Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record

Obama says that hurricanes are getting worse, based on some research done at the Choom Climatological Institute.

As we approach the end of August, there have been no Atlantic hurricanes. By this date in the year 1886, there had already been seven hurricanes – including three major hurricanes, one of which wiped the city of Indianola, Texas off the map.

ScreenHunter_357 Aug. 24 09.14

1886 Atlantic hurricane season – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A kinder, gentler natural hurricane from 1886

ScreenHunter_359 Aug. 24 09.46

Obama’s presidency has also seen the fewest US hurricane landfalls of any president. Three hurricanes have hit the US while he was in office, compared to twenty-six while Grover Cleveland was in office.

ScreenHunter_19 May. 08 06.04

Chronological List of All Hurricanes


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442 Responses to Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record

  1. @njsnowfan says:

    Well if the Heat was in the Oceans, the Hurricanes should be there. It is gone into space? The main climate driver and what makes all life on earth possible is weak like an elderly person. Like Al Gore says Energy in = Energy out. The sun is just not putting the energy in like in the past 75 years.

    • ima right says:

      Actually, it is the second law of thermal dynamics that says energy in = energy out. However I m sure Gore will take credit for inventing that as well

      • jpk says:

        It’s the 1st law. The second law deals with increasing entropy in a closed system.

        • Bob says:

          The First Law says energy can neither be created nor destroyed
          The Second Law says that in a closed system entropy increases increase which in layman’s terms means everything devolves to a lower state; i.e. steel rusts a very sustainable reason why primordial ooze evolution is a fallacy no matter what your religious beliefs.

        • Eric H says:

          “The Second Law says that in a closed system entropy increases … a very sustainable reason why primordial ooze evolution is a fallacy no matter what your religious beliefs.”

          Fortunately, we don’t live in a closed system (there’s a big yellow thing in the sky pumping energy into the system fairly regularly, plus there’s a fair amount of heat coming from the earth’s core).

        • David says:

          Thank you Eric!!! I have heard this stupid second law argument from strict creationists for thirty years. It is so easily discredited that it is ridiculous it keeps coming up. (For the record, I believe in a divinely guided, or at least inspired, version of evolution).

        • ChristopherCalumny says:

          You guys are all wrong! The first law of energy deals with freedom of religion and press, and the second law of energy says we shall have no God before Him.
          Wait a minute…..

      • 1953mgtd says:

        Then it must be an ALGORITHM

        • Thomasinwonderland says:

          In 1961 a fellow named Edward Lorenz was running a computer weather model ( the computer then was probably today’s pocket calculator-I digress). He decided to check his work by re-running the data, but got a bit lazy (don’t we all?) and entered .506 for an entry that he had previously entered as .506127. To his astonishment the weather modeling computer came up with a substantially different result. Thus was born the “butterfly effect” in chaos theory. Sorry guys & dolls-you really can’t model weather accurately much beyond a week or so.

        • Lars Skiipole says:

          Do you mean Algor rithm? 🙂

        • juan carnuba says:

          Al Gore has no rhythm.

      • lysolmotorola says:

        1.) YOU CAN’T WIN
        2.) YOU CAN’T BREAK EVEN
        Actaully, it is not the temperature of the ocean that determines the number of hurricanse. Although a certain minimum temperature is required, it is the differnce in temeprature that determines the hurricanes formation and strength. If the planet were uniformly 90 deg. F there would be no hurricanes. As a natural phenomena, they act to move heat from the tropics to the upper latitudes. They do not intend to do this, they just can’t help themselves. A lot like ALGOR

        • catswold says:

          When I was slogging through my first year of Chem. E. we learned it as:
          1.) You can’t win.
          2.) The best you can do is break even.
          3.) You can’t break even.

        • David H. Walker says:

          Among the most intelligent descriptions I’ve seen in a while. So many factors at work, such a finite understanding we humans have of the climate. Just think; if the entire earth surface were 90 degrees and the earth did not spin on an axis nor rotate around the sun just imagine how inactive the climate would be.

        • Srugged says:

          I’m no scientist, but that would be the least of our problems . . . . . .

        • Grammar Cop says:

          Hey Lysolmotorola,
          Prior to commenting in the future, you might want to take a second look at your language, and perhaps run it through a spell or grammar checker. I’ve never heard of a “hurricanse.” They must exhibit a high “temeprature” or something! And, believe it or not, “phenomena” is a plural, not singular noun. I do like “ALGOR,” however!

    • JimSpencer7 says:

      @njsnowfan, You apparently know nothing about the Laws of Energy, “The law of conservation of energy states that energy may neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore the sum of all the energies in the system is a constant.” And by the way, science states that a 1 degree change in the the Sun’s heat would either leave earth in an Ice Age, or the Planet would be reduced to cinders. And last, the last known rise in temperature change for Planet Earth occurred in like 1997.

      • roccotool says:

        Science also has the Sun responsible for the heating of the Earth. So what’s, like, your point?

        • Sir Real says:

          The earth has gone through climate cycles/change for billion of years. Scientists believe that it was global warming (5 million years ago) which led to the Antarctic ice sheets melting and sea levels rising by 60ft. There were no evil oil companies or gas guzzling SUVs back then. 🙂

        • Mar65 says:

          I heard the global warming 5 million years ago was caused by the Dino’s Farting


      • Patriot42 says:

        And you believe what the liberals say?

        • Elaine says:

          Why does this article start out by quoting “Obama says” hurricanes are getting worse? He’s a hurricane expert as well now? Mr I am the “Great and Powerful Oz”

        • Eddie says:

          @Elaine…. Because Obama did say that.

        • Obama believes he is the Messiah and Liberals both hear and in Europe believe he is. Obama said he was going to cause the tides to recede and ocean levels to fall. in 2008, several people fainted at his campaign rallies, only to see unopened bottles of water appear and Obama can provide the annointment needed. The Nobel Committee awarded Obama the Peace prize for no accomplishment. Obama had no major bill as a legislator in both the State house and the Federal Senate. He published no peer reviewed article during 7 years of lecrturing at a university. if this man did not have messianic powers how could he be a very and some say the most qualified person to enter the WH. He is now an expert in Climate Change, Physics, Chemistry, Economics. He is deserving of all these Nobel prizes. If they don’t give it to him, the committee is racist. look at all the claims he made about Obamacare that are a BIG LIE and the MSM does not call him out on it. Who can get away iwth that. Obama therefore deserves the Noble Prize for medicine.

        • nigelf says:

          It starts out with “Obama says” because every one of EPA’s economically deadly regulations come into being because we’re supposed to be undergoing a period of increasing hurricanes directly because of global warming, among other things.

        • reformedii says:

          Jamie Foxx says BO is The Messiah. Apparently you lack that faith.

          We are having fewer hurricanes because our New Messiah has told them to STOP NOW!

          Next, our New Messiah is going to change the Sun, and STOP the rise of the oceans..

          I was at a bus stop several weeks ago ad an older black man [I am 64 & white] ased me if I had gotten my money yet? I was surprised and said; “What?”

          He said; “Mr Obama is going to give seniors more money!” I guess I must look like I have faith in our NEW Messiah.

      • commonsense says:

        so i guess all that energy is coming out of NOBAMA’S mouth! lmao

      • JM in San Diego C says:


      • MrLogical says:

        “… science states that a 1 degree change in the the Sun’s heat would either leave earth in an Ice Age, or the Planet would be reduced to cinders.”

        Where, precisely – and with a verifiable source citation noted – is this stated?

        “The problem with the internet is that you never know if the information provided there is actually true.” – Abraham Lincoln

        • Fred Johnson says:

          He got the premise right, but stated it wrong… if the AVERAGE temperature of the earth would shift 1 degree, it COULD indeed be catastrophic. If you know anything about science and the environment, then you understand this… if you don’t, well, you won’t.

          From NASA : “A one-degree global change is significant because it takes a vast amount of heat to warm all the oceans, atmosphere, and land by that much. In the past, a one- to two-degree drop was all it took to plunge the Earth into the Little Ice Age. A five-degree drop was enough to bury a large part of North America under a towering mass of ice 20,000 years ago.”

      • Roger says:

        Science states that a 1 degree change WHAT? Since when is a wild, unproven theory science? Science requires proof, not just fat egos and lots of agenda driven followers..

      • Jack Holley says:

        If energy can’t be destroyed, why do I have an electric bill?

        • Richard T. Fowler says:

          Because it takes physical work and lots of technology to deliver the type and quantity of energy needed to your location.

          That fact, however, does not prove the “first law” to be true. It could be false, and yet still it costs money to bring you electricity.


        • Lars Skiipole says:

          That’s a good question. I think the electric company is ripping me off.

        • Jim P says:

          all of the energy is in effect used. – – – not loss but converted – – – – freezer motor – – gets warm, Does work upon the freon, Heating the freon up as it compresses the freon, The cooling coils release the heat to the air, and when the freon is expands, it cools – – this the freezer gets cold.
          Washing machine – – motor gets hot. and does work. with the result of energy is converted to waste heat as work is done.
          every notice the heat coming out of your monitor or computer – – – as the energy does its job it is converted into waste heat – – – – and believe me if engineers could figure a way to reduce this waste heat they would. – – – as less energy going to waste heat – – -the less vents are needed. the Smaller the power supply, with the result of less cost to make the monitor, TV, computer.

      • D Schwar says:

        E=mc2. Energy can be created from matter. The only proven fact in climate debate is that the climate will continue to change, with or without man’s assistance. The hubris of scientists continue to amaze me as if they truly understand all of the intricacies of our climate yet cannot create models that either predict past climate change or accurately predict what is yet to come. Yet they have allowed their hubris to be used by those in the political arena to impose yet more conditions on our lifestyle, to push for global government and control, to bankrupt our countries by investing in technology that is not yet feasible to provide energy to our society and to set up phony carbon trading markets to enrich those who have fostered this nonsense.

    • Leon Rester says:

      Solar cooling!!! No!….

    • Sir Real says:

      We all know Owl Gore is a hypocrite. IF–according to Owl–global warming were real and the ice caps are melting–like the wicked witch of the west–then the sea levels will rise…right? Well, lahdee frickin’ dah. Owl Gore done went and bought him one of them fancy seaside mansions in Montecito, CA. Price tag: $9 million. How BIG you ask: 6,500 sq. foot home boasts 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a large pool house, 6 fireplaces, wood framed French doors, and carved stone detailing throughout.
      Hey, carbon footprint…sh-moot print.
      The mystery guy behind the global warming curtain is none other than Maurice Strong. Just Google “global warming, maurice strong” see whatcha get. :))

    • If they would stop blocking the SUN and SKY with that CRAP they spray in the sky all the time all day long for OUR ENTIRE SUMMER… My research leads me to believe that Wako Scientist who do not believe in a Divine Hand . A Creator. Seek to be the Creator and making themselves. They do not and never will have .WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING… But in search of this.. LOOKS LIKE .. TOTAL Environmental and Human Genocide. A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.. they can nor control now.. THEY HAVE F^*&)K UP THE ENTIRE . EARTH .. Everything.. MY TRESS ARE DYING. ALUMINUM. No FLOWERS, NO BEES, NO SUN.. .. YA SEE…. 😦 Clean Air Act must really be . KILL ALL HUMAN LIFE Quickly!! cause the Air is littlered with CROSS STITCH ELEMENTS….. Remaking a DIM, Still, Empty world.. THAT IS WET.. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY… Globally…

      • attilashrugs says:

        Another AlexJonestown loon.

      • Lars Skiipole says:

        Could you put that in laymen’s terms?

