Obama Needs An Engineering Plan

Obama says that he is going to fix the climate, using the time-honored techniques of raising taxes, attacking political opponents, ravaging the Constitution and putting people out of work. This is a fairly large engineering project so he needs to publish a set of goals, and a schedule.

First thing is that he needs to define what is wrong with the climate now that he is trying to fix. Then he needs to release a spreadsheet with a detailed schedule of how many tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, etc. he plans to produce over the next few decades, and how many lives and jobs he plans to wreck in order to achieve his goal.

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5 Responses to Obama Needs An Engineering Plan

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Looks like a video of man-made global warming believers at the Huffing&Puffing Post dealing with a skeptic.

    • David Y says:

      Was thinking the same thing. Team Obama’s “report a denier” initiative is a “not even thinly veiled” witch hunt along these same lines–and yet their legions can’t see this. Utter morons–and incredibly dangerous.

  2. We need an emergency “OFF” switch, too–ASAP.

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