Higher Resolution Imagery Of The JFK Assasination

I blew up and slowed down some higher resolution video from the History Channel. You can clearly see him drooped forward when some sort of incendiary device came in from the upper right and exploded in front of Jackie’s face. Then it attaches to the front right quadrant of JFK’s skull where it burns brightly, and knocks his head sharply backwards. Jackie then pulls his burning head forward out of her way and immediately crawls out of the back seat.


The original History Channel video is below. Take a close look at the last ten seconds after reviewing the imagery above.


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19 Responses to Higher Resolution Imagery Of The JFK Assasination

  1. Chewer says:

    It was merely a coincidence that a round from one of Marilyn’s suitors came from the front of the convoy, or maybe one of Jackie’s friends just giving her some needed help:)

  2. Andy Oz says:

    How come the JFK assassination subject came up on your blog, Steven?
    Was it sparked by the Diana story in the UK or something else?
    By strange co-incidence I was watching Oliver Stone’s JFK last week once again and then I saw the first mention of this the next day.

  3. Stephen Wilde says:

    It is just a reflection from the vehicle brightwork behind JFK’s head.

    As he first moves back it becomes visible and when she pulls him forward it is obscured again.

  4. Olaf Koenders says:

    Steve, YouTube has a good HD of the incident. Set to 480p. Can be slowed down too:

  5. Olaf Koenders says:

    Well, it can be slowed down if watched from YouTube..

  6. Glacierman says:

    The most disturbing thing to me whenever I see this film is that the car slows down. From the time of the first shot until his head explodes the car slows down dramatically. Seems the exact opposite of what protocol should be.

  7. Stephen Wilde says:

    The YouTube film is much clearer.

    The bright area is his exposed skull.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      Hard to believe it could be that bright. Fortunately I have no experience viewing that sort of thing.
      His head rocking upward with a shot from the rear seems very implausible.

      • Terry says:

        There was a good documentary on PBS about 20 years ago where they showed experiments with someone shooting a melon, and sure enough the melon rocks backwards, just the opposite of what you would guess. That documentary featured almost every aspect of every conspiracy theory and showed how the single shooter theory explains everything.

        Conspiracy theories are easy to fabricate but conspiracies are really hard to execute in practice. Too many people talk and too many loose ends are left. They are very rarely kept secret for long.

        Enjoy your fantasies. But don’t mix that up with the real science that global warming is a weak hypothesis that is slowly being disproven by both historic records and ongoing observations. Solar variances, particularly as influenced by the sun-Jupiter interaction, are the dominant feature in Earth’s climate variation.

  8. Karl says:

    The shot or incendiary device clearing comes from the front.

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