Who Really Controls The Climate?

Obama says that he controls the climate, and has since June 2008. But now there are claims that Congressional Republicans control the climate.

The organization 350 Action and agency Barton F. Graf 9000 are proposing a Climate Name Change–a new system of identifying storms by the names of climate change deniers. Now it’s “Michelle Bachman” that’s ravaging the Florida coast, “Rick Perry” that’s led to the deaths of thousands of stranded animals, and John Boehner who has proved to be one of the costliest environmental disasters in American history. As the video below advises, you’d better sign the Climate Name Change petition asap “before John Boehner blows your entire city away.”

Rick Perry Leaves Trail Of Death: Politicians Who Deny Climate Change Get A Meteorological Shaming | Co.Create: Creativity \ Culture \ Commerce

In the 17th century, it was well known that witches controlled the climate. We have advanced a long way since those days.

One thing we do know is that progressives are flaming imbeciles.


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8 Responses to Who Really Controls The Climate?

  1. Traitor In Chief says:

    So when the dollar collapses, and you can get 100 of them for a Peso, will we call it the “Obama”?

  2. miked1947 says:

    The IPCC and the “Good Folks” that write the reports that make up the Reports control the climate. At least what they are reporting as being the climate. When you have Advocacy groups providing historical information that confirms their position, you can bet they are the ones that control what we know about climate. Only their fairy tales are allowed to be used in the debate.

  3. scizzorbill says:

    Imbeciles? in many ways yes, but they are cunning. Openly combining politics with their climate alarmism hoax is quite innovative,,,in a sick way.

  4. Ben says:


    So does the opposite apply?

    This year’s ice extent increase brought to you by John Boehner…
    The 2010-2011 sea level drop brought to you by Michelle Bachmann…
    The least extreme summer in history brought to you by Rick Perry
    Quietest tornado season brought to you by James Inhofe
    Smallest solar cycle in 200 years brought to you by Marc Morano

    The humiliation of the mainstreamextremelylast rowing team brought to you by Mother Nature and Steven Goddard.

  5. Richard T. Fowler says:

    By reading your blog over the last 15 months, I’ve learnt that the climate is believed to be controlled by a delinquent, roving blob of Missing Heat, which in turn is controlled by its partner in crime, believed to be a massive, floating bubble of CO2 that’s capable of ascending to the stratosphere, hanging out at the surface, or sinking into the ocean at depths exceeding 700m — at all times dragging the Missing Heat with it.

    I’ve also learnt that these two phenomena have allegedly taken over your brain and the brains of leading Republicans, causing all of you to begin falsifying the temperature record so as to support your “fraudulent” claims of cooling temperatures. At the same time the angry, CO-fueled Missing Heat has apparently caused you to break into the NOAA website and delete their Version 1 data set that they had posted there (which apparently was the only copy of the original pre-1990 temperature data that they’d ever put together in digital form), and altered the subsequent versions (also the only copies of those versions that existed) so that when people looked for these data there would be the appearance that your claims of government fraud are true and your opponents’ desperate claims that you are the fraudster would appear false.

    I was anticipating a possible court challenge by NOAA et al. But perhaps the would-be plaintiffs are concerned that the Missing Heat and the roving, floating bubble of CO2 would cause so much chaos within the court room that they cannot be called to testify and the plaintiffs’ case will therefore be found insufficient.


  6. kuhnkat says:

    “One thing we do know is that progressives are flaming imbeciles.”

    That’s cause their methane and straw from the broomstick make really cool candles when they insert and light them!!

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