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North Colorado

The overwhelming majority of people in northeastern Colorado want to secede from the People’s Demokraptik Republik of Boulder/Denver (formerly known as Colorado) but it is not going to happen unless the Senate switches to Republican hands next year. The problem … Continue reading

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Earth Blows Away The Record For Sea Ice Gain In 2013

The amount of thin, rotten, decayed, bald sea ice on Earth has increased by nearly 33,000 Manhattans since this date last year – almost doubling the previous record for annual ice gain. Note that the amount of sea ice on … Continue reading

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Walt Meier’s “Blue Arctic” – At The 2013 Minimum

EOSDIS Worldview (Alpha)

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My Arctic Forecast

30+% concentration ice extent is near or at the minimum for the year There will be a huge increase in the amount of 1+ year old ice next spring The Northern Passage will not open up this year Alarmists will … Continue reading

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