. Post their photos next to the cute picture of the poor little dog.

    It would be better than nothing and could drum up some viral publicity that will painfully follow these bastards around forever. Time to start fighting the war asymmetrically.

  18. Ed says:

    I thought this was a climate web site. Don’t assume all climate sceptics are dog lovers. If they were out, and the dog got out, they couldn’t have left their house very secure – irresponsible owners. If people are made to think their dog might be shot if it’s out of control, maybe they’ll take more care with it… and that’s probably an old photo for propaganda purposes.
    Any more irrelevant articles like this and I won’t read this site again.

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