Alarmist Doesn’t Want Anyone Raining On His Parade

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4 Responses to Alarmist Doesn’t Want Anyone Raining On His Parade

  1. “Unfortunately I already had to ban two or three commenters[sic] who sabotaged the atmosphere.”

    Yes because for armchair scientists it’s all about the atmosphere, can’t let things like facts or opposing views get in the way……

  2. stewart pid says:

    Ostrich like behaviour by the chicken little brigade. Its worse than they thought indeed 😉

  3. Disillusioned says:

    His buddy Paul Beckwith–who predicted an ice-free summer early this spring–advertised his discussion blog on nevin1’s Arctic Sea Ice page back in June, but the armchair scientist wannabee does not allow for discussions about his prediction.

    Almost ALL of them talk about “heat trapping gases,” but then they refuse to look at empirical evidence–what’s happening in nature–excess heat keeps escaping into space as it always has. By the IPCC’s own parameters, AGW isn’t happening (or any GW over the past 12-17 years for that matter).

    In climate science, PhD has a different meaning: Piled high & Deep.

  4. Luv one of the other comments over there – ” … There would be a usual Gish Gallops no matter what the minimum is. … ”

    I’d suggest that we’ve instead had nothing but Gish Gallop from the AGW side ever since they ran headlong into withering skeptic criticism when this all started. Rather than shut down the skeptics with superior science-based arguments, we’ve been flooded with nothing but regurgitated conspiracy theory about fossil fuel money paid under the table to skeptic scientists or other preposterously bizarre talking points about our collective anti-science denial, ignorance, religious zealotry, etc, etc.

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