Why Reopen The Diana Investigation?

To remove Prince Charles from the line of succession.

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27 Responses to Why Reopen The Diana Investigation?

  1. To promote an up-coming movie?

  2. Sleepalot says:

    To distract we the people.

  3. gator69 says:

    Good luck with that. The aristocracy has no fear of removal, just ask Skeeter.

  4. Sunsettommy says:

    Where the details Steve?

  5. Bone Idle says:

    Queen Elizabeth will reign until she dies. Going on her mothers longevity this would probably mean that she will be at least 100 years old before she passes away.
    Charles will be an 80 year old plus dotard by the time he gets the crown. He’s already a 64 year old dotard.
    Pressure will keep him out of the spotlight when he takes over. He has too many way out there principles now. His father is prone to P.C. gaffes at least once a month. Charles will not be tolerated for the views he may put forward – unlike like his father who is seen as an old fashioned berk.
    The Queens grandson is currently immensely popular. You can bet there is an expensive P.R. campaign on going to make William and Kate “politically suitable” to take over when the time comes.

    Australia is not a Republic. The Queen is still “Head of State”. There have been constitutional referendums instituted a couple of times to try and convert Australia to a Republic.
    If another referendum was held if Charles is King then Australia may well become a Republic.
    If William is made King – No chance.
    Prince harry is very highly regarded by the Australian Military Personnel.

    • Ah, the days when the US was a republic. I remember it like it was only a dozen years ago.
      The great thing about emperors though is their heads look so much more stylish on a pike.

  6. Larry Fields says:

    If Steven is right, then Prince Charles’ recent ‘promotion’ to Field Marshal is a consolation prize. Who wants a king who mumbles so badly that people across The Pond, who speak proper English, cannot understand what he is saying.

  7. Jeffk says:

    Camilla Rottweiler is panting CO2 exhales in Elizabeth’s bedroom every night before HRS retires, hoping it puts the queen to sleep sooner than later.

  8. margaret berger says:

    Free the royals! They are pets in a zoo. Dump the lot.

  9. John M says:

    Gosh, but Charles is just so green: “He even tries to have his cows fed on grass rather than grain – to cut their flatulence and minimise their emission of the greenhouse gas methane.”

  10. Robert of Ottawa says:

    I honestly say “long may she reign” … longer than her idiot son Chuckie-boy lives. He’s an acknowledged idiot in the local British pub but will not be bypassed in the succession. The Royals have brought in fresh blood and appear to be on an upward course again. I am neither a monarchist nor republican, in Canada, I’m making observations.

    In the UK, the queen is supremely popular, do not dare say a word against her at the pub. When Diana died, in my Canadian pub I said something to the effect that a dumb blonde died in a drunk car wreck. I had to back-peddle like crazy and then shut up to avoid being lynched by all the women in the pub.

    Diana was brought up for the job as princess consort and she screwed it up. Remember, she was so dumb, the only “job” she could get was looking after kids in kindergarten, no expertise required. But finally, Kate Middleton brings in REALLY fresh blood.

    But the Royals have certainly improved their PR game. Gratis Mater je crois.

    • craigm350 says:

      Don’t believe the hype! Popular with the sycophantic BBC maybe, we have a cowed media also repressing free speach do you will never hear how many brits have had enough of these royal tax payer funded parasites (Scots even less so). Oh joy Kate can open her legs such are the wonders of 21st century British democracy

  11. Latimer Alder says:


  12. Stephen Richards says:

    The plonker prince would be a total disastre for the UK? or will it be england or england and wales or NI and england.

  13. Stephen Richards says:

    In the UK, the queen is supremely popular, do not dare say a word against her at the pub. When Diana died, in my Canadian pub I said something to the effect that a dumb blonde died in a drunk car wreck. I had to back-peddle like crazy and then shut up to avoid being lynched by all the women in the pub

    Yeh, bizarre that. The french women are very similar. One local here had a shrine in her house to diane. She wasn’t impressed when I called D a coniving witch whose death was a god send to all.

  14. scizzorbill says:


  15. Eric Barnes says:

    Queen Elizabethh II is losing it?

  16. tom0mason says:

    It’s just part of the royal soap opera. These ‘royals’ are the worlds best watched ‘soap opera’.
    Rehashing of the death of the dumb blond is the warm-up act for the next few years – till the main events –
    1. All the shenanigans yet to come as blathering Prince Charley is sidelined in favor the more compliant and younger generation.
    2. All the faux pomp and ceremony that the Brits will go through when Prince Phil (the Greek) of Edinburgh dies, and
    3. more so when Queen Betty Windsor (aka Queen Elizabeth The Last) passes on.
    With each event the razzmatazz and chutzpah will be outrageous, the whole world will lap it up, and the Brits will pay for it.

    What a show! It is still the worlds best jewel encrusted soap opera, and long may the (foolish)Brits pay for it! 🙂

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