Guardian : Earth To Collapse Soon

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Are you ready to embrace the apocalypse? | Hal Niedzviecki | Comment is free |

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17 Responses to Guardian : Earth To Collapse Soon

  1. omnologos says:

    Fracking to bring Global Deflating!

  2. edcaryl says:

    I thought they closed the asylums in the U. K. ?? They must have reopened them under another name.

  3. Robertv says:

    And he hopes to get 82years old.

  4. Such great wisdom, for one so dorky. Ferris Bueller would be proud.

  5. Latitude says:

    …and the comments are even more spooky

  6. @NJSnowFan says:

    Every thing works the same. Remember all the Doom and Gloom news in Early 2009 when stock market was at bottom.
    The Doom and Gloom AGW crowd in same boat now.

  7. Climatism says:

    Uncivilisation 2013:
    “This weekend the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire will be home to Uncivilisation 2013, which describes itself as “a gathering of people searching for answers to questions about our collective future in a rapidly changing and depleting world”. At Uncivilisation about 400 people are expected to attend sessions including a wild-food foraging workshop, a talk on moving beyond a monetary-based economy, and a ceremony of singers and storytellers leading the group in a “liturgy of loss”.

    They also want to move ‘beyond a monetary-based economy’ but happily fleece you £70.00 for a weekend ticket … !

    All in the name really ~ “The DARK Mountain Festival”

    • Climatism says:

      Author ‘Hal Niedzviecki’ says he has ‘two daughters’. If his view of the future is so apocalyptic, why even have kids? At least spare them the misery of evil mans doomed armageddon of which he writes so feverishly.

    • The tea party can't pour it out of a boot says:

      “They also want to move ‘beyond a monetary-based economy’ but happily fleece you £70.00 for a weekend ticket … !”

      This just goes to prove that how much money you have,has nothing to do with your IQ.

  8. NikFromNYC says:

    Some things never change….

    Comments, as usual, display one-upmanship in public displays of zealous group bonding dedication to the cause. That cause is beastial hatred of self, projected out onto an imagined cartoon level boogeyman that provides them with a halo. The task is not to deprogram zealots but to expose them enough to invoke healthy shame in their formerly casual supporters, otherwise known as liberals. Just post a few facts or a data plot and out come their fangs enough to alienate the busy professional class who still delight in Global Warming as a solid example of conservative lunacy. Their recent lamentations are taking on a more personal note as their instinct to fight turns to flight in a world they do not know how to navigate in as defectors.

  9. Sundance says:

    This poor lad from the Gaudyan should be on suicide watch. He sired 2 evil CO2 polluting Earth destroying daughters that can only contribute to the apocalypse and now it is too late to do anything more than grow old and watch in horror. Who would want to go on living after that? 🙂

  10. phodges says:

    Well the new dark age of their dystopian ferver is preferable to a totalitarian New World Order.

  11. If the larger public comprehends how AGW enslaves itself to the first-resort defense tactic of character assassination against its critics because it cannot defend its core science conclusions, then the thing to actually prepare for would be the biggest collapse of a political ideology in history.

  12. miked1947 says:

    Someone should show them where to find the Magic Mushrooms while they are foraging for natural sustainability!

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