My E-Mail To Neven


The death spiral is in collapse. It is so bad that you and the Guardian are censoring me from posting any current data.

When do you plan to inform your readers that the jig is up?

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8 Responses to My E-Mail To Neven

  1. @NJSnowFan says:

    Everyone who has question that is out of the click is a Troll in Neven’s mind.

  2. Citing climate data is a well known denialist tactic intended to confuse people.

    • stewart pid says:

      Indeed Will, their minds are made up and they don’t want to be confused with any facts!!

    • Andy DC says:

      Comparing temperatures this year compared to those during 1936 with no adjustment by
      climate experts is another evil denialist trick!

  3. Chewer says:

    Actual and factual measurements are not required or well received by the psychotic & delusional thinkers.

  4. Jimbo says:

    They can see the signs but will never admit it. They can save themselves by being honest NOW, before it’s too late. Dr. Judith Curry got out in time. 😉

  5. Disillusioned says:

    After Lennart van der Linde posted a link on Neven’s blog to Stephen Colbert’s propaganda piece on ‘the lake at the North Pole’–in which Colbert lied that Arctic temperatures had been “2-5 degrees above average” over the past month, yesterday Neven proudly pumped that propaganda piece front and center as being newsworthy, as well as pumping Chris Mooney’s Mother Jones’ article pumping a Family Feud brand of ‘survey says’ scientific discipline: “Huge Majority Thinks Arctic Warming Will Mess With the Weather”:

    Such desperation.

  6. Disillusioned says:

    Neven admits to banning 5 to keep his “echo chamber clean”

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