Dessler Promises An End To IPCC Global Warming Hype

ScreenHunter_497 Aug. 28 12.54

ScreenHunter_499 Aug. 28 12.56

Twitter / AndrewDessler: Summary of upcoming IPCC report: .

h/t to Marc Morano

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15 Responses to Dessler Promises An End To IPCC Global Warming Hype

  1. @njsnowfan says:

    Didn’t they say all the polar bears would starve because of ice free arctic by 2013?

    around 5:20 you will see the Polar Bear
    Buoy #7

  2. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Dessler is now a legitimate challenger to Mann for the dumbest dumbass professor award evah!

    And when you bottom out at Mann’s desperation level, your condition is terminal.

  3. Jason Calley says:

    Yup! They have been telling us for years and years that “the science is settled!” so why do they keep issuing new reports? Almost makes me question their sincerity… 🙂

  4. QV says:

    That can’t be true.
    I was under the impression that it was a requirement that each successive report was more alarmist than the previous one!

  5. Ben says:

    If the next report is “exactly” what they told us, then they are unnecessarily killing trees, altering land use, changing the climate.

    “The trees required to produce this report are partly responsible for the climate change thus far. Recommend we stop producing reports.”

  6. Byron says:

    What a bunch of arrogant….

  7. Chewer says:

    You’d need to redesign the prison cages for these guys, seeing how they’re slimier than a grease monkey and would slip right through those cell bars-:)

  8. Otter says:

    Steve? I wonder if you might do a short bit on Arrhenius. Specifically, the FACT that he drastically lowered his estimate on climate sensitivity, some years after the 1896 date dudlser mentions.

  9. It’s a close race to work out who is the bigger crank. Dessler or Trenberth?

  10. Justa Joe says:

    So according to Clinton goon Dessler it’s the Same BS different day.

    Basically the UN IPCC are like the jokers with the doomsday clock from back in the cold war days. .Well maybe the doomsday clock bunch had a tad more credibility.

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