        • Jim P says:

          Layman terms – – – he is a bit crazy – – – believes everything he hears on the internet – – – true or false.
          He is talking about the Contrails in the sky that are left by jets if the conditions are right.
          There is internet talk about how this has to be some military secret project – – – and that they are spraying chemicals, virus, something – – –

          To me at 30,000 feet they can not be sure where it is going to come down if at all.
          and so many contrails and the secret is keep. – – not one person out of the thousands that have to be involved – – – has let it slip – – – even the manufactures of the chemicals – – no worker has let it slip – – – – – for 10’s of years.

          reality – this has been going on since the first jets took to the sky, Back in the 50’s or 60’s.
          They are simply the water vapor from the exhaust of the Jet engines – – – nothing more – – nothing less.

          Had long conversations with a renter in my house – – he even setup a web site to show proof – – patterns in the sky – – – when I told him about some flight schedules – – he decided that he should check airline flight schedules and see if they matched with the patterns in the sky – – – at this point I did not hear much more from him.

    • DPC says:

      Oh. My. God. Please tell me you only have a third grade education.

      • mike says:

        At least a 3rd grade education would explain some of the more fringe beliefs Kathy has. What do we blame for the highly educated morons who think they know it all and force their know-it-all-ness down our throats? People with little education are usually willing to be educated on an issue while the highly educated are too arrogant to accept that they might be wrong.

    • Mike says:

      Understand the global warming theory was never about science, it was about control. In the 70’s we knew the earth was going to start cooling, maybe even another little Ice Age? Pin Heads like ALGORE knew this! The plan was to create a new tax, implement it world wide and use it to fund a global government. When the earth started cooling, and they knew it would, take the credit as the saviors of the world, Behold, government is GOD…. Wake up scientist! You are all being played! Please use you brains to help destroy this tyrannical group of control freaks!

      • kris says:

        I’m sorry I didn’t save the link – but there are video’s on youtube of one scientist promoting cooling back in the 70’s. and of course in the 2000’s he (same guy) was promoting warming. guess he just can’t make up his mind.
        it’s all about power money.

    • Papi says:

      Darn that pesky global warming

  2. B.C. says:

    We here in FL are thankful that Teh Won has calmed the seas with his god-like abilities. Now, if we could just get him to go on a solo rowing/dragging trip to the North Pole, starting immediately, we’d be even more grateful.

  3. There goes the Global Warming theory.

    • Robert says:

      This only proves Global Warming is real! WE’RE DOOMED!

      • DaveR says:

        Less hurricanes means AGW unless there are more.

      • tdrag says:

        I’ve got news for you Robert, this is LIFE, nobody gets out alive.

      • roccotool says:

        This proves Warmingate is real? How? I suggest you break your med tablets in half.

      • B.C. says:

        Robert, looks like we’ll have to start using the “/sarc off” tags again. 😉

      • Fred Johnson says:

        Indeed, we ARE doomed. But there is little anyone can do about it, and if man causes it then it is far more likely we kill ourselves with biological or nuclear weapons than “global warming”. There WILL be an extinction level event sooner or later, and no Hollywood heroes will come to the rescue. It is only a matter of time. Think on something as small as this: fish are commonly growing both sets of genitalia now due to the birth control pills our women take… it is not removed at wastewater plants (nothing goes “away”). Eventually that will crawl up the food chain. And since we’re at the top, eventually it will impact us.

        So what do you do? Enjoy life while you have it! Cus you never know when that meteor will strike!

      • That’s the thing about Al Gore. He’s convinced his fellow travelers that everything causes global warming.

    • Jim says:

      Wrong, the global warming fanatics will blame global warming for the lack of hurricanes.
      Global warming is a theory that can’t be disproved because to them global warming is the blame for everything. Too little rain———global warming. Too much rain———global warming. Record heat———–global warming. Record cold————-global warming. Etc,etc.

    • kydan says:

      are you kidding, no hurricanes, its global warming. lots of hurricans global warming, drought global warming, flooding ,global warming, lots of forrest fires global warming, no forrest fires yep, global warming. no snow global warming 20 feet of snow global warming. no m

  4. R. Shearer says:

    Good news, Indianola, TX can be found on Google Maps and your post is linked to Drudge!

    • It is listed as a ghost town

    • G Hart says:

      Every building in the town was either destroyed or left uninhabitable, and survivors abandoned the town later that year after attempting to rebuild. I think by any measure that qualifies as wiped off the map. Whether or not the town was re-established at a later date is immaterial to the argument. And who cares who has linked to the article? Do you actually believe that if MSNBC had linked to the article that it would add or detract one iota from the authors point?

      • R. Shearer says:

        Sorry, it was my attempt to be funny (and congratulatory). Drudge is way better than MSNBS, don’t you think?

      • Larrybudwiser says:

        “Obama says that hurricanes are getting worse…” See, every time Obama says something it seems the issues always goes the other way. Just like “if you like your health insurance…” or “we will have the most transparent administration in history…”

    • Frank Lee says:

      What? Because it was almost wiped away in 1886 you’re surprised they rebuilt at least some of it in the past 120 or so years? What are you smoking?.

      • Mark Matis says:

        The same thing “Tingles” is smoking. A fresh hot black tea bag! When he isn’t busy brewing Gore tea, of course…

        • @TwonThymes says:

          Fantastic comment. Love the reference to Majora’s Mask. But because Lori Hasselback corrected grammar earlier in this comment chain I must inform you that it’s not ‘Tingles’. It’s ‘Tingle’.

    • d says:

      Check out Google Street View of Indianola. It appears to be a trailer park. Don’t think that was what the town rebuilt 😉

  5. cmarrou says:

    Indianola, Texas was not just the victim of one “kinder, gentler” hurricane, but two. It once competed with Galveston as the main port on the Texas coast and was the site where many immigrants to the state landed in the mid-1800s. One storm in the 1870s all but wiped out the town, and the one you mention in 1886 finished the job. With Indianola out of the competition, Galveston expanded, so the 1900 storm that struck it killed 8,000 people. Yeah, I’m sure glad those hurricanes in the old days were so much weaker than now…

    • Paul Gower says:

      Indianola is the site of LaSalle’s colony, and seems an apt harbor.
      In 1886, the water washed ashore three to four feet deep for twenty miles inland,due to the flatness of the coastal plains there. Neither of the the two storms which took Inidanola down to pilings was particularly strong, no superstorms.

      • Your comments are absurd. It had 150 MPH winds and a 15 foot storm surge, both much larger than Sandy.

        This is a propaganda free-zone, so take your global warming BS somewhere else.

      • d says:

        Not according to the Wikipedia article.
        “Pressure at landfall is estimated to be 925 mbar, which would make it the fifth strongest hurricane known to have hit the United States, and by winds, it was the fourth most powerful hurricane to hit the U.S. mainland. ”

        Perhaps you have some different source that contradicts this but here is what it says. If so please share. Otherwise we will accept your silence as consent.

        • No, our silence is NOT consent, it is “if you are too lazy to find your own accurate source of information, WE’RE not going to waste our time trying to educate you”.

          “Wikipedia” – the “Pop” Encyclopaedia!

          Using that as a source of information is similar to learning about singing from “America’s got Talent” in preference to attending the Royal Academy of Music. Try using Encyclopaedia Britannica if you want a source of accurate information.

        • oldguy says:

          Look at this-Someone who lists Wikipedia as an authoritative source.

        • Sunsettommy says:

          Since they are badmouthing Wikipedia on it here is a another source:

          Indianola Hurricane

        • Don G. says:

          As a librarian focusing on university libraries, I had to do courses about the reliability of sources when I was getting my MLS. I was a little surprised to see that, for the most part, Wikipedia is as accurate, if not more accurate, than Encyclopedia Britannica. There are several studies about this, if you care to look it up. People have been found to rate information as more trustworthy if it’s a print source vs. online, even if it’s the SAME information.

        • That’s the problem with wikipedia, sometimes the answer you get depends on how you ask the question. The link “d” uses says that there were no cat. 5 hurricanes until 1926, but if you ask about the Senora de Atocha and the Spanish Gold Fleet that sank off Florida in 1622, you will find some references to the hurricane that estimate it’s strength as a Cat 5 with winds of over 165 MPH. There were also several others during the mid 1700’s and early 1800’s that were of unknown strength, but based on the destruction, could easily have been cat 5 storms. Since the annimometer was not invented until 1846, there were no accurate readings prior to that. There is also a mention of what was called The Great_Beaufort_Hurricane which struck North Carolina in 1876 and the wind speed was at 138mph at the time the indicators were blown away with the storm. It could have easily have been a cat 5, but it can never be proven.

        • Most Wikipedia articles are good. The thing about Wikipedia is that most information posted there has to have its own sources. That’s the secret, you have to look for what has good sources.

      • Arthur Klint says:

        Paul, you’re trying real hard feller. We’re in a lull, hurricanes, tornados too. Making up new terms to imply new phenomena is a ruse.

      • lysolmotorola says:

        Indianola was only #5 on the list. Florida Keys, 1935, at 892 millibars is the topper. At least in the atlantic. The list is incomplete and further research discloses Gilbert and WIlma 888 and 882 respectively.
        Make of it what you will. When you build on a flat coast you can expect to get flooded.

        • Trudy says:

          I’m not seeing where millibars corresponds to hurricane intensity. Reference:
          Andrew top winds 145mph =cat 5 =922mb
          Katrina top winds 110mph =cat 3 =920mb
          Charley top winds 130mph =cat 4 =941mb
          Hugo top winds 120mph =cat 4 =934mb
          3 storms worse than Katrina yet Katrina has the lower central pressure of them all. I recall Katrina was a category 5 while in the gulf so maybe the pressure was used from that time, I don’t know. I do know if a cat 5 hurricane is headed right for me I’m not waiting for some gov’t. official to tell me when it’s time to leave.

    • lysolmotorola says:

      Check this out. Along with the Taino Indians [ ]who were “wiped out” by Columbus, (one of our earliest illegal immigrants) Indianola, that was “wiped out” by Mother Nature, has a WEB SITE

    • Crackermike says:

      The idiots, morons , fools and shysters pushing Global Warning are being exposed for what they are. Oh I forgot, Climate Change now. When exactly the opposite happens than what your crackpot theory predicts, and you simply change the name of the theory, and keep pushing it, you are not only a dishonest, lying ba$tard, you’re a stubborn and stupid ass#ole as well. I’m talking about you! Algore, and that inbred congenital idiot, prince Charles the Dense.

  6. Dave-0 says:

    ..But Revrerend Al Gore says a category 6 is coming our way unless we all build mud huts and freeze all winter.

    • Raindog says:

      A well built mud hut could actually help keep you warmer than the poorly insulated crap they build nowadays.

      • raindog, perhaps you should build a community of them and let all your tree hugger friends move in…free of charge of course

      • Robert says:

        hate to tell you this but houses nowadays are better insulated that ever before in history. It’s a running joke with carpenters, plumbers, HVAC guys, etc, when someone looks at an old house and says, “boy, the sure don’t build them like that anymore”, the proper response is “thank God”.

      • Germaine says:


      • stewart pid says:

        raindog what is the R value of mud or even sod walls? I’m just curious and you seem to be an expert in this field.

        • I’m actually an expert on this (I inspect and certify new homes for Energy Star). Mud, sod and other soil type structures can vary SIGNIFICANTLY in R value based off of a couple of factors. First of all composition, which can vary greatly even in the same general area, and moisture content. A dry mud hut with thinner walls is maybe going to provide at most an R2-R3, then you have the thatch roof which is a whole different matter. Probably the most ideal soil structure is a dugout with a thick, well irrigated sod roof. Make it deep enough and facing north and you would have pretty cool temps in a hot summer.

    • Barbee Martin says:

      Not EVERYONE, silly. Just the peasants-
      As IF Al Gore would lower his carbon consumption…bwa ha ha ha ha.

    • Sir Real says:

      Dave-o…while Owl lives in a $9 million 6500 sq. ft. fortress in Montecito,CA. 😦

  7. AuAgFinder says:

    This is entirely consistent with man-caused climate change. Some years we are going to have a lot of hurricanes, some years only a few, and some years in between. Sometimes it will be cold, sometimes it will be hot, and sometimes in between. All as a result of hydrocarbon use, and all predictable by the all-knowing climate change theory. Whatever the climate might be next year, it was accurately predicted because all consequences are included in man-caused climate change. Oh, and by the way, climate change deniers don’t understand science.

