Look For New Ice Around The North Pole

Temperatures around the North Pole have dropped down to nearly -5C, meaning that new ice should start forming fairly soon.

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13 Responses to Look For New Ice Around The North Pole

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    But the ice will be thin and rotten.

    • stewart pid says:

      John you beat me too it … only I was planning to say thin, rotten, slushy, decayed and first year … did we get all the scary alarmist ice adjectives?

  2. shazaam says:

    The wading team will find wading through ice shards a bit more unpleasant. The shallows won’t provide any protection from that stuff.

  3. Anthony Bremner says:

    Fresh snow at the Huffington “lake”

  4. Brian D says:

    Weather forecast has been trending to low pressure moving in over Canada, and high pressure over Russian and Alaskan regions. Strong southerly flow into the pole coming up from the Atlantic. But cold weather from Russia around into Canada. Ice will be pushing back toward these regions. So a strong southerly flow into pole translates into cold northerly and easterly flows elsewhere in the basin.

  5. Green Sand says:



    Showing a significant increase in Region 11 – Central Arctic:-


  6. Jimbo says:

    It must be what Arctic amplification is all about. The death spiral is here and we are doomed. 😦

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