Watch : How Stupidity Is Melting The US

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Watch: How Climate Change Is Melting the Ski Industry | Mother Jones

Four of the five snowiest winters on record have occurred since 2008.

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Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab


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5 Responses to Watch : How Stupidity Is Melting The US

  1. theyouk says:

    As soon as I see Chris Mooney’s face I want to puke–and am fighting violent urges.

    Yes, it’s the jet stream, and albedo, and climate change that has killed the ski business. If we weren’t driving SUV’s there would be ski areas everywhere rolling in fresh powder and dough. No, I’m sure that the small ski areas weren’t forced out of business due to escalating insurance costs, litigation, wages, etc; better service(s) from larger players (yes, Ms. Burakowski, industries evolve to reward efficiency and quality products), or fuel/energy costs (unless they are using horses to run the lifts).

    What a pile of utter garbage. And we have an administration that holds these people in far higher esteem than we mere peons who have actually worked in the real world and read some history. “Blurgh!”

  2. Andy Oz says:

    But it’s rotten, decayed, thin first year snow!!
    Hang on…… Chris Mooney’s brain is rotten, decayed, etc etc.
    Phew! Glad I adjusted that data point.

  3. phodges says:

    Powder Magazine had a similar article. So did High Country News.

    I taped in the graphs showing increasing and snow and precipitation 😉

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