Hopefully The Rowers Are Enjoying The Warm Weather ….

….. because in a few days it is going to to get very cold.

ScreenHunter_57 Aug. 09 23.50

10-Day Temperature Outlook

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4 Responses to Hopefully The Rowers Are Enjoying The Warm Weather ….

  1. Chewer says:

    Their tower has plenty of gas, so they have no worries-:)
    That bit of ice blocking the Sutton Island area should be melted by the 16th of August, as they arrive…

  2. Shazaam says:

    The wading team shall slog on in the shallows, tugging their boat along. Pulling together was an interesting way of describing their dragging the boat along the shoreline.

  3. Cowpoke says:

    ” Like parents with a disruptive child, we’ve grown accustomed to our blustery bundle misbehaving at exactly the wrong moment”

    So the Earth Climate behaved itself in the past but now since eco-anxiety is pandemic?

  4. Richard Lynch says:

    I’m sure they are prepared for cold weather. It will still be above freezing on their entire route.
    I assume they also know about the massive amount of ice blocking their way once they have to make the turn north. I wonder if they are thinking it will melt before they get to that stretch of the journey.
    They evidently did get two anchors in Paulatuk. No mention of how much they had to pay. Apparently neither is a real actor, but they do work to some extent.

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