51% Growth In Arctic Sea Ice From Last Year

The Arctic melt  season is almost done, and there is 51% more ice than there was on this date last year. Green below shows ice present in 2013 but not present in 2012, red shows the opposite.

ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 20 05.16

Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor

ScreenHunter_03 Aug. 20 05.25

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut


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13 Responses to 51% Growth In Arctic Sea Ice From Last Year

  1. darrylb says:

    I still believe the sea ice area is heavily influenced first by the PDO and secondly the AMO.
    The PDO is changing to its cool phase which causes a reversal of winds. The AMO should be changing in a few years or perhaps already has.
    It would be soo telling if the north and south polar regions did an equivalent increase (in the north) and decrease in summer sea ice area.
    The modelers of various climatic happenings barely if at all include oceanic oscillations in their models.

  2. glenndc says:

    Goddard: You show the old version of DMI. The new version shows a precipitous drop in the last 10 days. Can you give us an analysis of what they changed, is it valid?

    It reminds me of Willi Soon’s explanation of how ‘hydrostatic rebound’ effects from the ice age that ended about 13 KYears ago was used to correct sea level radar altimetry that was otherwise flat…

    Just saying and asking

    • The old version showed 30% concentration ice, which is a better measure of what is going on than the newer 15% concentration. The ice is starting to freeze and consolidate, so the 30% will begin increasing before long.

    • Ben says:

      RE: glenndc – “The new version shows a precipitous drop in the last 10 days”

      You should be happy Steven shows the old version. Your version with the precipitous drop shows 7.5 million km^2. The “old” version shows < 5 million km^2

      Less ice is better, right?

  3. Wizzum says:

    29 degrees at Gateshead Island today, wont be long now.

  4. Wizzum says:

    A little off topic but I cant get my head around “feels like” temperatures. 29 degrees N wind 16 MPH; feels like 17 degrees. Bullsh*t. It feels like 29 degrees with N 16 mph wind.

    • Ray R. says:

      Wizzom. No sh#T and thanks, I have always had a problem with “wind chill”. Subjective like I did not wear a rain jacket, so do we have a underdressed chill rating? Just walked out of a warm building rating? Skinny guy just sitting on a park bench rating?

  5. Mike Abbott says:

    How does current Arctic sea ice volume compare to last year?

  6. Lumpi says:

    I’m curious about the statments of the “experts” in September. I guess we will hear

    – But the ice is thinner!
    – Our models have predicted that!
    – Eleventh least ice cover in this millenium!
    -Only a short break before armageddon!

    or maybe they will shut up and hope that nobody will notice that

  7. Andy DC says:

    It’s all rotten, no good lousy ice as opposed to the wonderful pristine ice of yesteryear.

  8. Karl says:

    Wizzum: I couldn’t agree more. I have been broadcasting weather for 30 years and I DO NOT use the Wind Chill temperature or Heat Index. It’s a fake number made to make us feel more miserable. And it is a number that some with then proclaim was reached during a winter/summer.

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