Decision Time For The Rowers

Assuming the winds don’t turn against them (which they probably will) – in about a week, the rowers will have to decide if they are going to risk 15 miles of open water to Victoria Island.

If they don’t do that, they are adding hundreds of miles on to their route. If they do go to Victoria Island, they will probably end up abandoning their boat there as winter sets in.

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35 Responses to Decision Time For The Rowers

  1. shazaam says:

    If it’s shallow enough to wade across, tugging their boat, they’ll go for it. Otherwise…..

  2. @NJSnowFan says:

    Who is going to pay to rescue them in time? Canada will not free of charge?

  3. Wizzum says:

    I am amazed that they are so terrified of leaving the shoreline for even a little way. That must be a pig of a boat in the wind. Maybe we can send floaties for them – just until their confidence builds enough to go out past their waist.

    • miked1947 says:

      They can not row into 5mph winds. Cross winds push the boat whichever way the wind wants. They wait for tail winds to proceed or “Tow Tow Tow your Boat” is the song they sing.

    • Sleepalot says:

      I’d bet the boat would handle better if they had a bit more forward speed. If it was me, I’d be thinking how to rig a sail, and a lar board (in lieu of a keel).

    • Bone Idle says:

      The Aussies and the Fireman are also hogging the coast

  4. miked1947 says:

    The Aussies are catching up to them and the firefighters are way ahead. I expect the Aussies to pass the firefighters by the weekend. The Aussies have a sail!

  5. kepler says:

    They will probably try to island-hop first to the tiny Ivonayak Island, then to Douglas Island, then to Victoria. That is the lowest-risk route that I can see.

  6. Disillusioned says:

    At the rate they’re going, it looks like decision time for the Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp ‘yanking together for climate change’ team won’t be till Thursday or Friday.

    About two to three days ahead of them, the Expédition Rêve de Glace 2013 kayak team are camped out on Chantry Island tonight; they’ll be at a place to cross to Douglas Island by sometime tomorrow (if they make that decision).

  7. kbray in california says:

    They are heading for the copper mine around the bend.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I forgot that the kayakers’ destination is Igloolik, so they won’t be crossing the Strait. I guess this is where their two paths should diverge (that is IF the yankers had actually built a rowboat that could stand up to a bit o’ wind and waves enough to get across the narrows of the Strait).

      It’s really hard to believe they spent two years planning this and they came to the Arctic with a top-heavy vessel not fit for the occasion. Oh, wait–they believe in faith-based, science fiction. Never mind.

  8. kepler says:

    Looks like “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”… Arctic style.

  9. Traitor In Chief says:

    Guess the draggers will keep “stroking it for the Klimate Con”

  10. Mike D says:

    I don’t know about them leaving their boat. I’m skeptical they’ll get far enough into the ice that they can’t turn around and head back to Kuglucktuk. I think as soon as they hit some serious ice, they’ll turn back.

  11. HRB from Edmonton says:

    For fixed-wing assistance, the rowers can either continue on to Kugluktuk/Coppermine on the south side of the Coronation Gulf or make the crossing to Lady Franklin Point, on the southwest corner of Victoria Island. There is an abandoned DEW-line site there with a gravel strip still capable of handling fixed wing aircraft. If they choose Kugluktuk then they still must cross the Coronation Gulf to get to Cambridge Bay – a much longer crossing over open water at that point. Lady Franklin Point is still more than 350 km from Cambridge Bay

  12. Chewer says:

    Dolphin & Union strait looks to be an icy crossing…

  13. Gamecock says:

    The bottom is dropping out at Cambridge Bay. 70 degrees today. Probably won’t see that again til next July.

    • Mike D says:

      There sure are a whole lot of towns around there. That’s definitely a better place for them to fall back to. Only 100 miles or so from the front end of the ice.

      Click to access 20130812180000_WIS38CT_0007209106.pdf

      • Gamecock says:

        “Only 100 miles or so from the front end of the ice.”

        Today. But it will change. I think these guys have about 3 weeks left before new ice starts forming. I don’t think they’ll make Cambridge Bay, as ice will probably be forming there before they get there. They may head south to Coppermine. Or recognize the futility when they get to Bernhard Harbour. Trying to cross to Victoria Island when you know you have only a week left would be foolish, even for these jocks.

  14. kbray in california says:

    The next hot shower for the stinky “sailors” is Kugluktuk.
    I base this estimate on their shore hugging track record.

    …reminds me of a limerick…
    I once knew a lass from Kugluktuk…

  15. Chewer says:

    The strait does look intimidating:

  16. Stephen Richards says:

    One should feel sorry for them but …… ah what the hell, I don’t. Why should I feel sorry for Idiots.

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