Obama’s Washington Sons Kill 89 Year Old WWII Vet

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UPDATE: WWII Vet Assaulted In N. Spokane Dies – Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather KHQ.com

Look for a major speech by the racist in chief, condemning the out of control behavior of people who could have been him 30 years ago.


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17 Responses to Obama’s Washington Sons Kill 89 Year Old WWII Vet

  1. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Beyond the sick, the demented, the depths of human depravity.

    89 years old. Real big tough men.

  2. JimmySpags says:

    Black-on-white crime is finally getting the exposure necessary to reach even diehard progressives. Ever since and maybe before Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” and its gimme, gimme, gimme mantra, this country’s blacks have been blaming whites for all their shortcomings. I hear “there’s gonna be a race war, there’s gonna be a race war.” It started in 1863.

  3. gator69 says:

    My mother grew up in a very small Georgia town in the 1940’s and 50’s, and said that it was unsafe to go ‘downtown’ at night on the weekends. She and my father were supporters of Dr King, and this is nothing new.

  4. Justa Joe says:

    Obama and Holder set everybody up for this with their pandering. Any idiot could have seen this would only result in a ton of backlash and racial tension. The ugliness was inevitable. Holder and Obama are supposed to be smart? I have to conclude that Obama and Holder owed Sharpton one, they’re trying to enhance their “ghetto passes,” or they’re just more radical than the MSM said that they were

  5. Andy Oz says:

    Obama is not a President for all Americans. He is an outstanding proponent at creating division, paranoia, anger, poverty, racial violence, racial hate, murder and war.
    He uses every federal organisation to create more of these things. Ain’t democracy wonderful. Jeez we got his ranga girlfriend here in Oz, who fortunately was knifed by her chickenshit colleagues before this election. She did much the same.

  6. Pathway says:

    Blacks would not fair well in a race war.

  7. Stefan v says:

    Keeping in mind that the sainted privileged melanin-rich folk are still greatly in the minority, and specialise in lowbrow handgunning, whereas their longsuffering victims have shiploads of longarms and the self discipline to learn how to use them, a real race war would be short, sharp and conclusive. Mind you, the underdogs (apologies to all genuine fourfooted furry canines for using the word) would likely receive significant assistance from Nanny State, particularly the Big Nought and his sidekick Selectively Blind Justice. Methinks another approach will be required to bring the former land of the free and the home of the heirs of the brave to heel in time for NWO utopia. Probably a combination of EMP, pneumonic ebola and a city or two turned into radioactive glass. Chaos abounding, and plenty enough fear to strain even the best of intentions and bring out the worst in the best of what’s left. Take heart….the real war is spiritual, and those who live by the sword are to die by the sword. Suffer unrighteousness, but don’t join in dishing it out. Leave revenge to The Lord, He is the only One able to do it perfectly. As for the “race” thingy, character will demonstrate itself regardless of what’s on the surface, light, dark or in between. Be prudent and patient, and ignore the baiting.

  8. Lawrence13 says:

    The same thing needs to happen here in the UK. Steve as a football Premiership footy fan will remember some half a dozen years ago the case of the young black boy in Liverpool who was hacked to death by two people involved in drug dealing the previous Friday night also on that Friday night at a youth club in Brixton London a young black African boy was robbed, stabbed and left to die. The next day, Saturday there was a white middle class fellah on a bus in North London when a ‘nutter’ who was black had been released from detention under the mental health act started throwing chips at this chaps girl friend he asked him to stop and was fatally stabbed for his troubles.
    How did the authorities and media respond to these there killing?
    The black lad killed by two whites in Liverpool was main front page and TV news all that Saturday with some football clubs actually holding a minutes silence which made you ask what did this awful killing have to do with football? The other killing on the Saturday of the white middle class chap being stabbed by a nutty black lunatic just about made the third fourth pages and was forgotten very quickly. The oddest and most telling stabbing which illustrates the sheer bias and self hatred of the left white middle classes and the self interest groups was the teenage African boy fatally stabbed outside that youth club in Brixton. It only made a few paragraphs in the local paper, the TV and national papers never touched it and neither did the black papers.

    So we seem to have a scale of importance attached to the same crimes.

