I’m 100% Sure That The IPCC Is Lying

Drafts seen by Reuters of the study by the UN panel of experts, due to be published next month, say it is at least 95 percent likely that human activities – chiefly the burning of fossil fuels – are the main cause of warming since the 1950s. That is up from at least 90 percent in the last report in 2007, 66 percent in 2001, and just over 50 in 1995, steadily squeezing out the arguments by a small minority of scientists that natural variations in the climate might be to blame.

Experts surer of manmade global warming but local predictions elusive – World – DNA

They are so sure, that Kevin Trenberth sent this letter out :


They can’t explain the lack of warming, but they are 95% sure that the warming they aren’t seeing is caused by man.

James Hansen wrote this in 1999.

in the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country

NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate?

h/t to Tom Nelson and Marc Morano

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18 Responses to I’m 100% Sure That The IPCC Is Lying

  1. phodges says:

    So, as temperatures decline, they are more sure the warming is caused by man???

    • We can’t explain the lack of warming, but we are 95% sure that the warming we aren’t seeing is caused by man.

      • Jimbo says:

        The “at least 95 percent likely” was caused by Munich Re and Maurice Strong. When this scam is over they should be called in for questioning. Others such as Warren Bufftet, James Hansen et. al. also need to be questioned. This has been a ‘LONG CON’ produced by capitalists using the useful Green idiots.

  2. Latitude says:

    temperature is just the tip of the iceberg….

    No one talks about what they did to the CO2 record

  3. Latitude says:

    Atlanta breaks a century-old temperature record


    Atlanta’s high temperature on Thursday was only 73 degrees which is the coolest high temperature on record for August 15.


  4. Don Allen says:

    and he blames the data and observing system.

  5. shazaam says:

    Ah, come on…. If you translate government speak, these bozos are telling the truth.

    Given that there is no actual warming, then the reported warming is a complete fabrication. And these fabrications/falsifications have been produced on computers using electricity generated with fossil fuels. So, hey presto!! The reported global warming is due solely to human/sociopath/climatologist activities.

    Thus “95% of global warming to date is due to human activities involving the burning of fossil fuels” can indeed be considered a true statement if you can think like a sociopath/politician/climatologist.

    You know how it is with government employees/tax-parasites. One lies, and the other swears it’s a fact!!

    • miked1947 says:

      I agree that 95% of the global warming we are seeing today has been caused by Man! I actually think that 100% of the global warming we are seeing and have seen for the last 20 years was caused by Man. Whether it was Hansen&co, Jones & co, NOAA, MET,various IPCC authors or even BOM. There is enough evidence to show that Global Warming was caused by man. Just look at all the historic temperature records that have been adjusted to support warming. It was just a means to promote additional funding and Nobel Cause Corruption that lead us to this point. Others have latched on to the fairy tale to promote their agenda, Skeeter is one.

  6. omanuel says:

    I am also sure the UN has been lying since it’s charter was adopted and the UN formed on 24 Oct 1945 to save the world from nuclear wars and promote human dignity.

    The real purpose was to save scared world leaders and to enslave humans so they would not use nuclear energy to destroy life on Earth.

    Oliver K. Manuel

  7. Well they would look stupid if they concluded they were now only 85% certain.

  8. TheJollyGreenMan says:

    95% of the warming is caused by a man. Just tell the guy to stop! Simples.

  9. Andy DC says:

    95% of warming is caused by man. But 95% of nothing is still nothing. That is 95% certain.

  10. Kirt Griffin says:

    At tennis the other day, one fellow said the only people who deny man made global warming are Obama haters, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck listeners. I am sure he will find this very enlightening. Good for him and he is very blissful like most believers.

  11. James says:

    “They’ve done studies, you know. 60 percent of the time, it works every time.” — Brian Fantana (Anchor Man)

  12. Lex Loeb says:

    They say they are lying outright. 90 percent certainty means a 10 percent margin of error. That is very poor science.

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