This Is What Totalitarianism Looks Like

I have been active with environmental issues for almost my entire life. In 1974, I testified in support of a new wilderness area at a Congressional Subcommittee hearing held in Kanab, Utah. (My testimony is still on the Congressional Record.) I was a Sierra Club member and worked as a wilderness ranger in New Mexico for two summers in the 1980s.

The way the process used to work, was that Congress held hearings, the public provided input – and hopefully decisions were made based on that input.

But Obama has completely perverted the process, bypassing Congress and the public, and using unelected and unaccountable political hacks to force his economy destroying agenda on the American people.

He needs to be impeached immediately.

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7 Responses to This Is What Totalitarianism Looks Like

  1. Chuck says:

    He could be impeached on multiple issues. The problem is he wont be, to many people cheer on this lawless presidency.

  2. Stefan v says:

    He can’t be impeached because he is not a legitimate occupant of the office. That line of thought could get intersting, no? Face it, Obama is the least of your problems, and getting rid of him won’t solve them. It was game over a long time ago, but only now is the defeat becoming apparent. Buckle up, it’s going to get rough.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    I am afraid I agree with Stefan. We lost our country in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and Amendments 16 and 17. (Not to mention JP Morgan buying control of the news media in 1917) That is when the Financial Interests gained the upper hand. They now have complete control.

    The USA was the only country where the masses were truly free from the elite and they have worked very hard to regain that control.

    Forbes had a very good article on the subject. Financial Repression Makes Serfs of the Masses

  4. Kuhnkat says:

    Barry has completely perverted the process??

    It took the Progressive Republican Theodore Roosevelt to convince the people to ignore the Constitution and start setting aside land!!!

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