Dear Derrick

Dear Derrick,

You wrote an article on 9/24/2005 blaming major hurricanes on global warming.

Global warming? You better believe it – The Boston Globe

Hurricane Wilma in 2005 was the last major hurricane to hit the US, making this the longest major hurricane free period since the Civil War. President Obama has had the fewest hurricane landfalls of any president in US history.

Perhaps it is time for you to print a correction?

You better believe it.

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8 Responses to Dear Derrick

  1. Smokey says:

    Time for Kerry Emmanuel to wake up, too:

  2. For sixty-eight years (2013 – 1945 = 68 yrs), fear and the instinct of survival energized mankind’s relentless march toward insanity after the Second World War ended in August 1945:

    Click to access Creator_Destroyer_Sustainer_of_Life.pdf

    To save mankind from nuclear annihilation, the scientific method has been molded into a tool of government propaganda in:

    1. “Hard” sciences like astronomy, chemistry, geology, nuclear, particle, planetary, solar, space and theoretical physics, and in

    2. “Soft” sciences like banking, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

    George Orwell saw this coming and moved from London to the Scottish Isle of Jura to start writing “Nineteen Eighty-Four” in 1946.

    With kind regards,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  3. John B., M.D. says:

    Children won’t know what hurricane landfalls are like.

  4. jack b :-) says:

    The lack of hurricanes is a major drought factor in west Texas. Hurricanes fill our lakes every decade or so, and we’re overdue. The pacific tropical storm that drifted this way last month helped a lot, but it came during the coolest July I’ve eve lived through here. Maybe it’s time for some global cooling then.

    Or maybe it’s just time for some cooler heads inside the beltway, period.

  5. buster says:

    Dear Steven,

    Thanks for your interest in my opinion piece.

    For the last 5 years, we’ve had an endless parade of distractions and political posturing, phony scandals that have shifted major hurricanes off our radar.

    In short, that happened a long time ago so what difference does it make now?


  6. redc1c4 says:

    the NOAA is still claiming this year is going to be above average…

  7. Norm Milliard says:

    A serious questio…..

    Is there a newspaper that reports reality…… that looks for truth?

  8. johnbuk says:

    Norm Milliard “Is there a newspaper that reports reality…… that looks for truth?”
    Now Norm, if you wanted to sell more newspapers how would that help? 😉

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