Coldest Arctic Summer On Record Keeps Getting Colder

ScreenHunter_264 Aug. 15 15.25

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Look for NASA, NOAA and all the other government agencies which begin with N to continue lying about this.

We should start seeing new ice forming around the North Pole in the next day or two.


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14 Responses to Coldest Arctic Summer On Record Keeps Getting Colder

  1. @njsnowfan says:

    It already is Steve
    Look at the Web Cam buoy data
    -8.6C coldest since spring
    -7.5C coldest since spring

    Look at the Swimming Hole Web Cam, Open water looks to be freezing up in the back round already.

  2. Latitude says:

    SST’s and air are both plenty cold enough….so, yep

  3. Anything is possible says:

    Maximum temperature in Alert so far today is -4C.

    If that holds up, it will be the coldest maximum temperature for August 15th. since records began in 1950.

    I still bet it doesn’t stop GISS coloring the Arctic a lurid pink,next month….

  4. shazaam says:

    That’s gonna be rough on the wading team. They look to be taking an extended bonfire break as it is. No motion in 24 hours.

    • Mike D says:

      I think there might be ice hanging around there as there seems to be no other reason for them to be going so slowly.

      There’s a tiny spec of ice in the current view here:

      But going back just a few days, there’s been lots of specs showing up around that choke point. As recently as 8/12 it seems to have been all full with 40% ice concentration.

      • They have no place to go. They are just stalling as long as they can until they have an excuse to bail from the southern shore.

        • Mike D says:

          Yeah, there was so much ice there not that long ago I thought they’d be stopped by it. Then it seemed to have cleared up to where they have shot of at least getting through here depending on if the wind packed it to one side of the channel or the other. Whatever the ice story, they’re way behind and on the wrong side of the change in seasons.

    • miked1947 says:

      The Aussies in the sail boat are getting ready to pass them.

  5. The Iconoclast says:

    Warmistas must have been very excited the first four months of the year but then switched to nothing-to-see-here mode shortly thereafter. (Who am I kidding? They can always revert to the wrong-kind-of-ice meme.)

    I don’t wish the Last First guys genuine harm but it would be somewhat amusing if they got stuck in the ice and then eaten by polar bears, what with the arctic being ice free and the bears being nearly extinct and all. Of course it would be spun that the bears were driven to eat man due to climate disruption.

  6. wizzum says:

    Well, I am sure that global warming is still be there, it just has to be. This year the extreme swings of climate change kicked in and that caused the unprecedented coldest summer ever.
    Next year or the year after that or sometime early 2020’s for sure it will be like the Bahamas at Kugluktuk in September.

  7. Brian D says:

    Could be a jump in the temps next week as weather pattern changes to allow a strong southerly flow into the pole. That trend is still being held onto by the models. But that will send a lot of ice the other way and colder temps. Wouldn’t set my hopes on a NW passage being open this year. And maybe a very brief opening for the NE passage on the Atlantic side with the ice pushing toward the pole for a short time.

  8. Andy Oz says:

    I think all skeptics need to concede now that Julia Gillard’s Australian carbon tax has worked spectacularly well and cooled the entire planet less than 18 months after it was introduced!!! The evidence is right there in that chart. I’ll be voting for her this coming election……………………..except she got sacked and is not standing for re-election. What a terrible way to treat the saviour of Gaia!
    Boo-hoo, how sad, nevermind.

  9. Edward. says:

    The alarmist bedwetter society, also known as the BBC was in overdrive bedwetting mode last year -after the great Arctic storm.
    Funnily enough and I can’t think why – there have been no reports of this years – “2013, the Arctic sea ice thaw [wot] never happened”.

    Next – “man made global warming [whooopsie daisy] – um climate change causes summer re-freeze of Arctic sea ice!”

    Beeb man said, “ffs, does a bear s*&7 on the ice[?] – dude it’s real cold up there!”

  10. johnturmel says:

    Jct: Oh when oh when will Greenie Adriana Magnutto-Hamu pay off her $100 bet to me that the temperature is still rising! Har har har.

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