    • Bonnie Betts says:

      “Oh, and by the way, climate change deniers don’t understand science.”
      Except for …. the scientists that deny man-made climate change. Right?

      • AuAgFinder says:

        If you count them, maybe.

        • SilverState says:

          Here are the salient points used to support the man-caused climate change:
          Global temperatures go up; ARRGGGHHH, man is destroying the planet.
          Global temperatures go down; ARRGGGHHH, man is destroying the planet.
          Weather gets worse; ARRGGGHHH, man is destroying the planet.
          Weather gets more moderate; ARRGGGHHH, man is destroying the planet.
          Polar caps recede; ARRGGGHHH, man is destroying the planet.
          Polar ice grows; ARRGGGHHH, man is destroying the planet.
          I’m starting to see a pattern here. Maybe a man-caused climate change advocate can answer this question: Is there anything that could happen on the planet that you wouldn’t attribute to man-caused climate change?

      • bunky says:

        He forgot the sarcasm button but you couldn’t detect it.

    • Yes, and now, we are told their modeling and theory are way off because of volcanoes! LOL

      • Robert says:

        How many times have civilizations committed human sacrifice to apease the climate gods? We still do human sacfifices, we just sacrifice other things to the god of weather. Like our common sense.

      • AuAgFinder says:

        I love that one because for years they’ve been telling us that volcanoes have only a “minor, temporary” effect on climate.

        • mike says:

          Have you noticed that the “climate change forecasters” have started using timelines such as “50 years from now” or “the end of the century” It comes back to bite them when they forecast out 10 – 30 years and then when things don’t happen as they said, they’re still alive to be held accountable.
          I heard one say 15 years ago that cape cod would be under water in 30 years. it should be about halfway under water by now, shouldn’t it.

    • joe smith says:

      AuAgFinder’s take is that regardless of what the weather happens to be, hot or cold, it’s always caused by global warming. In other words, I always win – you always lose.

    • Frank Lee says:

      You’re joking, right? This has to be a comedian pulling people’s chain, because did you even read what you wrote?. So you’re saying any climate change is caused by man, including all the changes that happened before humans populated the earth? And you’d see there was a lot of it before we were around, if you bother to examine the fossil records and geological evidence. Damn, I guess we’re just that good. Oh, and I’ll bet you a year’s salary I understand science better than you ever will.

      • b says:

        is it really that hard to detect sarcasm?

        • AuAgFinder says:

          Sarcasm? Ironic? Of course my comment was both of those things. The alarmists quickly switched from global warming to climate change in order to continue their gravy train of benefits – government funding, constraints on development, and donations from gullibulls(thanks to Bugs Bunny for that word!). You can just hear the conversation – “if Global Warming fades, how will we stop power plants and pipelines? i know, we’ll blame EVERYTHING on hydrocarbons!”. One of the more ridiculous things they do is accept no criticism when, of course, critical thinking is the hallmark of science.

      • AuAgFinder says:

        No, the Climate Change models don’t indicate that there was such a thing as Climate before man started spewing out hydrocarbons.

      • roccotool says:

        Settle down, Frank. He was being sarcastic.

    • Everything, it seems, is consistent with “man-caused” climate change. It is quite a robust theory.

    • K. McNamara says:

      Climate change deniers at least have logic. What you describe has been going on for all human history. This is why most people have started ignoring the global warming alarmists – they have severely overplayed their hand.

      Too hot? Global warming.
      Too cold? Global warming.
      Too wet? Global warming.
      Too dry? Global warming.
      Bees dying off? Global warming.

      When you seed an argument such that every possibly outcome supports your argument, people realize pretty quickly that you’re full of it.

      • K. McNamara says:

        OK, AuAgFinder, you got me. I didn’t detect the farce in your post. I guess it was because it was the exact type of argument I’ve seen made by global climate people. Everything that happens is caused by global warming.

      • AuAgFinder says:

        I think you’re right that most people “have started ignoring the global warming alarmists”. Unfortunately those people don’t include our current president and Secretary of State. They put climate change at the top of their agenda, as ridiculous as that may be. And they are our representatives to the world! We have to get these clowns out of office. Please encourage your friends to VOTE!

    • Ed says:

      NOT “climate change”: It is the non-existent and false misnomer AlGore calls “global warming.”
      Never existed, doesn’t exist, never will.

    • Neil says:

      gold and silver is an idiot, folks.

      • AuAgFinder says:

        So we’re name-calling, now? Well you, sir, are a Nincowpoop and a Gullibull! Sarcasm and irony are beyond the comprehension of your one and only brain cell! I will root for you to lose the lottery every time you buy a ticket!

    • Drayton Sawyer says:

      “Some years we are going to have a lot of hurricanes, some years only a few, and some years in between. Sometimes it will be cold, sometimes it will be hot, and sometimes in between.”

      That is entirely consistent with the backpedaling ass covering being peddled by the global war- er, climate change crowd.

    • The Capt Fun says:

      You sir are a moron. I do not deny that the climate changes, it has been getting warmer since the end of the last ice age and will continue that trend until the next one starts. What I deny is anthropogenic climate change. That is a made up pile of lies attempting to corner the market in certain industries.

      • Jim P says:

        actually is has warmed and cooled as is with the way the sun works – – the sun is not a constant source of energy – – – it varies.

        Remember from history in High School. the Northwest Passage – – – The arctic was ice free in the summer and sailing ships used this route from Europe to Asia for years – – till the planet cooled back down. Also Greenland was green and they raised grapes for wine. – – – – estimated to be 5 Degrees warmer than now – – – the polar bears survived.

    • Mel Lingerman says:

      It’s the sun. Greenland was green in 1000ad. We’re the Vikings riding around in SUVs and using coal-fired power plants? Too many humans don’t realize they are specks on the ass of the Earth. We don’t matter.

      • Sorry, Greenland was never green – that was just a marketing scam the Danish government used to convince people to settle there (in the same way that the name “Iceland” disguises the fact that the island is COVERED w/volcanoes and hot springs).

        Humans matter, but until we start setting off megaton-range nuclear weapons, I doubt we’ll have much lasting global effect (altho’ it’s kinda hard to deny that the heavily-polluting Chinese coal-fired power stations are severely harming the health of trees in the Pacific coastal areas of North America, or that the Soviet Union did lasting damage to the ecology of Eastern Europe).

        • stewart pid says:

          Oh come on … read some of the papers on the houses, barns and agriculture on Greenland. It was way warmer (greener) than it is currently. It is easy to find lots of research documenting the type of agriculture and the number of settlements and it all points to a climate much milder than currently seen and especially points to a growing season with more moderate last frost / first frost timing which is critical for crop success at high latitudes.
          Or look at the large tree trunks exposed in streams and rivers in Iceland from the past or the tree trunks on the tundra in the Canadian arctic. It was much warmer in the past and one of those warm periods was the medieval warm period.

        • philjourdan says:

          So how did the Vikings learn to farm permafrost? A talent that seems to have been lost 1000 years ago since there are not only archeological records of them farming Greenland, but written records. Yes, actual recorded history.

          Want to try again there sport?

    • JM in San Diego C says:

      You’ve confused climate with weather. It’s weather that changes year-to-year, not climate.

  8. The Climate change worshippers can explain everything. When it’s warm it’s Global warming, when it’s cool it’s Global Warming, when it’s lukewarm it’s Global Warming.

    Liberals are idiots

    • George Johnson says:

      I simply can’t wait for them to (really) start the alarm on global cooling again.

      It’s already been mentioned, but they’re not really sounding the alarm yet. Perhaps this will just be under the label of “global warming” also, like they’re already saying about snow storm (yeah, snow storms and heavy winters are “global warming”).
      Or, are they going to have to say “um, sorry folks, we were idiots. It’s really the cooling we have to worry about and not the heat! Whoops!!”

      (actually it is, you can grow crops in the heat, but not in the snow…)

      • roccotool says:

        Oh, now we can’t start talking about global cooling until their leader, AlGore, says so. He has to twist things some more and say we’ll undergo cooling before the warming. That way, even more products can be sold to the guilt-ridden tree huggers.

  9. Phil Sheo says:

    While I agree this season is rather slow, how is this the slowest start on record? I clearly remember the late-August day in 1992 when Andrew struck Florida. Fortunately, I was not in Homestead at the time. But that was the first named storm of the season.

    • There haven’t been any hurricanes, so by definition it is the slowest start to a hurricane season on record.

      • Phil Sheo says:

        See my post below. I was typing on my phone while you were responding.

        I suppose it’s an issue of semantics; but hurricane season is generally construed to be all tropical weather between June 1 and November 30. The graphic you provided kind of backs that up given that it references Tropical Depressions and Tropical Storms.

    • Phil Sheo says:

      Now if using only the qualifier of latest hurricane formation, I would agree. However, hurricane season generally entails all significant tropical weather considering forecasters refer to the number of named storms when making predictions.

      • NOAA can name any cloud they want to. I am discussing hurricanes, not named nothings which dissipate a few hours later.

        • Phil Sheo says:

          Relax, man. I’m on your ‘side’. FWIW, I think NOAA names stupid $hit, too, with seemingly increasing frequency. Gotta get those numbers up to support their foregone conclusion. 😉

        • There were two 35 MPH tropical depressions in June 1992 which would have been named tropical storms in 2013,

        • d says:

          I am confused… there have been years where the first hurricane was in September. Am I misreading your post?

          Here is the list

          2002: Sep. 11 (Gustav)
          2001: Sep. 8 (Erin)
          1988: Sep. 2 (Debby)
          1984: Sep. 10 (Diana)
          1967: Sep. 2 (Arlene)

          Source: The Weather Channel

        • Don’t spam

          There have been no hurricanes so far, so by definition it is just as slow as those years. That may change in the future.

        • d says:

          Ok but your title is misleading “Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record”. You also said this pertains to “only hurricanes”.

          Your title makes a claim that is incorrect. It isn’t the “slowest start” though it could end up being that way we still have some ways to go.

        • I apologize for using the word “hurricane” when discussing hurricanes. Next time I will call them CO2 entities.

        • d says:

          No, you should apologize for claiming it was the “slowest start” on record when obviously we have had years where hurricanes didn’t form until September.

          Seems neither side of this debate likes honesty.

        • There have been no hurricanes this year. That concept seems beyond your grasp.

          Sent from my Virgin Mobile Android-Powered Device

        • mike says:

          It seems that after so few hurricanes they’ve now taken to naming snow storms or blizzards. There’s no way anybody I know up here on the north shore in Ma will ever look back and say “hey, how about that snow storm “Bradley” wasn’t that a storm to remember”
          What a crock

        • d says:

          You said that this was the “SLOWEST Start To A Hurricane Season On Record”. That is FALSE.

          In 2002 the first hurricane was Gustav but it didn’t appear until September 11. Same for the 2001 hurricane season when the first hurricane was Erin on September 8th. And there were other seasons I mentioned in the post.

          This isn’t the slowest start to a hurricane season.

          It isn’t my fault you can’t admit you are wrong and continue to mislead people. I guess everyone here deserves it because a simple fact check shows you were wrong.

        • philjourdan says:

          So 2002 was less than zero, right? Takes a special kind of moron to contend that a hurricane season was less than zero,

          Here’s a hint. Take a course in basic math. And Learn “less than”. ANd then progress to “equal to”.

      • It is impossible to have fewer than zero hurricanes, Are you a moron?

    • BJ Stokes says:

      Andrew struck August 24 1992. So since there are no storms brewing this is the slowest start on record.

      • d says:

        Actually that is no true.

        2002: Sep. 11 (Gustav)
        2001: Sep. 8 (Erin)
        1988: Sep. 2 (Debby)
        1984: Sep. 10 (Diana)
        1967: Sep. 2 (Arlene)

        Source: The Weather Channel

        • There have been no hurricanes so far, so by definition it is just as slow as those years. That may change in the future.

