Obama Just Wants To Start With A Small Illegal War

He also wants to start with just a small amount of illegal spying and illegal assassinations of American citizens.

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22 Responses to Obama Just Wants To Start With A Small Illegal War

  1. Latitude says:

    just suppose….the moron does this…..and finds there’s no chemical weapons

  2. EW3 says:

    Not very impressive to have the Secretary of State make this speech. Where was the president at the golf course?

    They way kerry spoke, I expected to hear him say “The memory of seeing those images is seared in my brain”,

    Do most people know he’s a flat out liar. That story he told to people about being in Cambodia on a secret CIA mission at Christmas, is a 100% fabrication.

  3. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    Where is Code Pink when you need them?

  4. Jim Asherman says:

    “My Military”

    I just saw a video of victims on CNN .fake.

  5. Bob Koss says:

    Since even the Brits are too sane to support Barry, maybe Barry will retaliate by outlawing English Muffins and we’ll be stuck eating Freedom Muffins.

  6. squid2112 says:

    Of course, it starts “small”, but like everything in the leftard world, it “progresses” …

  7. omanuel says:

    Obama is about to discover “the cat is out of the bag!”

    Here is a one-page synopsis of a book in progress:

    Click to access Synopsis.pdf

    It was first summarized in messages to the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee:

    Click to access Creator_of_Life.pdf

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. @njsnowfan says:

    Obama has already started a war on myths, Faulty climate models and now sweets all the time. The Climate war 2.0

    Have a great safe weekend everyone.

  9. John B., M.D. says:

    “We need to start this war so that we can find out who’s in it.”

  10. Lou says:

    Where is Cindy Sheehan? Oh wait, our president doesn’t have R letter next to his name… What a bunch of hypocrites.

  11. Brad says:

    I just watched 3 minutes of Chris Mathews. I need to get drunk. Peticolas Velvet Hammer, here I come.

  12. gregole says:

    Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea?

    Hasn’t it been said that warfare is simply politics by other means? (I think that was Bismark) Then just exactly what it is the political end of killing some people in Syria and destroying some things there? Just what is the end game, the political goal? I don’t get it. WTF

    Since I’m on Bismark, here’s a quote:

    Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war.”

    Otto von Bismarck

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