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Missing Hurricanes Located

The winter of 2011-2012 was very mild and pleasant in the US, which NOAA’s Climate Extreme’s Index calculated as the most extreme weather in US history. Obama determined from this mindless statistic that he has had the worst weather ever, … Continue reading

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NASA : That Cooling Trend In Alabama Wrecks Our Theory – Let’s Get Rid Of It

Alabama cooled dramatically from 1920 to 1970. NASA got rid of this inconvenient decline, by cooling the past and warming the present a total of 1.5C. Note how NASA magically turned the 1895-1940 cooling trend into a warming trend. V2  … Continue reading

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Understanding Jesse Jackson

Former Florida Rep. Allen West, who is African-American, chided Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, noting they condemned Florida in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting yet remained silent on the bus attack. “Three 15-yr-old black teens beat up a … Continue reading

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White House Provides An Excellent Resource – Please Use

The White House is providing an excellent resource which allows you to thank responsible Congresspersons for resisting the 17th century mentality president. Call Out the Climate Change Deniers — Barack Obama I clicked the link and sent this message.

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Will They Blame The Rapid Growth Of Sea Ice On Missing Sea Ice?

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NASA : That Warm Period In Norway During The 1930s Wrecks Our Story – Let’s Get Rid Of It

v2 version    v3 version NASA is constantly cooling the past and warming the present – in order to make it appear that Hansen’s theories aren’t the miserable failure which they actually are.

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Obama – America’s #1 Sportsman

“It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something.” — Barack Obama, responding to a question from Jay Leno on NBC’s Tonight Show about his shoddy bowling game.

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Quiz For Obama Supporters

Which “17” is not dangerous? 17 trillion $ in debt 17 year old banging your head against the pavement 17 years of no warming

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Nuttercelli Says Record Increase In Arctic Ice Is A Rapid Decline

Global warming, Arctic ice loss, and armchair scientists | John Abraham | Environment | theguardian.com Normally the Guardian refers to non-academics as cranks. My question is, why would anyone spew global warming propaganda for free?

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Arctic Ice Extent More Than Double Last Year’s Minimum

The image below compares current Arctic sea ice extent  vs. YouTube spontaneous protest day – September 11, 2012. Green shows ice present now which wasn’t present on that date. Red shows the opposite.

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