        • fredrikcoulter says:

          Since this is not the single slowest start to a hurricane season, your headline is misleading. You’ve got two choices if you want to be accurate. First, wait to post this until September 12. At that point your headline is accurate. Or, second, change the headline to “One of the slowest starts …”

          If you start playing fast and loose with your arguments, you’ll be no different than the climate change supporters.

        • There have been zero hurricanes so far this year. Only a moron would believe that the season through the end of August could have had any fewer than zero. Are you a moron?

        • AuAgFinder says:

          Mr. Goddard, Please stop insulting Morons. Idiots work very hard every day to become Morons.

        • Robert. says:

          I have to agree with Fredrik. The title of this blog post is trying hard to imply this is a record setting season but it’s nothing of the sort.

        • philjourdan says:

          The only one trying hard is your attempt to try to weasel and prove him wrong. So far, all you have done is make a fool of yourself and your lack of English comprehension

    • Wyguy says:

      Perhaps in 1992 they did not name every gust of wind.

      • fredrikcoulter says:

        I don’t think the issue is with the definition of tropical depressions and tropical storms. The issue is with the technology used to find them. Until the 1960’s there were no weather satellites. If the storm didn’t make landfall, it might go completely unnamed. The current satellites are far better than the ones we put up in the 1960’s. So it makes sense that, all other things being equal, there would be more named storms now than a hundred years ago.

        This is similar to the reason that modern storms that make landfall generally do more damage than the storms of a hundred years ago. When you add both increased coastal development plus inflation, it’s no wonder there’s more damage. What’s more interesting is that the death rate in the United States has dropped so much over time. I guess we’ve learned something during that time.

      • Jim P says:

        there was a change in how Tropical storms and Hurricanes were named manually – – and they sometimes would wait to be sure that it was going to stay a tropical storm or Hurricane. This is now done by computer – – – – if the winds or other critical meet the level to be names – – – it is named – – – even if 15 hours later it dies down and goes away. So more storms and hurricanes are being named than before

        • fredrikcoulter says:

          So there are two good reasons, if nothing else changed in the climate, for the number of named storms to increase. It would be interesting for someone to make an apples to apples comparison on the number of named storms. I’m not sure who could do this that doesn’t have a bias one way or the other.

  10. Bill Jiden says:

    Gerbil Worming!

  11. I have to laugh… for over a decade now, “warmists” yelled and screamed about how there would be an increase in catastrophic hurricanes due to global warming… not only hasn’t it happened, there is a trend in the opposite direction.

    THE SCIENCE IS NOT SETTLED ON THIS but the “warmists” want to squash all dissent

    What are they afraid of???

    • Galinda Wilson says:

      They are afraid of losing control of the environment. If you control our environment and you control our healthcare (Obamacare), then you control virtually everything! This is the goal of the cancerous left in America. I don’t blame the brainwashed masses nearly as much as the truly evil people that control them.

      • AuAgFinder says:

        You are exactly right Ms. Wilson, there is such a thing as a bad Republican(McCain, others), but there is no such thing as a good democrat. NO MORE dEMOCRATS!

    • George Johnson says:

      They’re STILL doing it. That dolt obama the lawless just said that in some campaign speech he just gave recently.

  12. Don says:

    The weather will vary. But since massive amounts of government funded ‘research’ money is up for grabs weather has been politicized. All in an attempt to further control the People. The ‘war on terror’, now weather. Reduce our Liberty by little amounts over time, like the proverbial frog in room temperature water, until it is too late. Globe-Al-Gore-Warming has been a hoax from the start.

    • Jim P says:

      a hoax – – – well not really – – – just a political move – – – Bush was weak on the Environment. – and they wanted something they could use against him. So this was invented. – – – One report that I heard is a high %(like 80%) of government environmental research funding was directed to prove there was global warming – – – if your research did not show somehow there was global warming – – – you did not get any more research grants and you are out of business.

      Only this has taken on a life of it’s own. The Hype has caused more research grants. All to cause more hype. Notice we are not hearing about the polar bears dieing any more, The person getting the research money and pushing this (grants of 1 to 2 million per years) has been found to doing bad research with the result of he is under indictment and is risking a jail sentence.

  13. Greg Locke says:

    And it is not only the N. Atlantic which is slow. Global ACE is about 60% of ” normal” as of yesterday.

    • AuAgFinder says:

      I’m sure I’m not the only one to wonder, What is meant by ACE in this context?

      • colodude says:

        A relatively new PhD, Ryan Maue did/does a lot of work on ACE. It’s the accumulated release of energy by a tropical cyclone (or anticyclone in the So Hemisphere) over time. The baseline for the energy begins at 35 mph. Large-area storms release more ACE than small-area storms for the same windspeed. He’s now with the accuweather folks as a researcher and still has a web site. I’m pretty sure the idea didn’t begin with him, but he’s got the best data since the 70’s for sure. gets you there. It’s worth at least 10 hours of your time.

  14. B!tch ass Obama says:

    Wait a second here. Are you telling me that the religion of climatology might be wrong?

  15. Rick O'Shea says:

    The sun is a variable star and the earth radiates nore heat than the heat received from the sun.

    • roccotool says:

      Wow, where did you learn astronomy? The Earth is not a variable star and the Earth’s heat can come from a molten core.

    • Jim P says:

      right on, this is a factor that is forgot by the climate change folks.
      and the core of the earth is a molten mass. The currents in the core cause our magnetic field and create the magnetic north pole that is moving slowly.
      as seen by the hot spots in the pacific and Atlantic – – these that come and go for some reason. Hot Spots as a result of the earths crust varies in thickness. – – – and depending upon how the lava currents are flowing – – – under thick or thin crust, parts of the ocean deep down get hot – – – – which is clearly seen from space. – – – – If I have my information right – – – the last couple of years these hot spots have been hot and are cooling for the last year or so. – – – – so combined with the sun being dimmer and the hot spots not being as active – – Al Gore really is having problems – – –

      as for CO2 build up. the warmer the water the less air it holds – – – cooler more air. – – – as the oceans cool back down, they will hold more CO2 – – – – and other gases.
      note in salt water tanks – – some people add CO2 to the water – – it helps the corals, shrimp etc do better – – grow. – – – –
      have not done the math to show how much CO2 has been released from the oceans being warmer or how much CO2 the oceans will take in when the oceans cool.

  16. AmVet67 says:

    It must be Bush’s fault, or perhaps it is the ‘fracking’ that is going on!!

  17. S.E.Bailey says:

    But Al Gore said……

    great Job Making drudge again.. reblogging…

  18. S.E.Bailey says:

    Reblogged this on What Say you and commented:
    See what had happened was..

  19. Dan L says:

    Darn that global warming sure is changing things.

  20. derfel cadarn says:

    This is obviously being caused by all the global warming we see around us.

  21. Abel Garcia says:

    The Media claims global warming causes hurricanes (No matter what experts say) so it stands to reason global cooling is causing fewer hurricanes!

  22. Joseph Bastardi says:

    1977 was, with Anita named on Aug 30. Lets make sure we don’t give our opposition room to breath by giving them ammo that can take away from your main point and outstanding work!

  23. PentastarM says:

    I’m sorry, what exactly are you suggesting? That the President of the United States has some sort of control over the weather, or more specifically the Atlantic Hurricane Season? Also, just a side note, Wikipedia should not be used as a source. Or are they now teaching that in journalism school?

    • philjourdan says:

      Want to try reading again there sport? First off, his main link is to NOAA, so try to keep up. And he did not put words into Obama’s mouth. Obama did that all by himself. But then Obama makes acting the fool look easy

  24. Frank Myers says:

    I’ve figured out the problem with all the Climate Change models not reflecting reality…the earth is wrong!

  25. Tom Zahay says:

    People have to lighten up and just live, our Sun will go super nova someday and we will have real global warming .

  26. Bill says:

    algore is a fraud.

    • lucille adephelia says:

      What have you ever succeeeded at? Mr Gore was the actual winner in 2000 but rethuglicans stole the election. Mr Gore won and emmy, academy award and Nobel Peace Prize. Most all scioentists agree with him that mankind is responsbile for AGW. No doubt you are a big pollutor and a racist piggy. We need cap and trade, gun seizures, incarceration of tea party scum, much higher taxes for free education, free homes for the poor, free cars and much higher minimum wage to at least $25 an hour. Lani Gunier was right. Blacks should each get 10 votes to balance out white cracker racism. Many more honkies need to be in prison and government needs to pay for intergration of housing into rich white enclaves that look down upon the poor blacks.

      • If Gore had of been President, he would have finished off the US 12 years earlier than Obama.

      • philjourdan says:

        Sore loser.

        Here’s some facts for you sore loser. There have been 4 (count them, 4 – JQ Adams, Ben Harrison, Hayes and GW Bush) that won the election while losing the popular vote. You are just an idiot like gore that thinks his loss is unprecedented.

        • Jim P says:

          gore should have won, but the butterfly ballots – – and bringing in old and aging people from retirement homes and telling them to punch the second instead of the third – – gave an other person over 3000 extra vote that should have gone to gore – – – but a vote is a vote.
          this ballot format was only used in two Democratic major cities. – – – which are democratic controlled and they designed the ballot this way – – so the type could be larger for the old and hard of seeing. – – – – –

          I think gore took this hard and this his way of getting back at America for him loosing.

          Note the word is out – that no recounts were allowed – – I think they did 2 or was it 3 before the recounting was stopped – – – what do 10 recounts till one shows in your favor. – – – – and each recount showed more Bush votes – – – – also two major newspapers did a full recount in each city – – and found the Bush won even after the newspaper recounts.

          And Gore is making 100’s of millions off of Global Warming, Ah Climate Change or is it now Carbon pollution – – some other name now – – – –

        • philjourdan says:

          Gore is collecting his pound of flesh. His idiot supporters are still sucking sour grapes.

        • Jim P says:

          you got it.

      • fredrikcoulter says:

        A recount of the Florida ballots was done by the main street media after the election. According to the recount, Bush’s margin of victory would have tripled. ( Still damn close, but not a Gore victory.

        Or are you thinking about a different state?

        • Karl says:

          First of all, only the intellectually challenged have to revert to name calling to make a point. Second, it’s SO OLD being called racist just because I don’t agree with this president’s or you Leftist. You don’t know me or my heart and at this point you all are getting desperate so hence the name calling. I understand, desperate people have call people names to marginalize and deflect. You are forgiven!

        • Jim P says:

          wow the extent of miss information being feed to people – – – all to hype them up. Make them anti Bush, I have had more than a couple of people swear that there was no recounts. And that they were stopped by – – – – after I make the comment of how many are you allowed – – until you get one the way you want it to be? There was 2 or 3 recounts – – – then they respond with OK, but She still stopped the recounts – – – such logic leaves me speechless – – – what to say back to them. Ah get real?

  27. bubba says:

    The reason hurricane activity is down is because the ocean temps is way below normal. Regardless of what the media is telling you ! Everything coming out of the leftist mouth is a lie and I mean everything. Liberals are the Evil plague that is rotting the world take note of who they are and when the time is right act!

  28. Bruce Geiger says:

    We are trapped in the solar system that is trapped in the Milky Way Galaxy that is on a mystery tour in the Universe. Every day we are in a different location, never, ever to return. There are more stars than grains of sand on all of the beaches of the world. We do not know much about today. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is unknown. The purpose of the humans on Earth is to raise the carbon dioxide level of the planet for some unknown project. Relax and enjoy the ride.

  29. Catcracking says:

    Hey folks,
    Just be patient, pretty soon the mantra will be that CO2 in the atmosphere causes cooling, fewer hurricanes, sea level falling, etc, and we must reduce our carbon emissions, coal burning and oil exploration to prevent global cooling caused by climate disruption or whatever the new name will be fabricated.

