1975 : National Academy Of Science Unanimous Global Cooling Consensus

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The panel reported that without doubt, colder climate will come.

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Eugene Register-Guard – Google News Archive Search

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9 Responses to 1975 : National Academy Of Science Unanimous Global Cooling Consensus

  1. Eliza says:

    Sorry for my sarcastic comment but I think no one gives a royal XXXt about global warming cooling or climate in general as its obvious there is no AGW anymore be prepared for a massive loss in interest soon!

  2. orson2 says:

    GOOD REMINDER. I opposed the NAS as a teen back then; I do so today, again, but as a middle-aged adult.

    Either I haven’t learned a thing, or else I’m just disgusted by fad science.

    • omanuel says:

      I also opposed the NAS as being unscientific in the 1970s.

      NAS is a private, self-perpuating group that reviews the budgets of federal research agencies for Congress.

      I could not design a more perfect system for corruption of science.

      Sixty-eight years of government deception is now being exposed:


      The genie is out and cannot be put back in the bottle!

      With kind regards,
      Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Climate war with China must be next on the Progressives agenda.
    How dare China install the equivalent of the UK power capacity every year and half of it is coal fired power!

  4. bobmaginnis says:

    The 1975 US National Academy of Sciences / National Research Council Report

    Cut to Appendix A, “Survey of Past Climates”. Go right to the end: “Likelihood of a major deterioration of the global climate in the years ahead”, and a discussion of the possibility of th next ice age: “there seems little doubt that the present period of unusual warmth will eventually give way to a time of colder climate, but there is no consensus as to the magnitude or rapidity of the transition. The onset of this climatic decline [nb: colder temperatures is automatically a decline? any change is a decline? WMC] could be several thousand years in the future, although there is a finite probability that a serious worldwide cooling could befall the earth within the next 100 years“.

  5. wulliejohn says:

    So this current hiatus in the warming is actually a cessation of the hiatus in the overall cooling trend.
    Given the right tune that could be a hit.

  6. wulliejohn says:

    “He was even more startled when just after he was awarded the Galactic Institute’s Prize for Extreme Cleverness he was lynched by a rampaging mob of respectable physicists who had realized that one thing they couldn’t stand was a smart-ass.”
    Aah. How prescient was Douglas Adams?

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