NASA Determines That People In Iceland Are Really Dumb

According to NASA, people in Iceland used to read their thermometers 2.5C too high, and now they read them too low. And it is surely just a coincidence that the years NASA cooled 2.5 degrees also happened to be the ones which wrecked their global warming scam.

ScreenHunter_155 Aug. 12 18.47

The problem is of course that Icelanders are dumb, not that NASA has been engaging in massive scientific fraud.

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6 Responses to NASA Determines That People In Iceland Are Really Dumb

  1. Andy Oz says:

    That’s Gold!
    NASA boneheads subtracting the same values over large blocks of time.
    How did they get their jobs in NASA in the first place?
    The sooner the whole division is sacked and some real scientists and engineers brought in, the sooner NASA will regain its reputation which is being massively damaged by this fraud.

  2. miked1947 says:

    This is because of sea floors sinking. NASA had to lower the past temperatures to account for the current lowering of the sea floor! Think of it as the GIA for temperatures! 😉

  3. JTF62 says:

    Same thing happens in Oz. Crude but systematic changes to past records. We must be dumb too.

  4. Climatedramaqueen says:

    Can someone explain how they get away with this? Is this properly peer reviewed or examined by outsiders in any way? I’ve heard they provide explanations on their websites as why they do this….has anyone checked this out to see if it is legit?

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