  30. BarryW says:

    Ah, but the heat has gone into the deep oceans, or so we’ve been told, so maybe Gore thinks we’re going to get subsurface hurricanes!

    • Jim P says:

      a bit strange that the warmer water that is lighter than cold water – – – is moving down where we can not measure it – – – – so we need more research money to check this out. – – – they simply refuse to believe that their models can be wrong – – – I have done modeling in some of my engineering work – – – believe me – you can change factors to make the model show what you want – – – – this does not make it right – – – –
      their models have to assume some constants – – – Sun as constant – for example – – – as they do not actually know what it will be next years. — – – or what volcano will blow – – or how ocean currents will vary – – – they can not possibly predict and enter correctly into the model – – – –

      • Shazaam says:

        Even worse, the climate modeling fools altered the input temperature data sets to force their desired results.

        A fine case of getting the grant money at any cost. The price here is the credibility of climate science (present and future).

        • Jim P says:

          and yes when you dig down into the raw data that they tried to hide and not allow to be seen or the modifications / corrections to the raw data

          and almost all mistakes tend to prove global warming – – –
          all good researchers are using satellite data except the global warming folks.
          you seem the ground based weather stations that they have to add correction factors
          to take into the account that a road or shopping mall is next to the weather station

          Russia used to have lots of weather stations but with the collapse the are not being maintained as they were before – – – the ones near the cities are but the remote sites are abandoned – –
          oops. big error that the satellite data will not show. – – oops
          in china as in other places in the world – – they have moved weather stations for one reason or another – – – this causes errors – –

          one year they claimed that it was the warmest Oct ever – – – till someone got hold of the raw data and realized that they used the Sept data from Russia instead of Oct. – – big oops. then tried to pass off the statements about Oct as raw and not fully reviewed data – – – but that is enough to get the news media to flash this around but not say anything about the later correction – – –

          and the list of data errors is long, and always in the direction of proving that We are warming up.
          one report that I just saw was that 2012 had record of something like 2500 cold days and a record number of hot days of about 500

          really sad to see so much distortion and the number of people that do not stop and think what they are being told – – – – – oh they would not lie, the GOP lies but now the Democrats they never lie – – – kind of a blind faith – – not taking time to hear what has been said – – think about it for a moment – – does it make sense – – – –

  31. Cujo says:

    Soo…now according to algore you are all racists and homophobes.

  32. rholtsales says:

    Great news everyone, HARP has run out of money.

    • Jim P says:

      HAARP as in the upper atmosphere research project – – – – there are lots of stories and not understanding, and facts are being twisted. – – – — –
      Yes they are blasting billion watt energy pulses – – note the word Pulse – – – – the idea is to cause a reaction in the molecules in the upper atmosphere – – – But if you take a look at the pictures of these sites. – – – there are no large power lines providing the power needed. – – – they is no nuclear power plant or other power plant to provide the power.

      the pulse are short nSec pulse with large delays for recharging the capacitor banks – – – the over all energy that is blasted up – – – is very very low. Compared with what the sun is blasting our way
      Part of the research is to see how the upper atmosphere is reacting to the Sun and Comic Rays – – –

  33. Science NotGod says:

    People have to go to school a long, long time to become this stupid.

  34. Edwoodjr says:


  35. Hmm. Let’s see. The name “Global Warming” had to be changed because it stopped warming, so the environmentalists said the “warmth” went into the ocean and is cause massive storms like all those hurricanes from 1994-2004. Well, this year… hurricanes. Um, so what will the “new” name be folks? I offer the name “Climate Hoax”.

    • AuAgFinder says:

      We are SOOO lucky they figured out that the lack of Global Warming over the last 12 years was due to volcanic activity. The only other explanation is that there is no Global Warming, and, of course, that would be impossible. So, Global Warming is happening even though there is no actual….global warming.

  36. philjourdan says:

    Thanks for the link! And the aggravation for the alarmists!

  37. my observation on climate change= have you seen the petrified forests in arizona? Climate change has been going on for a long time….

    • roccotool says:

      They haven’t pushed enough guilt into you yet. Every time you don’t recycle a battery or plastic bottle, you’re supposed to feel an immense amount of it. The children will suffer!

  38. Easy2120 says:

    Russians are right, it’s getting colder..

  39. jakartaman says:

    If our leader has opened his mouth and said something it has to be a lie.
    I wish someone would do a study on this pathological liars frequency.

  40. ounceoflogic says:

    Like all changes, this lack of hurricane activity is undoubtedly caused by Global Warming. Life is so simple for Progressives. Everything is caused by one of three things: Racism, Big Business or Republicans… or is that one thing? Remember when the weather never changed? No hot spells… no cold waves… no hurricanes… no floods. Those were the days!

  41. Wide Awake says:

    Well, I guess Al ” I Invented The Internet” Gore, as well as the modern day king of selling snake oil, is going to have to go off of his current tour to promote his global warming scam.

  42. Tim Dow says:

    If I knew how to read a graph, I would say that busy hurricane seasons run in cycles.

  43. robert weaver says:

    You all are missing the most important point: It is Bush’s fault. I forget, where did I hear that?

  44. Let’s hope it doesn’t make up for it in the last half of the season.

  45. jam cha says:

    Best example of Non Sequiturs

  46. Say it ain’t so, NOAA wrong again? LOL

  47. LuJr says:

    …who’s complaining?

  48. Joe says:

    Now you’ve gone and said it. Now Obama will take credit for it and say its a result of his Wonderous leadership, dynamic personality and Obamacare.

  49. MidWestMike says:

    Let’s see:


    1. Its Bush’s fault
    2. its Global Warming – for which the US is responsible
    3. Its the Benghazi Liar controlling the rise of the oceans
    4. Its BS

    Take your pick

  50. Abel Garcia says:

    Must be global cooling

  51. Dennis in Ohio says:

    Much comment about when the first hurricane formed – many say Andrew didn’t form until the end of August, but it first became a hurricane strength storm on August 23, which if I am not mistaken was several days ago and right now there are no storms anywhere on the horizon, let alone a hurricane. Thus, it will be well into September before this year will (if it does) give us a hurricane. Also, we have now gone a record 7 full years (working now on the 8th) without a major (Cat 3) hurricane hitting the US mainland (you’ll recall 2005 when was a slew of them in a single year, including Dennis, Katrina, Rita and Wilma). My current fun is seeing how Accu-Weather (Hype) handles the lack of activity as they actively cheerlead for death and destruction to appear along the US coasts to somehow prove their MMGW/Climate Change minions correct in some fashion.

    • JM in San Diego CA says:

      While averaging is valid, hurricanes occur randomly. If you doubt that, flip a coin or watch a roulette wheel and see the randomness. Having years that vary from other years shouldn’t be surprising.

  52. Stan says:

    Hurricane count by president? No correlation whatsoever. Just more BS journalism to stir the cauldron of goats head soup.

  53. Claire Alexander says:

    Watched the latest interview with Al Gore, it’s online, CBS I think. The man is delusional. He repeats the same claims about global warming that he was using in his speechs years ago. There is no mention of the fact that there has not been an increase in global temperature in the last decade, no increased severity or occurences of the “super storms” he has predicted, no massive rise in sea level, none of the catastrophes he predicted for populated areas. He would be a pitiful figure if his global warming nonsense had not caused industry so much disruption and expense. Entire countries have changed their energy policys causing enormous costs to not only the manufacturing and industrial base but also to the average consumer. Great Britain has thousands of deaths every winter because the people cannot afford to heat their homes. This in a country with massive reserves of coal in the ground. It should be a scandal, the fact that it isn’t shows the moral decay of the country. They would rather their people die than use the coal that would heat their homes and provide them with electricity. They plan to close their coal fired power plants, it is political correctness run amok.

    • JB says:

      Well said! The cost has been enormous. As energy costs rise people will forego heating in winter and cooling their homes during dangerous heat waves; more people will die. Four years ago, for the same kwh, I paid half what I am paying today for electricity today; it is going to get worse as Obama’s encouragement and support of regulating what energy companies need to do because of the global warming hoax. I’m sick of the lies and the ignorant Americans that blindly follow the Al Gore liars that are lining their pockets with taxpayer money. Especially egregious is O’s money laundering of millions of taxpayer dollars; so crafty to award grants to solar companies like Solyndra after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from them. Amazing what O gets away with – it pays to own the atty general and have handlers that can bribe, strong arm, blackmail and extort even supreme court judges.

  54. Bob Smith says:

    Most active hurricane season on record; “climate change”. Slowest hurricane season on record; “climate change”! See, no matter what weather, climate, or anything outdoors happens, it can be blamed on “climate change”! Pretty good scam those people have going!

  55. Bob Smith says:

    And since actual, measured global sea-level rise rates have not shown an increase, based on the same stations being measured for more than 100 years, they began using satellite-based measurements, and lo and behold, sea-level is dramatically increasing based on the satellite data! These people are more lowly than the worst street thug in Newark, NJ!

    • Jim P says:

      the sea level has actually increased – – – but the amount is quite small – – – less than an inch. some of this could be from ice melt on land – – not the open sea. – – –

      but doing a bit of simple math based upon the therm-coefficient of expansion- – – and over thousands of feet of water – – – – – most of the sea level increase is found to be due to the temperature increase – – –

      the ice is melting in parts of the world – – and in other parts it is getting thicker. – – and right now there is a net increase in the ice levels.
      they just want to talk about the places where the ice is thinning and not where it is getting thicker

  56. Big Obummer says:

    “A kinder, gentler natural hurricane from 1886″…….that is priceless. The data presented shows that having Obama as president has clearly and unquestionably prevented hurricanes. This new study shows that Obama Prevented Hurricanes (OPH) is a fact and the argument is over. Deniers of OPH are like racists and flat earthers. A new tax on people not named Obama will be enacted to make sure that these worthless people pay for the damage done by not being called Obama. The number of hurricanes prevented or not counted by implementing this new tax is estimated to be 300 per year saving the US $billions in FEMA trailers alone. In addition, George W. Bush caused several more hurricanes than Obama.

  57. Mac says:

    I don’t want to doubt The Weather Channel and their facts but when hurricanes are named they start the first one with the letter A and continue alphabetically.

    How can Gustav be the first hurricane in 2002? What happened to A-F?

    • colodude says:

      Tropical storms not reaching hurrican strength. Some are breaths of wind, some have lotsa rain…

    • Gord Coffman says:

      .The alphabetic names start while the potential hurricane is still a tropical depression. That name sticks with the storm all the way from 35 miles an hour to the end of it’s days. no matter how fast it becomes.

  58. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    are the bedwetters happy or sad at this news?

  59. Global Warming guys. Heat and cold are all caused by global warming. Only The messiah, The Baracka, the Omnipotent Obama can solve this problem. Lets get more taxes, bigger go’vt, larger debt, more student loans, no jobs, higher unemployment, more foodstamps, more people on social disability, fall in real income and standard of living. But the Baracka will cause the tides to recede, the ocean levels to fall and we will have world peace and solve world hunger. The Baracka will transform our nation and make the world a better place or all. But wait, all kinds of regional wars, civil wars, gov’t killing their people. we now have Obama World with Global warming waiting to be solved. Long live the Baracka.

  60. Robert. says:

    Call me a moron if you want but what point are you trying to make Steve? The headline of this article starts with the adjective “slowest”. That implies there is something different or remarkable about this season but there have been other seasons just as slow (ie. 2002). There’s been a handful of tropical storms so far but nothing unusual. If you had named this article “Very slow start to 2013 hurricane season” then I wouldn’t have bothered to ask.

    • What year had fewer hurricanes than 2013?

      • Robert. says:

        The 2013 season isn’t over yet. Maybe there will be 10? Maybe 1? I brought up the year 2002 because it wasn’t until September that the first hurricane formed. I’m still not sure what your point is..

        • Sunsettommy says:

          Well that is ELEVEN years ago.

          He asked you a question and you dodged it.Maybe because he is right all along and you can’t handle it.