    White kills black: Bingo full coverage with screams of racism, blood letting called for by the white middle classes.

    Black kills white: hardly mentioned by the media and very quickly swept under the carpet

    Black kills black: totally hidden and hardly ever sees the light of day let alone media coverage and the black community don’t want to know.

    Long post so one final example.

    Maybe in America you’ve heard of the black teenager Steven Lawrence tragically stabbed and left to die in Kidbrooke SE London many years ago. In the UK we never stop hearing about it with the mother having just been made a member of the House of Lords !!!!!!. Many memorials concerts , hand wringing, documentaries and newspaper pages have been used on this case with finally two suspects with no definitive evidence being gaoled.

    We most of you may have heard of our previous ex London mayor and Chevez loving commie Ken Livingtsone (knew of him when I was in the Workers Revolutionary Party as he and Ted Knight were very close). Anyhow Livingstone announced another memorial for Steven Lawrence, so I wrote to his mayoral office and asked if they were also planning a memorial for Scott Osborne a man with mental health problems who was beaten to death outside a Tesco’s store in Lewisham SE London Dec 2001 (?) by a gang of black youth. The Mayors office wrote back to me asking who Scott Osborne was as they’d never heard of him. When I explained that he was brutally and fatally beaten to death about two miles from the Steven Lawrence memorial plaque in Kidbrooke by a black gang that was the last I heard from them.

    This distorted crime only counts if its a so called HATE crime bollocks is poisoning our society and the USA and the UK reflect each other in this matter where a sort of left lunacy seems to distort reality and then in turn making reality a whole lot worse.

    Sorry for the long posts. but the bolder we are speaking the truth literally without prejudice the better the outcome might be as otherwise this issue is like a time-bomb.

    • gator69 says:

      “White Extermination In South Africa

      From 1 May 2012 – 30 April 2013

      365 Days, 304 Attacks, 463 Victims, 169 Murdered, 21 Raped.”


      It is a global problem.

      • Lawrence13 says:

        Yes I forgot about SA the place where the whites leave but no one says why. I have sort of family their via my ex wife. Her late father came to from Namibia to England via Chicago as a paediatrician in the 60’s and despite being a lefty (I was too) was a decent man. I guess his guilt over Apartheid in neighbouring SA and being Jewish lead to a feeling that rightfully so Apartheid was wrong. He’s dead now and I would be interested to think what he would have thought of the place now.. Funnily enough he had tremendous faith in the British NHS but when he succumbed to cancer his family were disgusted with his treatment in an NHS hospital and soon got him moved to private however they still are a bunch of incurable guardian reading lefties. Bit of name dropping here: his niece Natalie Gamsu became something of a cabaret singer in Cape Town but since the end of apartheid she has moved to Australia, hmmm wonder why. Actually when the Springboks played in Australia several years ago she sang the SA national anthem in the stadium.

        Another friend of mine again a communists who is totally lacking emotion when it comes to films but actually cried when seeing ‘Brokeback Mountain. (pass the bucket lefty liberal alert warning) has also migrated from London , Catford which is in Lewisham SE London and recently won the award for one of the most crime ridden places in the UK; well he moved to the south coast and we all know why but being a lefty would never be honest and say the reason. One last SA link. His late son’s partner was born and raised in SA and at one time was the PA to the CEO of Chubb security. Well seeing as most of the white areas are now gated communities due to black crime, she no doubt had her work cut out for.

        I have no problem with wanting nasty pieces of violent filth dealt with harshly by the authorities we have vested power in, regardless of colour I just despise brutal criminals who destroy other peoples lives , Yet the black community bar people like Alan West (bravo for that man) just don’t want to talk abut it, let alone deal with it.

  9. Hugh K says:

    The libs are pulling out the gun card again. And yet, not a word from this Administration and their palace watch dog media on “starting a national conversation” about preserving the traditional family which is at the core of all these wanna-be-gangsta issues. Maybe a bong-summit hosted by the Commander in Choom…

  10. dp says:

    Obama: “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”

    But apparently not like either of the gentlemen who killed Delbert Belton.

  11. Jim Workman says:

    Dr. King longed for a day when his children (black Americans) were judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character. That day has come and black character has been found wanting.

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