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UN Announces That 0.00C Warming Since The Year 2000 Is Unprecedented

UN Charts ‘Unprecedented’ Global Warming Since 2000 – Bloomberg The unprecedented warming is plainly visible in satellite data – which shows an increase of 0.00 degrees since the start of the year 2000. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs But it … Continue reading

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Understanding Climate Denial

I ride my bicycle everywhere, and object to fraudulent government funded science. Barack Obama arranges for private jets to transport his dog, and takes long vacations every two or three weeks. He says that people who don’t believe in fraudulent … Continue reading

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Senior Republicans Terrified By The US Constitution

Some senior Republicans in Congress on Sunday threw cold water on a cornerstone of  President Barack Obama’s plan to revamp the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs–his proposal to provide a new advocate for privacy concerns. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman … Continue reading

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IPCC : That Medieval Warm Period We Used To Believe In Wrecks Our Story, Lets Get Rid Of It

From the 1990 IPCC report. Remarkably, no one prior to Michael Mann had noticed that the world was heating out of control since 1860.

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NASA : That 90 Year Long US Cooling Trend Wrecks Our Story : Let’s Get Rid Of It

1999 version      2013 version

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Gaia Cancels The Death Spiral

The Arctic was the last hiding place on the surface for team climate liar, and they have now retreated to the bottom of the ocean. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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NASA : That Warm Period In 1940 Wrecks Our Story – Let’s Get Rid Of It

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US Agrees To Withdraw From Illegally Occupied Native American Territory

Over the last 200 years, the US built huge illegal settlements all over the west on Native American territory – places like LA and Denver. In a gesture to create peace with the Palestinians Native Americans, President Obama has promised … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun That They Are Not Real Scientists

A real scientist would want to know why the Arctic has turned so cold, and why all their predictions have failed so badly. Instead we see them trying to bury reality for as long as they can get away with … Continue reading

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Reader Quiz

Has John McCain completely lost his marbles?

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