        • Sunsettommy says:

          Did you just leave a cave after 25 years of sleep?

          The AGW believers have been for years and years especially during the 2005 Hurricane season that there would increased number of Hurricanes and stronger ones too.But instead there have been a drop in frequency and intensity since the PEAK 2005 season.

          Barry Hussein Sotero has seen fewer Atlantic Hurricanes during his presidency than anyone else since Abraham Lincoln which would be around 150 years ago.That is another point to make that AGW believers are very wrong about their hurricane predictions.

          Now are you getting it Robert?

        • Robert. says:

          I didn’t dodge the question because you can’t compare the the 2013 season with any other since it’s not over yet!

        • Robert. says:

          “Barry Hussein Sotero has seen fewer Atlantic Hurricanes during his presidency than anyone else since Abraham Lincoln which would be around 150 years ago.”

          And your comment has absolutely NOTHING to do with the question I had for Steve. Please stay on topic.

        • Robert. says:

          Steve, I think you should change the title of this blog post. It’s obvious this is not the slowest start to hurricane season “on record”. The record is very clear on this.

        • Which year had fewer than zero hurricanes at the end of August?

        • Robert. says:

          Steve, other seasons have been just as slow at the end of august as 2013. A very misleading headline to this blog posting.

        • philjourdan says:

          What is slower than 0? Who said “only”?

          And have you learned English yet?

        • Which year had fewer hurricanes than 2013?

        • Robert. says:

          Steve, you know that’s a disengenuous question because the season isn’t over yet. Why are you playing dense?

        • philjourdan says:

          What part of “start” do you not understand? No one is talking about “finish” yet.

        • I suggest Ex-Lax. It should help.

        • Robert. says:

          This is a really hysterical conversation. Mostly because you’re arguing with someone that doesn’t believe CO2 has caused any warming. Lots of kneejerk reactions around here..

        • philjourdan says:

          So you do not believe in the physics of CO2? And you want to call names?

        • Hysterical? Which year had fewer hurricanes than 2013 at the end of August, and thus started the hurricane season slower? If you can’t answer that question, than you should read the headline again.

        • Robert. says:

          2002 had just as many hurricanes at the end of August as 2013.. zero. And as Joe Bastardi mentioned, 1977 was pretty darned close. Thus your headline is misleading because the record has already been made years ago.

        • philjourdan says:

          He did not say it was setting a record. He said lowest on record.

          Are you ESL?

        • Robert. says:

          Ya know Steve when you’re playing what you think are clever wordsmithing games it makes me worried about everything else that you blog about. Am I supposed to watch where the pea is with every claim? This is like a bad episode of the Maddow show.

        • The planet is actually warming out of control.

        • Doug says:

          “you can’t compare the the 2013 season with any other since it’s not over yet!”
          You can compare the start of the various seasons. That’s why the word ‘Start’ is in the title. Read carefully (move your lips if that helps): S l o w e s t S T A R T….

        • Robert. says:

          *sigh* The gradeschool antics are tiring. Nice chatting Steve but my patience has run out.

        • Jim P says:

          what has been missed is that the blog started out as simply a comment – – not even a tropical storm has been named until now. and was a play on global warming – – where are all of the predicted Hurricanes – – – – This is the point – – – where are they – – – models say we should be having quite a few per year – – if the model is right and the planet follows the models – – – and if all of the factors are understood about what causes Hurricanes – – – – many start out as small depressions and then burn out, others make it to tropical storms and then burn out, other reach Hurricane levels and yet burn out. – – –

          at present we have no hurricanes this year – – so far – – – we have one named Tropical Storm.
          that might increase or might simply fade away.

        • philjourdan says:

          Please take your grade school antics with you.

        • Mike Mangan says:

          At moments like this I picture Steve sitting in a boat, stoically fishing. He catches a good one, reels it in…and then beats it with a kendo stick. His facial expression never changes as he then releases the unconscious fish back into the deep.

        • philjourdan says:

          You have learned well grasshopper! 😉

        • Robert. says:

          I agree Jim P… and this vacancy for hurricanes has happened before 2013. There’s nothing unusual about it.. just another quiet yet so far. But who knows, there may be 5 major hurricanes in september. Nobody knows. When the season is over we can make comparisons.

    • philjourdan says:

      The headline is simple and to the point. There was no mention of “unprecedented” which is what you are trying to imply. Last I checked, 0 was the slowest. There are no negative numbers in counting hurricanes.

      Couple the “slowest” with the “highest”, as in highest recorded CO2 levels in history and most rational people have a “hmmm” moment. IN other words, what we have been told does not appear to be factual.

      2002 had AS FEW (note not fewer) hurricanes at this point. But it also had a lot lower CO2 concentration.

      THose of us with brains can connect the dots. Those without are the reason for 9-11.

  61. Paladin13 says:

    The fanatics behind so-called climate change, f/k/a global warming, are members of the watermelon gang – green on the outside, red (communist) on the inside.

  62. Wilder Napalm says:

    I guess everyone has forgotten we are at the end of the 11 solar cycle, this year is the solar maxim. The Sun is the driving force to earths weather. Volcano activity is playing its part as well.

  63. Joe E in the IE says:

    Can’t you already hear POTUS and the Al Gore taking all the credit?

  64. margie says:

    It must be all the hot air from Obama and Gore breaks them up.

  65. trabant099 says:

    but GLOBAL WARMING was supposed to generate 15 CAT 5 KATRINA’s every year !!!

  66. trabant099 says:

    didn’t BABS STREISAND pipe in on this w some gloom and doom message before?

  67. You say entrophy
    I say en-tropy
    You think it’s good data
    I say it’s sloppy

    Good data
    Let’s call the whole thing off.

  68. Garry says:

    This is hardly the slowest start to the tropical season on record. In 1992, the first named storm was Andrew (A … get it?). It formed on Aug. 16. Already this season, there have been five named Atlantic storms and nine named Pacific storms.

  69. Cash says:

    Celebrate one and all, the Messiah Obama has quieted the seas and calmed the air with the simple wave of his mighty hand.

  70. Donald Batchelor says:

    The fewest hurricanes of any President? Too bd the same thing can’t be said of his presidency .

  71. Sunsettommy says:

    New paper finds Pacific cyclones are at the lowest levels of the past 5,000 years

    A paper published today in Quaternary Science Reviews reconstructs cyclones of the central Pacific and finds cyclone activity of the 21st century is at the lowest levels of the past 5,000 years. The paper also shows typhoons in Japan at the lowest levels of the past 3,500 years and that North Atlantic hurricanes were more frequent/severe than modern times during various intervals over the past 3,000 years. The authors attribute the changes in Pacific cyclones to the El Nino Southern Oscillation [ENSO], which is also shown to be at the lowest levels of the past 5,000 years. In addition, the paper shows sea levels of the central Pacific were ~.5 meters [~1.6 feet] higher than modern times from ~1,700 to ~2,500 years ago. Contrary to the claims of climate alarmists, the paper demonstrates cyclone activity and the frequency of El Ninos are currently at very low levels relative to the past 5,000 years.

    Talks about the North Atlantic too.

  72. Canuck says:

    The season is not over, what will you say if a couple big ones come through. Here is the issue, sure the pole has been ice free, but it melting or freezing over has taken thousands or tens of thousands of years. Now we have it happening in decades. See a problem? You Americans will become a desert, Canada will become powerful like the current US, and we won’t let you idiots in. Starve to death.

    • 44guyton says:

      Canuck you have illustrated my point when I referenced the ” global climate hysteria”. Your retort to an earlier post “Idiots” and “Starve to death”.
      Hysteria: the psychoneurotic disorder characterized by violent emotional outburst. Similar reactions by Al Gore have been noticed. I sincerely hope you feel better.

    • philjourdan says:

      The same thing. WHat part of “start” do you ignorant Cannucks not understand?

  73. Karl says:

    Don’t worry, Obamacare will fix everything, including Global Warming and Cooling.

  74. Sunsettommy says:

    It appears that Robert has serious comprehension problems:

    “And your comment has absolutely NOTHING to do with the question I had for Steve. Please stay on topic.”

    It does because it is a similar time frame to the one in the 1860’s when so few landfalling Hurricanes were detected.Plus you missed this in Steve’s blog post a chart titled:

    US Hurricane count by president

    Which means I am on topic.

    The real point I think Steve is bringing up is that there are NO increase in hurricane numbers and intensity.This a factual counter to the warmist predicted mantra in recent years of increasing storminess in the ocean waters.Heck during and after the 2005 Hurricane season warmists were having orgasms over it and went into absurd future scenario ravings to show proof that global warming was ramping up and will fry us all ….unless we fall to our feet and kiss Gore’$ shoes.

    So When Steve make these blog posts highlighting anemic start to Hurricane season,low Tornado counts,larger ice cap cover levels,less fires and acreage loss and so on to drive home the point that Warmists have been wrong all over the map about their never ending doom and gloom warming accelerations that are simply not there at all.

    So chill out with your nitpicking bullcrap!

  75. Sunsettommy says:

    Robert finally after many requests to answer the question come up with this:

    “2002 had just as many hurricanes at the end of August as 2013.. zero. And as Joe Bastardi mentioned, 1977 was pretty darned close. Thus your headline is misleading because the record has already been made years ago.”

    Which means Steve is still correct since 2002 and 1977 has the same number as 2013 at this point in time.


  76. Sunsettommy says:

    Robert still looking for that floating rock writes this,

    “I have to agree with Fredrik. The title of this blog post is trying hard to imply this is a record setting season but it’s nothing of the sort.”

    It is still not wrong because it shares the same number as others.It might end up being in third or fifth place after the season is over.But at THIS time of the year it is still in the running as the slowest hurricane start.

    It is clear you fail to realize that his headline is meant to garner attention and the body of the post shows why it is provocative.

    • shazaam says:

      I think Steve lifted the tone of that headline from the warmist handbook of global warming / climate change / global cooling headlines. And those warmists are pissed-off that he is using one of their favorite tools without their consent.

      Even worse the body of the post contains “facts”…. The horror of it all. You must use ONLY scare tactics and fear Steve!! The warmists abhor facts.

      Only those loathsome climate realists use facts!!!!

  77. Ronaldo says:

    “Global warming makes more Hurricanes”

    Al Dork!

    I subscibe to the teaching of noted GLOBAL COOLING CLIMATOLOGIST, Alberto Gorez, who has been preaching the gospel of global cooling for a decade now!

    • Which season had fewer hurricanes than 2013 to date?

    • Richard T. Fowler says:

      Three guys decide to compete in a timed one-mile race to see how their running speeds compare.

      They each line up at their respective starting lines. The gun goes off. Guy #1, who is out of shape, takes off huffing and puffing, and manages a 25-minute mile.

      Guys # 2 and 3, who are both in pretty good shape, simultaneously experience unrelated medical emergencies and keel over without starting. Neither of them puts so much as a nose hair across the starting line.

      We know who has the fastest time. Who has the slowest? Is it false to say that each of guys 2 and 3 had the slowest time? If not, then Steven is right, whether you like it or not.

      His statement is provocative in its intent and certainly threads a small needle eye with its wording, but based on the data that have been reported here, it does manage to thread it! And the criterion it chooses to look at is as valid as any other, scientifically.


  78. Carl Pyrdum says:

    Damn climate change! Al Gore and gang are never going to make millions if this keeps up!

  79. Slob Scientist says:

    The air is so hot and heavy in the tropics this year it won’t spin into hurricanes. This PROVES global warming! When there were a lot of hurricanes, it proved the earth was warming, but now that there are few it is much much worse. But you global warming skeptics won’t believe the truth until hell freezes……better hit the edit key, boils over.

    It’s gonna be so hot by 2018 greenhouse gases are gonna be redhouse gases. Write me about caves I have for rent after Chicago is underwater. You’ll see, you doubters. You will wish you had paid the billions in taxes Al Gore had for you. Poor Al was a victim. Thousands of his ballots burned up in Florida from Global Warming of the air.

