Hot Days In Sharp Decline In The US

The number of of 90ºF days in the US is down 20% since the 1930s, with 2013 having the fewest in over a century. 2013 totals are not final, but are unlikely to pass 2009, which was the second mildest year.

ScreenHunter_479 Aug. 28 07.09

Obama had to time his sweating speech very carefully in order to catch a hot day this summer.

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7 Responses to Hot Days In Sharp Decline In The US

  1. Les Johnson says:

    Steve: I assume that this is only all HCN stations continuously in operation? In other words, the same number of stations in each year?

  2. @njsnowfan says:

    OT Steve, Seems NOAA has shut their N Hem Temps page down? It has not been working for days.
    Also looking at this Ice concentration loop map and the Sea Ice is expanding in coverage?

  3. F. Guimaraes says:

    Of the 6 years with less hot days 3 were after 2007 and the very low mark of 1992 is obviously due to Pinatubo eruption. The recent trend is obviously due to solar radiation levels (as evidenced by the minima in 2008,2009 and this year), but the strong decline from 1930’s to 1950 is probably due to PDO+AMO forcing (normal decadal oscillation)

  4. ACR says:

    Each and every station in Texas and across the deep South has another 20 or so 90+ degree days left this year.

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