Pope Declares That Geocentricism Is A Security Issue

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Ninety-seven percent of experts believe that the sun and stars revolve around the Earth. It is basic physics – anyone can watch them track around around the Vatican every 24 hours. (The moon moves slightly slower.)

Vatican security has determined that people who question this are a global security threat, because if the Earth started rotating, great floods would occur and our seaports would drown.

I take this issue personally, because my children’s future depends on having everyone thinking the same way that I do.

Pope Hussein I


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2 Responses to Pope Declares That Geocentricism Is A Security Issue

  1. ronvanwegen says:

    I read your work regularly but every now and then you use the Galileo controversy to try to make a point. What I get from it is that you know very little about the affair and it tends to alienate me. May I humbly suggest that you do a little more research into the affair and not equate a legitimate controversy in the middle ages with the fraud of global warming. The controversy was not about whether or not the earth revolved around the sun but that Galileo insisted without proof that it was true and therefore the Church had to rewrite it’s theology. And Galileo was a painful personality as well. Otherwise keep up the good work!

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