LA Times Lying To Their Readers Again

ScreenHunter_36 Aug. 22 22.18

Climate change deniers live in ignorant bliss as seas keep rising

The  tide gauge at LA shows no change  in sea level for the past two or three decades.

ScreenHunter_37 Aug. 22 22.24

Data and Station Information for SANTA MONICA (MUNICIPAL PIER)

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9 Responses to LA Times Lying To Their Readers Again

  1. Chewer says:

    Nothing new or surprising since they’ve been lying to their readers for years!

  2. Ivan says:

    Wow – read some of the comments posted under the article.
    Can there really be that many babies that are dropped on their heads at birth?
    This is a major medical scandal – and it should be investigated!

  3. stephen says:

    Steve here in Australia we are being blamed for the sea level falling. what the

    • miked1947 says:

      It is because you Aussies are greedy and hoarding all that rain water. Science has spoken and we all know how right those scientists with their “Magic Models” are! 😉

  4. gator69 says:

    ““Every night on the news, it’s like a nature hike through the book of revelations,” he said. “People are noticing this. And simultaneously they’re noticing the sharp drop in the cost of carbon-free, greenhouse gas-free energy, and the combination is pushing us over this political tipping point and the trend is unstoppable.”

    Gore also argued that warmer waters and higher sea levels can worsen storms.

    “They’re stronger now,” he said. “The extreme events are more extreme. The hurricane scale used to be 1-5 and now they’re adding a 6. The fingerprint of man-made global warming is all over these storms and extreme weather events.”

  5. Jorge says:

    Look at all the negative votes this thing got, the people are waking up everyone.

  6. Hugh K says:

    I guess the LA Times got bored reporting on Miley Cyrus’ rising daisy dukes.

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