How Is That Arab Spring Working Out?

During the campaign, Obama was bragging about the Arab Spring and his war on terrorism. He also promised that Syria and Iran would net get chemical or nuclear weapons.

When he gets back from his 35th vacation of the year, he should probably give the country an update.

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22 Responses to How Is That Arab Spring Working Out?

  1. gator69 says:

    100,000 climate refugees flee Egypt!

    “The Voice of Russia is reporting as many as 100,000 Christians have fled Egypt since Morsi’s takeover of the country.”

  2. darwin says:

    Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptian military supports the will of the people … which is the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama wants to withdraw aid from the Egyptian military.

  3. Okie says:

    I agree with Darwin. The Arab Spring has worked out well–if you are an Islamist sympathizer, which Barack Hussein Obama apparently is. Which is really no surprise. Before becoming President, he hung out with Jew-hating extremists. He is close only to the Muslim half of his African family relations.

  4. Hugh K says:

    It’s a shame for the Syrian people that chemical weapons suddenly stopped becoming ‘weapons of mass destruction’ around ten years ago simply to support the Democrat position that Bush lied about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction.
    I guess Saddam (are we allowed to say Hussein again yet?) using these chemical ‘weapons’ to murder over 5,000 of his own citizens didn’t qualify as ‘mass destruction’. I don’t expect that recent change in definition of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to change now with Russian backed Assad regardless of how many red lines our current administration draws in the sand.
    All of this worked out quite well for US Dem politicians in 2008 but sure sucks for the Syrians now.
    The only lives libs really care about are those in their own political party.

  5. Glacierman says:

    It doesn’t matter. No blame will stick to him.

    • kbray in california says:

      Left propaganda explains that growing up as a minority or mixed race is very very difficult. Lying, cheating, and stealing is forgiven because these children were forced into that behavior by their circumstances.
      To be “fair” we need to give them a break.
      I see this policy applied by the administrators toward the minority students who are bussed in from the next county into a top California high school.
      Failing grades are even “adjusted” to passing to accommodate “difficult” conditions at home (public housing).
      Even though he didn’t grow up that way, god bummer has a free pass to totally screw up.
      And in his heart he is a destroyer like an evil pharaoh reincarnated.
      He should return to Egypt again, and stay there.
      Speech over.

  6. Lou says:

    Apparently, Obama’s brother has ties to Muslim Brotherhood…

    Could explain everything why Obama sided with MB the whole time.

  7. scizzorbill says:

    We don’t need no stinkin update from the liar in chief.

  8. phodges says:

    Obama is just a puppet…the Muslim Brotherhood and assorted Islamist Takfiris are tools of Western Intelligence; useful idiots doing the bidding of the global corporate/financial elite.

    Notice how Israel supports them in Syria, but is opposing them in Egypt? Because Syria stands up to Israel, while the Egyptian Generals tow the line. Just as the Neocons and the Oilmen fought over Iraq, we are seeing the same thing in Egypt…only the Neocons prefer a stable Egypt in Israels court, while the Internationalists want a failed state.

    It is a long standing plan, the slow ignition to WWIII. The “Arc of Crisis” is being destabilised, the ultimate targets are Russia and China.

  9. MikeTheDenier says:

    Obamby wants no part of Syria because he fears someone may find all the WMDs Saddam shipped to Syria before the start of the Iraq war

  10. John B., M.D. says:

    Hillary called Assad a “reformer.”
    She is unfit to be President.

  11. Off topic how is David Appell doing? I still fondly recall how he compared himself recently to Albert Einstein, although I read yesterday an article on how a Russian physicist accidentally stuck his head in the way of a particle beam, and that comparison seemed more apt.

  12. Hugh K says:

    PIAPS (pig in a pants suit) reset button is broken.

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