Obama Invokes The “tailored, limited” War Clause

Obama said a “tailored, limited” strike, not a protracted engagement like Iraq

Obama lays out case for ‘tailored’ strike against Syria: PBS | Reuters

Obama believes that he can bypass the Constitutional requirement for a Congressional declaration of war, if he selects some random adjectives from his iLie phone application.

Fortunately he can see the future, and knows that it will just lead to a tailored, limited WWIII.

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9 Responses to Obama Invokes The “tailored, limited” War Clause

  1. Larry Fields says:

    I know the perfect remedy to prevent WW3: a tailored, limited impeachment.

  2. Chewer says:

    His advisors tell him there’s only a small chance of widespread war, but since they haven’t been able to collapse the economy because of their miscalculation in gauging the resilient Capitalists resolve, the good attack will stop the entire world’s economic growth immediately, so the net gain is in his favor and it’s their most brilliant idea ever-:)

  3. John B., M.D. says:

    What’s his plan when Iran fires missiles at Israel and orders Hezbollah to do the same from Lebanon?
    Obama again has telegraphed to Assad his plan, both in his PBS interview tonight and through leaks.
    There is one course of action worse than doing nothing, and it is a “tailored, limited” strike. Obama still has time to call an emergecncy session of Congress to vote down military action and give Obama cover for doing nothing.
    I’m still not sure why Obama isn’t putting more blame on Putin for letting Assad get out of hand.

  4. Eric Simpson says:

    Remember the Libyan debacle, Obamma began by saying the war would be “days, not weeks.” Then he proceeded to bomb night and day for six months straight. And he got UN authorization only to enforce a no fly zone, but he immediately began intensive around the clock bombing that had no relation to the supposed no fly zone.

  5. Ivan says:

    I’m reliably informed that the group of advisers that is working on the Keystone “decision” is the same one working on the Syria “decision”.

  6. Gamecock says:

    Barrack Tsarnaev intends to conduct a terrorist strike against Syria. Not the way to make friends.

  7. WPBHurricane05 says:

    He probably just called Miss Cleo

  8. Brian D says:

    Well, I guess we’ll have to add it to this list that has been compiled. #253 Syrian attack without Congressional approval.

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