Syria Safer Than Chicago

Obama says that several hundred people were killed by chemical weapons in Syria, and that it is urgent that we bomb Syria before the UN has a chance to do an investigation.

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List of races – Tracking homicides in Chicago – Tracking homicides in Chicago |

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14 Responses to Syria Safer Than Chicago

  1. Latitude says:

    I wonder how many of those 704 were white on white………

  2. Reblogged this on The Firewall and commented:
    Obama to launch strikes against Chicago, next?

  3. Norm Milliard says:

    States with low murder rates have low black populations. Hawaiii and New Hampshire have the lowest murder rates Opportunities come along rarely in life,

    Obama had one and has let it slip away. This must be intentional. It makes one wonder what his real intentions are.

  4. Eric Barnes says:

    Nowhere near as bad as detroit…
    “My son used to take the bus home to this location but was robbed at gunpoint so many times, I told him to get off at another bus stop and walk the back way home,” Tasha Marshall, mother of three and 30-year resident, said. “I want to move out of this area, but with no potential jobs and nowhere to go, what choice do I have but to stay? I’m not surprised we made the list.”

  5. gator69 says:

    I will never again work in a large metropolitan area, even if it means never working again. There is more trouble coming to those who dwell and linger in those cesspools.

  6. Lee says:

    really dude,? Im suppose to believe Chicago is more dangerous than Syria??? get the fukk out of here, maybe before the “civil war” in Syria, Chicago was more dangerous,but today , nah, GTFOH, Syria is WAY more dangerous than CHI-RAQ lol.

    • I’m sorry. I always assume that readers have an IQ over 30.

      • Lee says:

        IQ? oh Im sorry myself as well, apparently you still think IQ means how smart people are. You see IQ just means how obedient somebody means, Who invented IQ? Who does it serve to rank people by IQ, anyways, you want to debate me as to if Syria is safer than Chicago? Because Any rational thinking person would live any day in Chicago than syria. You know there are houses in the Burbs of Chicago that go for more than million dollars. Sure Chicago has its gritty parts like the south, but the south isnt getting bombed by the air force every day. but yet Chicago is more dangerous than syria?? OK and Im the god dam Easter bunny. go kill yourself you chimp.

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