The Fundamental Tenet Of Progressives : Suppressing Discussion

Soviet Communists, like the ones in the White House and the press, can not survive in an environment where ideas are discussed openly. That is why Obama/CNN/etc. are blocking any legitimate discussion about climate, black against white racism, the economy, Benghazi, the NSA, The Bill of Rights, and a host of other topics.


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26 Responses to The Fundamental Tenet Of Progressives : Suppressing Discussion

  1. Anto says:

    A man who thinks similarly, who speaks from an economic bent:

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Just like communist China. Re-education camps will be next followed by political “criminals” buying their bullet for the final solution.

  3. darwin says:

    Da comrade … one only need to read the comments from WaPo and NYT’s articles to know how effective suppression of information can be.

  4. Byron says:

    Yes, the liberal world view can only exist in an artificial, carefully controlled environment.

    • DGP says:

      Yes, but that enivronment is paid for and supported by mostly non-liberals and against their wishes.

    • leftinbrooklyn says:

      And why they can never lead a free people.

    • Andy DC says:

      Why discuss anything when the public hears only only one side of the story from the LSM?

    • Disillusioned says:

      Somebody said on another website that you can spend all day patiently explaining climate facts to a progressive and they’ll just stand there with a blank look. When you’re finished, they’ll say something like “But the last decade was the warmest in history.” They’re brainwashed beyond hope.

      I have experienced the very same thing with a Sierra Club, Greenpeace and NRDC member (meaning all those groups solicit him for his tithes and offerings, and he pays up to get the propaganda mailed to his door). He’s a decent chap, but he is indeed brainwashed beyond hope.

      • jimash1 says:

        But … the ice sheets are collapsing, and the Northwest Passage is open ( Honestly got this one this week) and sea level is rising !
        Heat is hotter and the Sun no longer controls the climate !

  5. This is the same fundamental tenet of cloistered (tenured) academics, and of all those who bang the drum for consensus for their own self-interests, even though the consensus is thoroughly incompetent and corrupt. This means all of our institutions, all of the honored “experts”, are incompetent and corrupt.

  6. shazaam says:

    And don’t forget the propensity of the “progressives”/socialists to frame the argument with labels.

    Otherwise, why would the people who disagree with the “settled consensus science” be labeled “demiers” or skeptics or “flat earthers”??? Climate realists are set back a step in presenting facts by the “news readers”/media labeling their position as a denial from the start.

    To “deny” climate model predictions makes it sound like climate realists just don’t believe the predictions. Framing the debate as belief vs. disbelief makes it sound like a debate of fact (alarmist) vs fiction (denier).

    The true debate is pitting accurate, unaltered, raw data vs. climate fictional scenarios.

    Mother nature is apparently not amused nor convinced by the alarmist prophesies of impending doom due to run-away greenhouse effects that the alarmist’s fictional climate models have generated. No matter how much “adjusted” data is used as the baseline, reality trumps fiction.

  7. genomega1 says:

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    The Fundamental Tenet Of Progressives : Suppressing Discussion

  8. Lawrence13 says:

    Spot on Steve: When the left ever gets power it always ends in cruel oppression and a regime of lies . We ‘re halfway their at the moment.

  9. phodges says:

    You must remember that Republicans are also part and parcel of our Totalitarian, Authoritarian, Socialst New Order.

    Dixie Chicks pulled from air after bashing Bush

    • omanuel says:

      You are right. Fear of death by nuclear annihilation united Leftwing with Rightwing, Capitalists with Communists in the push to form a one-world government on 24 Oct 1945 that would:

      1. Enslave the rest of mankind, but
      2. Save world leaders from death.

      The rest of the story is posted on my web page.

      Oliver K. Manuel

    • papertiger says:

      The Dixie Chicks shot themselves in the foot. That was an own goal. No act of congress was needed. No ones freedom of speech was abridged.
      If you want to hear them now you can still catch their show in whatever poolhall venue will still put up with them.

    • Mike D says:

      Oh yeah, that’s so similar to cabinet secretaries completely shutting down discussions of Global Warming, or the IRS actively trying to oppress the opposition groups, or the government lying about things like Fast and Furious and Benghazi, and working with the major media outlets to put out whatever propaganda it wants.

      Was Cindy Sheehan ever muzzled in the Bush years? or Code Pink? or anyone screeching about warrantless wiretapping or Abu Graib?

  10. Robertv says:

    cold hearted men

  11. Hugh K says:

    It’s truly a shame. Thinking about relocating to Kenya where people are still allowed to freely exchange ideas in an attempt to better all citizens.

  12. phodges says:

    You must think right thoughts…

    University of Florida student forced to attend re-education program:

    “three of us are required to take part in a mandatory University Campus of Difference training program based on a curriculum created by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in the fall…the mandatory training program is nothing short of officially sanctioned re-education…”

  13. Jeffk says:

    Discussion is all they have, not applied science. Political correctness vs hate speech. Ideological economics vs free enterprise. Theory vs practice. Lies vs truth.

  14. Robert of Ottawa says:

    This is the purpose of politically correct speech codes – it shuts down debate. It’s called fascism.

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