  80. Someone said why did they start this article with Obama saya that Hurricanes are getting worse: Now we know that Obama is a BIG FAT LIAR and he is no Global Warming Expert: But Obama Believes he is the Messiah and liberals here and in Europe and the MSM believe that too.
    Obama said he was going to cause the tides to recede and ocean levels to fall. in 2008, several people fainted at his campaign rallies, only to see unopened bottles of water appear and Obama can provide the annointment needed. The Nobel Committee awarded Obama the Peace prize for no accomplishment. Obama had no major bill as a legislator in both the State house and the Federal Senate. He published no peer reviewed article during 7 years of lecturing at a university. if this man did not have messianic powers how could he be a very, and some say the most qualified person to enter the WH. He is now an expert in Climate Change, Physics, Chemistry, Economics. He is deserving of all these Nobel prizes. If they don’t give it to him, the committee is racist. Look at all the claims he made about Obamacare that are a BIG LIE and the MSM does not call him out on it. Who can get away with that. Obama therefore deserves the Noble Prize for medicine also. If not WE ARE ALL RACISTS. ABC Disallows me from posting because i do not agree with the behavior and morality of gays. I actually think it is an ailment similar to mental illness, small numbers of people but very real. We cannot allow them to dictate to the larger society what the

    • shazaam says:

      Oh-Bomb-Ya is the charter member in chief (or is that choom?) of the Choom Institute for Climatological Research.

      With a half-dozen “intercepts” and an equal number of “roof-hits” you to can join in the research performed by this prestigious organization!! After a intense session of “total absorption” you will also understand and control the universe, just like Oh-Bomb-Ya. When you are “totally absorbed” (or is that self-absorbed?), you will understand the all of the “logic” behind Choomster-in-Chief’s actions and logic.


  81. There are very stupid things being done by global corporations whether “climate change” ( which has happened since there has been a climate, duh) is caused by man or not.BP buying up all the oil spill response companies just before the spill in the Gulf and the using corexit to sink the oil instead of cleaning it up was not just criminal, it was an act of war against the American people.You believe that West Virginia has coal company jobs?Not many. They take the top off of mountains and leave the water poisoned and the people there with no economy when they are finished, They could build a wind farm or a renewable energy town like several that exist in Austria now and the people would have jobs and a source of tax income for there county indefinitely instead of a one time payment of less than a hundred thousand dollars and poisoned water.You are all right that it is all about the money.If you follow the money you will find the evil.As long as the system we have in place continues to destroy all out resources we will have a steadily declining quality of life.Money is not wealth.Wealth is the ability to sustain and improve life. Wealth consists of physical energy(as matter or radiation) combined with metaphysical know-what and know–how.By that measure we are becoming a very poor country, and we are wasting what little time we have left to rebuild our country arguing today’s version of “How many pins can you stick in the head of an angel ?”!
    The pH level of the oceans is a better measure to use to determine if people have caused a change since it has been measured longer than world temps and it would be more related to CO2 concentration in the air .I have not found that anywhere yet does anyone have a link?

    • Jim P says:

      wow what have people been feeding you. as for the gulf and BP.
      the gulf has had problems with oil leaking up from the bottom of the ocean for 100’s of years
      and long before we started drilling. – – – – this oil would drift to the beaches – – – now with the drilling the oil seeping up has been reduced. and the beaches are cleaner than 50 years ago.

      as for the chemicals they used – – – – it was actually smart. – – there is lots of bacteria that like to eat oil. These can handle limited amounts at a time – – – and work from the outside of a drop of oil to the insides – – – – these bacteria have been around for 10,000 of thousands of years.
      the water temps in the gulf are right for the bacteria – – -the clean up crews keep track of the oil they collected, this amount was compared to the estimated spill volume – – – they came up with a huge difference in the oil spilled and what they collected – – – even after all corrections for oil sunk, burned, – – the numbers were way off. – – – – the bacteria was able to attack the dispersed oil and grew and divided – – with the result of really going to work on the oil – – – and it was because the bacteria was already present that it was in enough numbers to have a good start.
      Note the bottom of the gulf has lots of oil simple seeping out of the ocean floor – – – – that is one way they decide to drill here – – – lots of oil is seeping up – – – –

      I also do not believe that the PH measurements were done 100’s of years ago – – and water temperatures were not able to be measured – – Technology for PH measurements was not around 400 years ago – – – yet the British Navy ships have records of air temp and water temps in the ships logs. and this is used for Historical information about air and water temps.

      the problem with wind farm – – is the wind has to be blowing – – – and if not – – what do you do?
      Same with Solar – – – – Cloudy day – – oops – – – hot mucky summer day with no wind – – what do you do? oh build a wind farm 500 miles way, 1000 miles away and then build transmission lines to bring the power across the country – – – or still have to have the power plants – just in case – –

      result power companies need to have power plants ready to go – – –
      and they will have to build power transmission lines across the country – – – double or triple or over what we have right now – – – at what cost. – – – –

  82. I see I made some spelling errors please overlook them.

    • Latitude says:

      Steven, ocean pH is not related to CO2 in the air…
      it’s pH can’t change until it runs out of buffer
      and there is way too much buffer in the oceans for a 0.0001 increase in CO2 to have an effect

      • Jim P says:

        yips – I missed this point and I have a salt water setup – – – it is the buffering action that allows the tank to function.

    • Catcracking says:

      We can overlook the spelling errors, but all the other errors and mis-conceptions are hard to overlook.
      We are becoming a poorer country because of government policy that inhibits growth spends more than we can afford, and imposes horrible regulations and taxation.

  83. B Scott Judd says:

    Remember, politicians think they know everything. The reality is, they know very little. If the president is going to add his two cents to any scientific conversation, you can bet he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  84. JMWinPR says:

    My ex, who lived in the Caribbean for 30 years, always stated that “rain thwarted hurricanes”. This has been a very wet year for PR.

  85. Jim Gregory says:

    EVERYTHING is the result of global warming. IF we have a lot of hurricanes, it’s because man is warming the planet. If we have a few hurricanes, it’s because man is warming the planet and the bigger more disastrous affects are being delayed. If we get a snowfall in Havana, it’s because of global warming that has shifted the jet stream and will soon bring havoc to every living thing.
    This is just another example.
    Hale, Al. Hale, Gore. Hale yes, he’s a complete idiot.

  86. David says:

    Mr. Goddard,

    Like other commenters have said, I’m on your side – I don’t believe in man-made global warming, and I think that the recent decrease in strong US hurricanes (and there has been a decrease) is getting AGW believers worried.

    Your title is still inaccurate.

    Before you respond to this with “Which year had fewer than zero hurricanes at the end of August?”, hear me out. The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1st. Let’s say I’d written a blog post on June 2nd, saying that this is the slowest start to a hurricane season on record. My title, according to your logic, would be accurate, since no hurricane season was ever recorded to have fewer than zero hurricanes before June 2nd.

    Wouldn’t my title have been misleading?

    There hasn’t been any hurricane season on record with fewer hurricanes by August 24th than this year, but that just means that this season is tied with the years other people have mentioned, which also have had no hurricanes by August 24th. All you have to do is change the title to “One of the Slowest Starts to a Hurricane Season on Record”, and it would be fine (putting aside for now the semantics of ‘hurricane season’ being used in many places to describe tropical storms). As it is, your title is sadly misleading, and is causing people to sour on the article, which has good pieces of information in it. Please, please, change it, or at the very least explain why it would have been misleading to say on June 2nd but isn’t misleading now.

  87. 44guyton says:

    Interesting to follow the “man made” global warming or global climate hysteria. At least three ice ages and five mass extinctions of the species have occured on this planet long before the rise of man. Paleontologist identified major glaciation at the end of the Ordovician period and late Precambrian. These are followed by interglacial periods which we are currently in. No one really knows why these cycles happen but there are theories.
    I find it interesting that paleontologist and paleoclimatologist don’t know why these cooling and warming periods occurred but we have some people today who are ABSOLUTELY sure man is causing climate change (or global warming).

  88. Latitude says:

    Well, I got the joke….and I thought it was funny

    • Richard T. Fowler says:

      If you meant me, thanks. My second remark was meant as a little humor at my own expense.

    • philjourdan says:

      Lat, I owe you one! Will get with you in the next couple of days. Think kismet! Grrrrrrr

      • Latitude says:


      • Richard T. Fowler says:

        Well honestly Phil, what was I supposed to say? Nothing could be taken wrong (since I haven’t conversed with the person before), as could a joke without the “thanks”.

        The last time I was treated such a way was at Real Climate.

        • philjourdan says:

          Richard, my comment was for latitude. I was not responding to you – at least not here. Perhaps you need to be less sensitive? And it was in reference to a conversation he and I had a week ago.

        • Richard T. Fowler says:

          What a disappointment. Your comment is as astoundingly frank as it is intemperate. I wish I could say I was surprised, but little surprises me these days, and you’re no exception.

        • philjourdan says:

          Lat, I owe you one! Will get with you in the next couple of days. Think kismet! Grrrrrrr

          Dick, show me where I referenced you. Show me where I even referred to a blessed thing you said. I quoted my entire comment to make it easy for you to point it out.

          Get off your ego. The statement had absolutely NOTHING to do with you or anything you wrote. You appear to be a simple narcissistic twit.

  89. philjourdan says:

    I take it you failed math 101? The claim is valid now. Had he said that it was “unprecedented” that would be false.

    I guess you failed logic 101 as well. Not surprising considering you have yet to make a logical point.

  90. Delbert says:

    “In short, “While on the board of a Chicago-based charity, Barack Obama helped fund a carbon trading exchange that will likely play a critical role in the cap-and-trade carbon reduction program he is now trying to push through Congress as president.”The “privately-owned” Chicago Climate Exchange is heavily influenced by Obama cohorts Al Gore and Maurice Strong.”
    “For years now Strong and Gore have been cashing in on that lucrative cottage industry known as man-made global warming.
    Strong is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange, Wikipedia-described as “the world’s first and North America’s only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry reduction system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil.”
    Scary stuff

  91. nice article, but of course, it can’t be true! It must just be a dridge report plant, or maybe a plant. But it can’t be true! And we all know it can’t be true because, it contradicts everything al gore said would happen! And if the choice is just scientific facts based on observable and factual data, or what al gore says, well, we have to believe what al gore says. because according to al gore, it seems that the only people that don’t believe what he says are racists, homophobes, and fascists!

    so, just because the “scientific facts” seem to say that the hurricane season is slow, we know better, because clearly the only thing that must be true is whatever al gore says!

  92. Florida has never gone six years in a row without a hurricane… this is our eight year without a hurricane. Al Gore and his fake styrofoam can take a hike.

  93. Dave Morris says:

    Oh, it’s quite simple really. We must just have been wrong about hurricanes. Obviously, Global Warming DECREASES hurricanes. See? That wasn’t so difficult. We can still have our belief and eat it, too!

  94. Dave Morris says:

    You are all a bunch of Fox News swilling HURRICANE DENIERS!!!

