62% Increase In Arctic Ice Since Last Year

Green shows ice present in 2013 which was not present on this date in 2012. Red shows the opposite.

ScreenHunter_353 Aug. 24 08.52

Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor

The Ministry Of Truth continues to lie about this :

ScreenHunter_354 Aug. 24 08.57

This year’s melt rates are in line with a sustained decline of the Arctic ice cover, which has been monitored by NASA for several decades.

In the 1980’s the ice cap was about the size of the lower 48 states. It’s lost about half its size since then

Arctic ice cap points to sustaining increasing melt rates | abc7news.com


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20 Responses to 62% Increase In Arctic Ice Since Last Year

  1. stewart pid says:

    I’m loving this since it will just be killing all the assholes like Beckwith that proclaimed the end of arctic sea ice or a death spiral or soft, rotten, decayed first year ice etc.
    First class schadenfreude!!

    • Jimbo says:

      Here he is in action. Can you spot the 2 mistakes? I have bolded them.
      Sierra Club – March 23, 2013
      “For the record—I do not think that any sea ice will survive this summer. An event unprecedented in human history is today, this very moment, transpiring in the Arctic Ocean….”
      [Paul Beckwith – PhD student paleoclimatology and climatology – part-time professor]

  2. @njsnowfan says:

    Ice is starting Refreeze and grow on latest Loop. New ice is starting to blossom.
    Steve S. Hem Sea Ice at new Record high for the date. I Feel the missing heat that they said was now in the oceans has radiated into space. Magical!!


    • Chewer says:

      The forecast over the pole right down to the Canadian Archipelago include some
      deep-freezing conditions spreading in tomorrow…

  3. stewart pid says:

    I was checking on the waders and they appear to be hunkered down for a second day with winds of 20 to 70 kph and temperature readings all in the 0 to -3 range and windchill of -6 to -10 … fun in the arctic on a bozo cruise.

    • goldminor says:

      They are running a real risk of being locked in this year. That Canadian ice breaker let them through that one rough spot at Bellot Strait. That gives then a chance to make the western exit out of the islands. However, there is a good chance of that exit becoming impassable by the time they get close. If they try and fail, then they will be there for awhile in one of those little towns. That ice breaker may not have done them much of a favor by helping them.

  4. rw says:

    2013 is shaping up to be the year when the warmist line clearly diverged from reality. Students of cognitive dissonance, get your papers and pencils out; this should be ree-ally interesting (eek!) from here on out (not that it hasn’t been all too interesting up till now).

  5. Eric Simpson says:

    An outrageous lie.
    Or worse, an insidious disingenuous prevarication of the most Orwellian sort.
    Only in the most absurd sense could the ABC (All Bullshit all the time, C) post be considered true in any way. The omissions are so glaring and so extreme that there is a clear and unequivocal intent to deceive. They don’t mention that this year the arctic is having the shortest and coldest summer on record and the ice coverage has grown sharply in comparison to recent years. And they don’t mention that this week we have had record highs in Antarctic sea ice.

  6. Caleb says:

    Looks like a bit of a storm brewing up over the rowers, with plenty of sub-freezing air to suck down from the north.
    Arctic Pressures: http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/weather/arcticweather_imagecontainer.php
    Arctic Temperatures: http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/weather/arcticweather_imagecontainer.php

    The nature walk is over.

    • Andy Oz says:

      But, but its summer! Gore et al said the Arctic was burning up from CO2 and Reggie’s blowtorch was gonna melt every Skerrick of ice!

      Maybe they got the year wrong.
      Maybe their models are missing an unknown variable.
      Maybe Gore et al are just perpetrating the biggest hoax on the world since UFO’s.7

  7. Hard to say what the Arctic was like prior to 1980 since there isn’t much in the way of measurement. Was ice cover in 1980 ‘normal’ (whatever that means) or higher than normal?

  8. gator69 says:

    97% of grantologists disagree.

  9. @njsnowfan says:

    The Russians love using the Giant Ice breaker in the Arctic. Seems that it was built in 2007 when the arctic sea ice took a hit and the have been crushing the ice ever since.

    Look at the ice breakers tracks in last year. The have been to the north pole area this year already also.

    Videos on the Ice Crusher

  10. Jim Mueller says:

    Mr. Farmer the iceman at the NOAA group first said this year would be way above normal for the storms. A couple of weeks ago on C-Span he said it sould just be above normal. I wonder what his next forcast will be. Maybe he will say it looks to be normal. When the weather does not follow their ideology these people don’t know what to say. They cannot understand that the climatge does not have an ideology. For billions of years it has been doing its own thing. Where would they have been during the ice age of years ago?

  11. Slob Scientist says:

    Wait!!!! It must be uhhhh………dry ice! Go Global Warming. Fear, all the earth. Denver will flood by 2016. Remember, I told you so, but you would not fear.

  12. Hal Slusher says:

    There could be glaciers moving thru central park and they would blame it on global warming

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