Movie Review : “Red Dawn”

The story line is that communists have taken over the coastal regions of the US, and disarmed the citizenry. This is a reasonably well researched documentary about life in America in the year 2013. Available now in your neighborhood.

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7 Responses to Movie Review : “Red Dawn”

  1. R. de Haan says:

    The fact that big business and banks have fully lined up with US Government and the White House (corporatism) I would call this a fascist takeover.

  2. R. de Haan says:

    I am not the only one who has come to this conclusion:

  3. Robertv says:

    After the fall of communism everybody in the world agreed that communism was a failure ,everybody in the world agreed that capitalism was a success,and every capitalist country in the world apparently deduced from that that what the West needed was more socialism.

    Milton Friedman 1993

    and nobody saw it coming ?

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    At least they knocked. /

  5. miked1947 says:

    Socialism is only a step the the ultimate goal! Sharia Law!

  6. gator69 says:

    The New New Red Green Show.

  7. Andy DC says:

    That was yesterday’s news.

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