  95. onejn416 says:

    When Al Gore received his Nobel Peace Prize he was using phony numbers (he has removed his premier “evidence” the hockey stick graph from his “An Inconvenient Truth). Al Gore has peddled “carbon credits” and increased his wealth 30 fold since leaving the Vice Presidency of the US. He is now richer than Mitt Romney (Occupy that please). The fact of the matter is that the scientific community that compiles the number used by warmist alarmist have now been caught in Climate Gate part two. They literally altered the data to reflect warming rather than the cooling trends the real numbers show. Al Gore received a Nobel Peace Prize based on falsified data (Climategate part one). He has used his position of power and fame to amass a fortune based on a lie. We are paying the price as hidden taxes for “green energy”, carbon credits, and “environmentally friendly” initiatives. Ask any
    physicist and they will tell you that you cannot create or destroy matter, you only change its existing state. In the same manner all matter is energy and you cannot change energy, only its existing state (an no I do not want to get into a debate over quantum displacement theory; it is not applicable in current technology). Thus what we do has little impact on the overall picture (no I am not talking about pollution, I am talking about man made climate change). On the one hand we have people screaming about CO2 greenhouse gases trapping heat, then on the other hand we have people screaming about pollution blocking sunlight / reflecting it back into space and killing us off like the dinosaurs.
    Give me a break. Both scenarios as man-made events cannot even begin to compare to one volcano much less the hundreds that exist on earth. The June 15, 1991 eruption of Mount Pintubo caused the world wide decline of temperatures that lasted several years. In 1992 and 1993, the average temperature in the Northern Hemisphere was reduced 0.5 to 0.6°C and the entire planet was cooled 0.4 to 0.5°C. The maximum reduction in global temperature occurred in August 1992 with a reduction of 0.73°C. The eruption is believed to have influenced such events as 1993 floods along the Mississippi river and the drought in the Sahel region of Africa. The United States experienced its third coldest and third wettest summer in 77 years during 1992. Overall, the cooling effects of the Mount Pinatubo eruption were greater than those of the El Niño that was taking place at the time or of the greenhouse gas warming of the planet. That’s just one volcanic eruption.
    The cooling was not from Al Gore’s carbon credits folks.

    • philjourdan says:

      The prize is political. Gore is political. You do not need more than that.

    • Jim P says:

      and then there was the island volcano that went off in the Pacific. Do not remember the name or date – – it was in the sailing ship days. – – – –

      When I say went off, the Island blew up. – – the volcano removed the whole island so that nothing was above sea level. – –
      What I have heard was it caused days without sun light. I cooled the New England area so much that the crops failed and it snowed in July. (and not in the mountains)

      I think the effect on the planet was much more than mount Pintubo.

  96. broccolini says:

    We have the most Illiterate President on record who still knows it all!
    Maybe there are less hurricane because Obama lowered the oceans AS PROMISED!

  97. Ultraworld says:

    Hurricane Charley did over $30k worth of damage on Friday the 13th, 2004. It’s been quiet here in Central Florida since then. This is the time of the year that we dread. September is usually busy as well. The water’s very hot, if a storm pops up now, it could be a deadly storm. People from Texas, all the way to the North East have to worry.

  98. Chewer says:

    Anyway, the prime determining factors are as they’ve always been, SST’s high enough to start and sustain the cyclonic activity (26.5°C/79.7°F spanning through at least a 50-metre depth is one of the six requirements needed) and air temperature and water content at the 500hPa level right down to the surface play in the dynamics of initiation, strength and duration.

  99. Ron Pastrami says:

    Not only is it the slowest hurricane season on record, but at least two (maybe a third) tropical storms have dissipated over the open Atlantic. I cannot recall that happening in prior years to that extent.

  100. Hairy says:

    The thing many are missing about “named storms” is once a storm (tropical, mid-continental) is named, the insurance companies have much more lattitude in whether or not to pay for storm related damage. So if you are wondering why heartland storms are now “worthy” of names, just like most other times, follow the money.

  101. Srugged says:

    I am certain Obama had Al Gore cut back on the hurricanes and global warming for his second term so he could spend his last few years having a daily round of golf.

  102. Al says:

    “Man made” global warming is a minor threat compared to the man-made bullshit of one Algore.

  103. SonnyJim says:

    I am waiting the alarmist to tell us that CO2 is causing global cooling and only with taxes and more regulations can we stop another ice age.

    • Srugged says:

      I am waiting for the big reports about polar bears – who once were presented as iceberg orphans left for dead due to global warming – to be the new threat to civilization as they are able to move and live further south due to the colder climate. I can see it now – the HBO special that polar bears are attacking people in the Hamptons. . . . .

  104. Ben Dover says:

    How inconvenient.

  105. nearboston says:

    What this means is that The Weather Channel and ABC Stormchasers will hype every tropical depression, thunderstorm, and rain cloud to the max. ” Oh no!!!! A 35 mph Superbreeze is.rolling in off of the Atlantic!!!!!”

  106. tim says:

    what a great job al gore is doing in his quest to rip people off, oops, i mean in his fight against global warming…nie job al you can go away now you buckethead…

  107. Dave says:

    Somehow they will find a way to blame no storms as being caused by human progress. The weather channel is nothing more than just another tax funded government leftest propaganda network like PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC which are all granted tax money in one form or another..

    • Srugged says:

      . . and Accuweather is just another department of Penn State Univ — home of the “Hockey Stick” chart man — Michael Mann who should be held on Civil charges that he caused extensive harm and cost to society with his known – and admitted – fabrication of the hockey stick.

  108. jim says:

    Obama shown clearly as a buffoon again. The liberals will see this pronouncement as wisdom dripping from the lips of one who is high…

  109. Cory says:

    must be that Global Warming or something.

  110. attilashrugs says:

    Of what value is a bar graph of hurricane count by president? There is no mention of length or number of terms. That FDR with his three plus terms saw the largest number of hurricanes is significant only of his political savvy and ruthlessness.

  111. Steve Grant says:

    Axelrod can spin such info into….Obama the Messiah has saved America from hurricanes, while at the same time, saved the world by keeping the oceans from rising.

  112. Garry says:

    That always works Steve: insult your readers.

  113. Paul says:

    According to the National Hurricane website, 2002 did not experience the 1st hurricane, Gustav, until Sept 8th. Also, as of Aug 26th we have had 6 names storms (all tropical storms), 2002 didn’t get to #6 until Sept 5th. I agree this has been a slow year, thankfully, but lets be accurate in our reporting.

  114. iambicpentamaster says:

    Thy Obamessiah hath healed thy planet as he promised.

    “This was the mo-ment…”

  115. anthony pinelli says:


    • nutso fasst says:

      You are so right. Kevin Trenberth is looking for the missing heat, but Al Gore already told him it is hiding in the core of the Earth. Several million degrees of it!

  116. Karl says:

    Well obviously mother nature has heard by now that we elected Obama and is responding with the proper respect for an equal for of nature.

  117. Karl says:

    Well obviously mother nature has heard by now that we elected Obama and is responding with the proper respect for an equal force of nature.

  118. OMG! The Ice Age is coming, the Ice Age is coming! Somebody tell Dirty Al the Kiddies Pal it’s time to retool!

  119. Alan says:

    Why does this article bring up facts?

  120. Fender says:

    This was a somewhat bizarre experience. A friend of mine sent me this hurricane link. Just out of curiosity, I started reading all your responses. Page after page after page. What was interesting was how the conversation moved from one topic to another. Personally, I have no answers to any of the issues you all address, just my own thoughts, which I will keep to myself.
    What really puzzles me is, where do you guys find the time to do all this?

  121. George says:

    So funny seeing liberals get upset because their dire predictions of more worsening hurricanes has failed. Just a matter of time before they now say the lack of hurricanes is proof of global warming.

  122. jimheath says:

    The Sun can vary in distance from the Earth by as much as one million miles, it’s all a question of where the Planets are positioned at any given time. It’s all cycles folks, we are living inside the biggest clock you can imagine.

    • Jim P says:

      that is a point that I knew about but forgot – – – – that is very important in terms of the amount of sun’s energy the reaches us. This factor alone will cause about a 1% change in the density of the Sun’s output that reaches us.

      And this is simply another factor to consider about the sun’s variability — – and this one can be modeled as the orbit paths are known and the effects of the other planets upon each other- – – this can be modeled – – it they would care to.

      but the Sun spot cycle and its variability can only be guessed – – – – strong cycle or weak – – – and thus makes it hard to model – – – – – even if they would attempt to try – – – – all of their models are based upon a constant non-changing sun.

      simply leave out what can not be modeled

  123. Txguy71 says:

    Actually, Obama’s quiet about it because he doesn’t want to upset his environmental constituents. They’re waiting for hurricanes to wipe out 100s of thousands to prove global warming. But He’s been using his power of speech in the oval office. He has said, in private, “Let there be fewer hurricanes during My presidency.” And there were. And He saw that it was good.

  124. Gerbilsin theattic says:

    “Obama’s presidency has also seen the fewest US hurricane landfalls of any president. Three hurricanes have hit the US while he was in office, compared to twenty-six while Grover Cleveland was in office”.

    Seriously? What pray tell does the president, let alone any living being, have to do with the formation of hurricanes? Does this somehow make him more divine than Grover Cleveland? Silliness. This kind of thing is what makes it difficult to take weather services seriously. It just goes to show you why a meteorologist can be WRONG more than 50% of the time and still have a job.

  125. b says:

    I believe the disagreement over the title is due to the use of the superlative “slowest.” In grammar, the superlative is the form of an adverb or adjective that expresses a degree of the adverb or adjective being used that is greater than any other possible degree of the given descriptor or surpasses all others. The superlative is used to say what thing, person, or idea has the most of a particular quality within a group or of its kind. The superlative is the form of an adjective or adverb that is used when claiming that an item is the single best or the single worst of all or that shows which thing has that quality above or below the level of the others. There must be three or more to use the superlative. It takes the definite article and short adjectives add -est and longer ones take ‘most’.
    If it is true, as ‘d’ says above, that there are other years where the first hurricane was in September, then the 2013 hurricane season is NOT the “slowest start on record” as of today, August 26. Collectively, all of these slow years may be the “slowest” on record as Aug 26, but no single year in that group is the slowest, although one of them (2002) is the slowest for a full season. The 2013 hurricane season may be “equal to” or “as slow as” the slowest years on record, but, so far, it is not the “slowest” start on record.

    • Which year had fewer hurricanes to date than 2013?

      • b says:

        The answer to your question “Which year had fewer hurricanes to date than 2013?” is NONE, assuming the data that ‘d’ submits above is true.

        That fact alone does not make this season the slowest. Next you must determine that this season is slower than ANY other season at this point in a season, because to be the slowEST, it would have to be slower than ALL the others.

        Has 2013 had fewer hurricanes at this point than 2002, 2001, 1988, 1984, and 1967 (which all had zero)? No. As you and PhilJourdan so ably instruct us above, it is pretty hard to have fewer hurricanes than zero in a season. Therefore, by definition, 2013 is NOT the slowest start on record. However, it is equal to the slowest start on record.

        The fact that you asked this question demonstrates one of the pitfalls of pride of authorship. Please, Steven, just take a deep breath, maybe take a step back, and reread my first comment, slowly. Read for comprehension this time. Maybe ask your friend and English expert PhilJourdan for help.

        As ‘d’ and ‘Robert’ and ‘Garry’ and ‘David’ and others have pointed out above, there is an error in your title. This season is equal to the slowest start on record, but is not
        (yet) the slowest.

  126. kmne68 says:

    Bob, the Second Law doesn’t disprove evolution. Biological systems are not closed (until the organism is dead). Living things ingest/absorb energy, much of which goes toward holding the Second Law at bay. Once the organism dies, the Second Law reigns.

  127. ONTIME says:

    Are we all waiting for the Fat Gal to sing…….?
    The earth made ya and it can break ya…..I am waiting for fall and hooking big trout in the streams…

  128. Dave Thomas says:

    Global Warming is such a total hoax.

  129. Abel Garcia says:

    Global warming people and the media insist that more hurricanes = global warming(no matter what the experts say) so using this logic the opposite must be true less hurricanes = global cooling!

  130. Karl says:

    It’s amazing how much “Leftist” have personally invested in the doomsday scenarios around global warming. Recent evidence (from the same scholars who predicted global warming) shows that the rate at which the earth is warming has dramatically decreased since 1998. You would think that would be good news to everyone who lives here on terra firma but no, because it goes against the “Leftist” equation: Capitalism = World Destruction.



  132. Gradivus says:

    I like the “US Hurricane Count by President” chart, but it’s misleading because the presidents had different terms of office. It would be better had the values been divided by the lengths of time in office and labeled, “US Hurricanes per Year, by President.”

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