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How Fast Does Ice Melt Below Freezing?

Below freezing temperatures forecast for the next two weeks. 10-Day Temperature Outlook

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He May Seem Like A Third Rate Used Car Salesman, But He Is Actually A Deity

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Reader Quiz :

Can Obama reduce China’s CO2 emissions by wrecking the US economy?

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Latest GISS Data Tampering In Iceland

The Arctic warming from 1910 to 1940 completely wrecks the alarmist’s story. Fortunately for them, they control the NASA and NOAA data and can tamper with it any way they want to produce data which matches their theory. They are … Continue reading

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Legacy Of Stupid

Twitter / BarackObama: From @washingtonpost: President …

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How Obama Minimizes Civilian Casualties

He simply counts anyone he kills as an enemy combatant. Buried deep in a lengthy New York Times article about President Barack Obama’s secret terrorist “kill list” lies disturbing allegations by several administration officials that the president has embraced a … Continue reading

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President Pinocchio Speaks Out About NSA Wiretapping

‘Nobody is listening to your calls’

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