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Decision Time For The Rowers

Assuming the winds don’t turn against them (which they probably will) – in about a week, the rowers will have to decide if they are going to risk 15 miles of open water to Victoria Island. If they don’t do … Continue reading

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More Exceptional Drought For Colorado

The Washington DC based US Drought Monitor says we are having an exceptional drought here in Colorado, with heavy rain and flooding occurring almost every day now. KUSA – More heavy rain may cause flash flooding across parts of Colorado … Continue reading

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Alarmist Doesn’t Want Anyone Raining On His Parade

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How Barack Obama Can Geoengineer Global Cooling

One E-mail from the White House can end global warming. All he needs to do is to tell NOAA and NASA to stop jacking the temperatures up. Presto! Obama will have stopped global warming – and saved the planet.

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Look For New Ice Around The North Pole

Temperatures around the North Pole have dropped down to nearly -5C, meaning that new ice should start forming fairly soon.

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1990 Shock News : CO2 To Flood Sydney

[coming soon]

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IPCC 1990 : “there is no convincing evidence of an acceleration in sea level rise during the twentieth century”

They reported that sea level is rising at 1-2 mm/year, which means that Miami won’t actually drown for another 3,000 years or so. First IPCC report

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