Greenland Used To Be Ice Free

One of the biggest canyons in the world has been found beneath the ice sheet that smothers most of Greenland.

The canyon – which is 800km long and up to 800m deep – was carved out by a great river more than four million years ago, before the ice arrived.

BBC News – Huge canyon discovered under Greenland ice

The ice was melted by early primates who foolishly refused to listen to Michael Mann.

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13 Responses to Greenland Used To Be Ice Free

  1. Andy Oz says:

    “Early Primates” were Global Cooling deniers. Boy did they get it wrong.
    Mann, Hansen et al have not progressed, intellectually, much further.

  2. F. Guimaraes says:

    4 million years ago world temps were much higher,

    We’ve been in a steady decrease since then, but CO2 levels have been stable “recently”,


  3. EW3 says:

    Not only does our climate change, but our geography changes.
    Recently I came across pictures from the northern most regions of Canada that showed coral formations. This reminded me of an author I read in High School – Immanuel Velikovsky. He at least put these facts out in the public domain. His conclusions may have been off, but he at least dealt with the facts other scientists wouldn’t.

  4. craziguy369 says:

    Some of those early primates are still alive .. and around to this day under a new name: “Progressives”…

    Great work here.. really whipping up a storm, the Alarmists can’t take it !!

  5. What about the gaping canyon under Mann’s hairdo?

  6. jack b :-) says:

    Hot monkey sh*t.

  7. stewart pid says:

    That canyon is cut into rotten, decayed first millennium rock!!

  8. A common trick of climate change deniers is to point out how much the climate changes.

  9. omnologos says:

    It was actually renowned scientist Michaelus Pitecanthropus who famously said, four million years ago, “Ugh ugh ugggh!”

  10. Greg says:

    Earth turned into Venus in the Roman Warming period, all polar bears died until Cesar put on the warming TAX

  11. Greg says:

    Nasa themselves make the doomsday melt water oceans rising to wipe us out claim that “the canyon might play a major role in transporting melt water below the ice.” Did you hear his voice getting excited at the end when he said it might help the melting faster lol

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