Guy With Thick German Accent Wants To Kill His Political Opponents Using Poison Gas

Schwarzenegger got off some good gibes to win the crowd over.

Speaking of greenhouse gas deniers: “Strap some conservative-thinking people to a tailpipe for an hour and then they will agree it’s a pollutant!”

Schwarzenegger: ‘Strap some conservative-thinking people to a tailpipe for an hour and then they will agree it’s a pollutant!’ |

CO, NOx, SOx, CFC’s, unburned Hydrocarbons, etc. are the toxic components of auto exhaust. A lethal mix which would make his fellow Austrian Adolf proud.

Arnie sure knows how to win a crowd over with a good joke

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46 Responses to Guy With Thick German Accent Wants To Kill His Political Opponents Using Poison Gas

  1. DGP says:

    He won’t be back.

  2. wizzum says:

    Umm they will both hurt you in high doses but the effects of CO compared to CO2 are very dissimilar.

  3. Peter says:

    Actually, it’s an Austrian accent, .. but Austria shares a border with Germany, so you were close!

    • fascinating. I love it when people completely miss the point.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Peter – Hitler was Austrian. The sad irony is the content of the news clipping and the fact that Arnie completely ignores that his countrymen did the same thing he suggested to 700,000 people some 70 years ago.

      • Peter says:

        I see. Thanks, I understood the reference to ‘Adolf’. … I once had a similar conversation with a man who was born and raised just over the border in the Netherlands. He became very angry when he thought he was being blamed along with the Nazis for the genocide that happened in the 1940’s. Since then I have been very careful about identifying European nationalities. For example, the Dutch, Polish, Swiss, etc. are not Germans (or Nazis for that matter), and I’m sorry, but Arnie’s countrymen are Austrians – not Germans. .. “An investigation by the Austrian government in 1946 described Austrian suffering under German rule, and Austrian resistance to that rule. It also claimed that only a handful of traitors had collaborated with the Nazis.” (.. bbc . co . uk / history / worldwars / genocide / austria_nazism_01 . shtml ) ….. By the way, I know that CO2 is most definitely *not a pollutant. Plenty of it is needed for photosynthesis.

        • gator69 says:

          Even the Germans suffered under the Nazis, who were only about 10% of the population. German POW’s who were brought to America suffered the same fate as today’s Gitmo prisoners, improved health and well being.

        • QuantumSam says:

          I’m pretty sure that Arnie’s father was a proud member of the Nazi party. Arnold hashad to deny NAzi involvement in the past, but I guess the apple doesn;t fall far from the tree.

        • Marc says:

          Austrians speak GERMAN, not Austrianese. Arnold’s accent is a GERMAN accent, with an Austrian twinge. A German cannot tell the difference between an American speaking German with a Midwestern versus, for example, a Northern accent, or a Canadian, etc.

          An American can typically not distinguish a German and Austrian accent.

          Plus, you’re missing the point.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Peter, whilst we’re splitting hairs…

      Adolf Hitler and Arnold Schwarzenegger were both born and raised in Austria, and they both left Austria in their 20s.

      Adolf had three more years in Austria to develop his “Austrian accent,” as it were, of the German language than Arnold, because Adolf left Austria at the age of 24, while Schwarzenegger had already moved away by the age of 21.

      Hitler grew up in/around Linz, Austria, which is approximately 3 hours from Munich, Germany–about the same time between New York and Boston. Sure, New York and Boston accents are distinctly different, but they’re both a part of the American dialect of the English language.

  4. Traitor In Chief says:

    Ahh-Nold has dropped a few bars on his head over the years. Then was poisoned by association.

  5. There Is No Substitute for Victory. says:

    The point is that all left wing ideologues, whether National Socialism, International Socialism, or Corporate Socialism (like Obama is pushing now) don’t mind helping citizens become one with nature if that citizen stands in the way of a “rent seeking” government contract.

