On The Other Side Of The Berlin Wall

I spent a fair amount of time listening to CBC today, and had a vague deja vu experience of what the US used to be like decades ago.

The Prime Minister of Canada is a smart, honest conservative. And unlike NPR, CBC attempts to present the news objectively.

They made it completely clear that at this point most people in Egypt hate Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, want them dead, and support the army’s actions. That is a story which never gets presented by the useful press idiots working for the Islamic Hope And Change District of Columbia.

But the most amazing story was that a Toronto cop had been charged with a murder he committed, unlike the US where they automatically get whitewashed.

I’m starting think the reason they are building a border fence is to keep people contained inside the US Democratik Republik.


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21 Responses to On The Other Side Of The Berlin Wall

  1. Ivan says:

    I’m starting think the reason they are building a border fence is to keep people contained inside the US Democratik Republik.
    Naah… that’s what the FEMA camps are for.
    For the rest, there are always re-runs of “American Idle.”

  2. darrylb says:

    Yep–the majority wants a democracy. This situation is of a much larger consequence than I expect most any of can imagine. If Egypt, a next door neighbor to Israel would be controlled by a radical Muslim rule, so might go the entire Middle East. The M. B. has burned nearly 30 Christian Churches. Egypt is one of a few Middle East Countries in Which Christan Churches could even exist.
    It may be that the future of the world is at a crossroads right now, and some in Egypt are questioning what the U.S. is all about. Then again I have been wondering what the U.S. is all about.

  3. Perry says:

    Nicht Mehr Vereint Staaten Demokratische Hispanische Republik more like! As the English speaking Northern European population is replaced with Spanish speakers, then altruism will be replaced with the type of corruption so prevalent in Spain & Central & South America.



    “Corruption costs Brazil almost $41 billion a year alone, with 69.9% of the country’s firms identifying the issue as a major constraint in successfully penetrating the global market. Local government corruption is so prevalent that voters only perceive it as a problem if it surpasses certain levels, and only if a local media e.g. a radio station is present to divulge the findings of corruption charges. Initiatives, like this exposure, strengthen awareness which is indicated by the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index; ranking Brazil 69th out of 178 countries in 2012. The purchasing power in Brazil is eroded by the so-called Brazil cost.”


    Nations fall apart when dysgenic pressures are at work. “Historians have recognized that a tremendous change of attitude and/or temperament took place in the people of Italy, North Africa (and even Spain and Gaul) between the 2nd century B.C.E. and the 3rd century C.E. The truth is, it wasn’t that the native populations (that is, the early Latins, Etruscans, Celts, etc.) changed their basic temperaments. Something very different happened. These areas of western Europe were deluged by great influxes of peoples from other areas of the Roman Empire, notably from the east. ”


  4. Otter says:

    Sorry to say, I’ve not heard good things about the CBC’s ‘objectivity.’ They are AGW shills after all.

    • terrence says:

      Today the CBC is endlessly spewing a new, so-called, study that says Vancouver MAY be under 39 cm of water in 40 to 50 years, because of global warming, and the city MUST start to prepare for the flooding as the arctic melts.

      But, on SOME topics they are fair and give both sides of an argument. And they have some excellent music programs (Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap, Saturday Night Blues) and some good documentaries.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    Don’t give a dime for the assumed level of democracy in Canada.

    As for the difference in attitude towards the (former) Morsi Regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, please read this latest article from Spengler on the subject:
    World Learns to manage without the USA

    Also a nice read:

    Message from our Saudi sponsor

  6. R. de Haan says:

    On the other side of the fence the grass alway’s looks greener….

  7. Owen says:

    The CBC spouts nothing but propaganda for Climate Change/ Global Warming. Last week they did a piece about those Arctic rowers. The rowers stated the usual CLIMATE LIAR BS – the ice is melting, the Arctic ocean will soon be ice free, yadda, yadda , yadda. The interviewer took it all as Gospel; he never questioned any of their lies. The CBC also did a piece about the ‘ lake’ at the North Pole and said climate change was the cause. Even though this story has been proven to be utterly bogus, the CBC, as far as I know, has not retracted their lies. In some aspects the CBC may be better then the mainstream media in the USA, but overall they are just a bunch of lamestream media types doing the bidding of the Climate Liars. I hold them in contempt and believe very little on anything they report. If sometimes they do report the truth about anything, I’m sure it is by accident.

    • Have you ever listened to NPR? The are spoon fed directly from the White House.

      On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 8:06 AM, Real Science

      • Owen says:

        I’ve never listen to NPR nor do I listen to any American ‘news’ broadcasts. I’m sure they are much worse then the CBC, but the CBC isn’t lily white and feeds the minds of Canadians with a lot of crap. And Btw, the CBC on the whole in anti-conservative, anti-Stephen Harper. Conservatives are bad, Liberals/ leftists are good is the CBC doctrine. What does one expect however. This is the network that airs David Suzuki.

        I’ve been listening to CBC crap for decades but now I mostly tune out, watching occasionally for laughs.

      • gator69 says:

        I don’t know how anyone listens to NPR, but I’m guessing that those who do, may also think that Diane Rehm has a lovely singing voice.

  8. Hugh K says:

    A little OT but was wondering where you come down on the ‘North Colorado’ issue Steve – http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/aug/19/colorado-counties-vote-forming-new-state/

  9. TimDot says:

    Hi Steve. Not sure if you’ve seen it or want to comment on it. But, and Aussie baseball export was shot and killed by three non-anglo-saxon teens in Oklahoma.

  10. Jimbo says:

    I live in Canada and I am exposed to the CBC garbage on a daily basis. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is many things: a news organization, a television network that produces programs (like any of the big three in the US), and a state broadcaster with a mandate to serve all Canadians. Up until the 80s CBC news was a respected organization with a minimum of bias. Two of Canada’s biggest news legends, Knowlton Nash and Barbara Frum (the mother of David Frum, G.W. Bush’s speech writer), were from this era. But, due to an ongoing infection of political correctness, much has changed over the last 25 years. The CBC, in general, LOATHES Harper and his government, and has a hard on for any conservative politician they do not agree with: just look at the media’s treatment of Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. Watch CBC News coverage of any Canadian federal election and it is obvious who the CBC wants to lose: the Conservatives. CBC News is also one of the number one cheerleaders for Justin Trudeau, the new Liberal party leader who is the son of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, a Liberal Prime Minister famous for invoking martial law during the Quebec Crisis of 1970, and attempting to nationalize the Canadian oil patch during the National Energy Program of the 1980s. The CBC is a state broadcaster, and depends on over a billion dollars a year from the government for its survival. If that funding were to disappear (one can only hope) the CBC would not be able to compete. Since the 90s the CBC has lost a lot of its funding, and because of this it has a dim view of conservative politicians, even though it was the Chretien Liberal government that cut most its funding during the budget crisis of the early 90s. The CBC is also home to David Suzuki, one of the leaders of the Global Warming / Climate Change cabal in Canada. Also, go check out CBCs “multiculti” programming, a sitcom called “Little Mosque on the Prairie.”

    Do a little research before you heap praise on the CBC.

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