56% Increase In Arctic Ice Since Last Year

Green shows ice present in 2013 which was not present in 2012. Red shows the opposite.

ScreenHunter_35 Aug. 22 22.10

Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor


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25 Responses to 56% Increase In Arctic Ice Since Last Year

  1. stewart pid says:

    Steven have you seen the posts saying the waders are giving up at Cambridge Bay?

  2. Chewer says:

    The Team Twisted mentally unstable Rowers didn’t stand a chance from day 1 and by day 10 it looked even worse. Apparently their advisors had no clue about the conditions, which developed according to last Winter’s and this Spring’s ice conditions.
    Their excuses for failure are hilarious and they have no shame or conscience, which is a standard progressive trait.
    Let’s hope they give it another go next year-:)

    • Jimmy Haigh. says:

      You’d think that after nearly 35 years of “catastrophic man made global warming” that it would have been easy!

    • @njsnowfan says:

      So they are done, just 550km to get to the half way point and it is over.
      So much for that climate change that they said it would make it possible to row the NW passage to their intended destination at pond inlet.

      I guess all the stories from Gore and TWC brainwashed them to think the climate has changed to be ice free..NOT

      • Fred from Canuckistan says:

        Yesterday they were camped about 35km from the old PIN 4 site and it is 100 miles from PIN 4 to CAM Main/Cambridge Bay.

        Nice big paved strip there so carbon spewing 737’s can land there and save their sorry asses from further embarrassment.

        • Scott says:

          What are the chances they’ll have to be saved before then even? That’d be really funny. Anyone want a guest post from Reggie?


  3. juergenuie says:

    Re3port from the Tooluka http://www.tooluka.nl/index.php?taal=UK that has turned around:
    … We experience water temperatures of around zero C., whereas yachts of the past years talk about 5+. This means that ice melts slower and that it will freeze sooner, once temperatures start dropping again. This will shorten the time you are given to get through the passage.
    This morning “Sea Adventurer”, a 100 m cruise ship with many years of experience in the MWP, wanted to sail to the west end of the Bellot Strait, but had to turn around earlier because of ‘solid ice’

    Report from the LIBELLULE http://www.sailblogs.com/member/libellule/?xjMsgID=284832
    … Tried to go through the Bellot Strait but turned around.
    Sea Adventurer confirms the state of the ice. The leader of the expedition said they had never this. According to him, the situation of the ice will certainly not be better next year as the ice has not melted this year.

    Hapag-Lloyd has two cruise ships in the Nortwest Passage. One from the east one from the west. Both would need to go through the Bellot Strait too. If the Sea Adventurer didn’t make it it looks like that the MS BREMEN and the MS HANSEATIC (price from 16,940 €) might have to turn around too. Couldn’t find the exact location of the ships.

    • juergenuie says:

      Found a tracking tool.
      The MS BREMEN is in the Baffin Basin – they made it through Peel Sound
      The MS HANSEATIC is still in the Barrow Straight, but they go the other direction and may try the Peel Sound
      The Sea Adventurer has tried the Bellot Straight twice within 5 days and went about halve into it. It’s heading for Lancaster Sound right now.

    • eco-geek says:

      Wow! That’s an old cruise ship! Many years experience in the Medieval Warm Period could easily have given them false hope for the passage.

      Do they wear horned helmets and have shields between the rowing stations?

  4. @njsnowfan says:

    Steve Something the Arctic Rowers did not think about. Their solar panels on the boat are getting 5 to 15 minutes of Less light every day. Soon they will be left powerless as the days grow much shorter and shorter. How much less day light are they losing daily, I do not know the exact #?

  5. stewart pid says:

    The waders are pinned on the shore by winds of about 40 to 50 kph … to bad so sad.
    Temperatures are about freezing and so they will really be enjoying nature today 😉

    Someone posted that they were losing about 25 minutes a day of light but that seemed high and I would guess more in the 10 to 15 minute range … someone on here will know!

    • Crashex says:

      For their location, it’s about 7 hours from sunset to sunrise today and it gets about 10 minutes longer one night to the next. The sun is setting for all latitudes south of approx. 78N.

    • Chewer says:

      A solar calendar link here, with the next two weeks getting the big daytime loses:
      The lower to mid arctic latitude areas are all losing between 6 – 12 minutes now.
      The civil, nautical and astronomical twilight ranges change dramatically this time of year…

  6. Lance says:

    rowers give up – Reggie must be heart broken

  7. Crashex says:

    The drawing they made for the shelter at Lady Franklin Point is a clue as to why they have had so much trouble. They have been facing the wrong direction while rowing!!

    Interesting that the article describing their revised goal, Cambridge Bay not Pond Inlet, did not mention the sea ice blocking their proposed route. It’s a mechanical issue with the boat, not a misguided claim regarding climate change.

  8. Berényi Péter says:

    Next year they may try to row from Greece to Italy. It is much nicer down there with no solid ice whatsoever except in drinks.

  9. Catfish says:

    Anyone know where the icebreaker CCGS Amundsen is? David Barber was supposed to do the NW passage this year through the rotten ice.

  10. Disillusioned says:

    Let’s begin a list of all the “experts” who predicted an ice free summer by 2012 or 2013. Heck, let’s include the imbeciles who predicted by 2010, 1998, etc.

  11. Skiphil says:

    So even if they were on their expected pace they could not do their proposed route because the NW Passage route is……. Blocked by ice.

    Thus, it s highly deceptive for them to pretend that the abandonment of their route plan is only due to wind etc.

  12. Gerald Machnee says:

    I found a site with locations for CCGS Amundsen. It is shown as being in the Arctic Ocean for 3 days after going though Baffin Bay.

  13. Disillusioned says:

    Cape Bathurst behind them, from whence they came, is getting close to clogged with multiyear ice. Looks like it may be an early ice season for Tuk. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-O_RJ8iwZvyU/UhfmsP1vwgI/AAAAAAAAjto/3bVLfFuqDl4/s1600/20130823180000_WIS40CT_0007227901.gif

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