  6. gofer says:

    I wonder if Arnold knows what a catalytic converter does?

  7. Pathway says:

    Arnie took too many steroids.

  8. Eric Simpson says:

    Reminds me of some other things warmists want to do to skeptics. Do these shameless fear mongers really want “open debate?” I don’t think so:
    “I propose another stunt for climate sceptics – put your strong views to the test by exposing yourselves to high concentrations of either carbon dioxide or some other colourless, odourless gas – say, carbon monoxide.” -Jill Singer, Australian Green
    “We have to undertake an aggressive program to go after those who are among the deniers.” -ex sentator Tim Wirth, 2011
    “Chief executives of large fossil fuel companies [should] be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature.” -James Hansen, NASA
    “Every time someone dies as a result of floods in Bangladesh, an airline executive should be dragged out of his office and drowned.” -George Monbiot, UK Ecojournalist
    “It’s time for climate change deniers to have their opinions forcibly tattooed on their bodies. Not necessarily on the forehead; I’m a reasonable man. Just something along their arm or across their chest.” -leftist journalist Richard Glover, Sydney Morning Herald, 2011

  9. garymount says:

    Strap some lefty-thinking people to a tailpipe of a bio-fuel vehicle for an hour and then they will agree it’s a pollutant!”

  10. omnologos says:

    American citizen Stuart Angel is not around to explain what it feels like

    • Eric Simpson says:

      Excerpt from your link: “According to political prisoner Alex Polari, who claimed to have witnessed the incident, Stuart was then tied to the back of a jeep with his mouth glued to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe and dragged through the courtyard of the Aeronautics headquarters, resulting in his death by asphyxiation and carbon monoxide poisoning.”
      And this is what Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to do to skeptics?
      To think this was the “Republican” governor of California. If ever there was a case where the term ‘RINO’ — Republican in Name Only — should be taken literally, it is with regard to Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a leftist through and through. Note that the event was hosted by Harry Reid, and included many Obama EPA & Interior officials, and slew of leftist politicians, but, as far as the HuffPost article reported, not a single other “Republican” was there.

      • Justa Joe says:

        The cause of Climate justice carries on the legacy of all of the other great socialist movements, NSDAP, USSR, PRC, VC, etc. They must be proud.

  11. Bob Koss says:

    OSHA safety standards for an 8 hour period is 5000 ppm for carbon dioxide and 50 ppm for carbon monoxide. Gee. I wonder which one is more hazardous.

  12. TimiBoy says:

    Geez. Same goes for water. Maybe we should ban water after we hold his stupid friggin’ head under for say… 4 minutes?

  13. Richard T. Fowler says:


  14. Adam Gallon says:

    The answer is catalytic converters!
    No Carbon Monoxide!
    I suggest that Arnie tries gluing a hosepipe into his mouth, that’ll prove that water’s poisonous according to his reasoning!

  15. Skeptik says:

    To all those above, now you have addressed the question of the Austrian/German accent please turn your attention to the issue of the killing of political opponents.

  16. Geordie says:

    This is ridiculous. Sure, he should have some takt, but the fact that he has a German (or Austrian) accent is irrelevant. The premise of this article is that today’s Germanic people should pay the price for (some of) their historical countrymen and is far more worrying than what Arnie said himself.

    • David says:

      ????, I thought the premise was that idiots without a clue should not advocate telling anyone they should die, let alone be gassed to death, and the fact that Arnie is Austrian, should have prevented him from expressing his ignorant perspective in such a discusting way, but since he has previousely expressed admiration for his countryman Adolf, then one should not expect anything but stupid comments from him.

  17. Eric Barnes says:
    Not surprisingly the EPA does use human test subjects for propaganda when it comes to exhaust. Apparently this is not a problem according to the judicial branch of the government.

  18. Maybe a thick guy with a German accent would be more accurate?
    Quite why anyone should listen to this clown escapes me.

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