Missing Heat Sinks Into The Oceans – Making Them Cool Down

The Guardian has solved several mysteries. Trenberth’s missing heat sinking into the oceans is causing the oceans to cool,  and WMO’s accelerated warming is actually a pause in warming.

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Cooling Pacific has dampened global warming, research shows | Environment | theguardian.com

In other news :

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George Orwell – 1984

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11 Responses to Missing Heat Sinks Into The Oceans – Making Them Cool Down

  1. Mike Mangan says:

    This is actually a huge admission on their part. Alarmists never want to address the PDO and although they do so here they ignore the AMO once again. They can’t be honest and say that warming has stopped, they have to describe it is having “slowed.” Ok, that’s a start. Now, how many GCM’s have this parameter figured in: 50-60 years of the 21st century will have NO warming? It’s a 25-30 year cycle and it breaks unevenly with the AMO. To maintain their scary scenarios, they will have to predict EXTREMELY rapid warming the next time the PDO is in positive phase. The Alarmists have just driven off the cliff.

    • Yes such an argument cuts both ways. If you’re attributing a PDO cycle to warming & cooling, then it’s odd that they are happy to discuss how it’s contributed to cooling, but fail to mention how it must previously have contributed to warming. 😉

      • Jimbo says:

        They are well aware of PDO. But they have to keep this gravy train moving (on the rails). PS, Guardian comments not allowed on this article. I wonder why?

      • Jimbo says:

        Guardianistas are the very same people telling us that the oceans are over heating and that the Great Barrier reef is doomed.

  2. wulliejohn says:

    My gob is truly smacked. The original models missed this but now more improved models have been able predict what has happened in the past. We need more funding.

  3. Don says:

    They’re still touting warming in that article. Just on hiatus for now. And insist that we are still warming though at a slower rate.

  4. Gee. It’s almost like the ocean has some relation to the weather!

  5. Cheshirered says:

    It had to be Fiona Harvey.

    She seems to be in a rich seam of reports that conveniently spike a hit list of ‘climate targets’. And every one is a ‘study says’, or ‘research claims’. The last 3 of her hit pieces have comments denied too. How about that?

    Missing heat in the Pacific!
    Ocean acidification getting worse!
    Fears for seabirds!
    Biomass row!
    Fracking row!

    It’s all designed to fluff up the carbon wars. File under Daft Activist Bint.

  6. wizzum says:

    It is obviously continuing PAST the oceans and into the earths crust where it will cause catastrophic earthquakes and volcanoes.

  7. Jason Calley says:

    Cooling oceans? But — but — 10^22 joules!!! What about 10^22 joules?!


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