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Prophet Warns Of A Great Flood

The mighty prophet Hussein has warned that Gaia is angry over our carbon sins, and that a great flood is coming – which only he can stop (assuming the wicked quit denying climate change.) Prophet Hussein has already airlifted his … Continue reading

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Arctic Reaches New Milestone

For immediate release The Arctic has blown away all records for the extent of thin, rotten decayed ice which refuses to melt. Like Briffa’s trees, CO2 has affected the ice, making it nearly impossible to melt – despite its extremely … Continue reading

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Progressives Riot Over Cartoon Blaspheming The Prophet

The NAACP has declared a Fatwa against the clown, for blaspheming the one true prophet.

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The Three Stages Of Bipolar Disorder

Polar amplification Polar Arctic amplification Arctic amplification Stop reporting data collected after 2012

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What Would It Take To Make Them Stop Lying?

If the climate cools and Arctic ice expands in conjunction with the solar minimum, how long before NOAA, NASA and the other N agencies stop lying about global warming and the death spiral? Five years? Ten years? What will it … Continue reading

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Senior Senator From Nevada Also Suffering From Dementia

Twitter / SenatorReid: Think about this: In 10,000 … National Interagency Fire Center The US is run by raging morons.

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NAACP : Rodeo Clowns Are The Number #1 Terror Threat

Last week, the NAACP was terrified by Hispanic neighborhood watch captains who pull families from burning cars. This week they have moved their psychosis on to rodeo clowns who threaten the nation’s security by riling up bulls. SEDALIA, Mo. — … Continue reading

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150 Years Of Unprecedented Global Warming, But The IPCC Didn’t Know About It

Joe Romm says that the hockey stick represents unprecedented global warming. This is amazing, because the IPCC was completely unaware of this phenomenon in 1990. Apparently the world was heating out of control and the climate was collapsing since the … Continue reading

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