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Endless Speeches – No Press Conferences

Obama has the press corpse trained for one-way communication. Obama reads the teleprompter, and never gets asked any serious questions. The axis of evil ( Obama/CNN/MSNBC ) have destroyed our system of government. The American people have no representation or … Continue reading

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52% Is An Overwhelming Mandate, But 80% Is To Be Ignored

Obama thinks that 52% of the vote gives him a mandate to destroy the Bill Of Rights, but couldn’t care less about what 80% think. NBC poll: Nearly 80 percent want congressional approval on Syria – First Read

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Children Need To Be In School

What happens when the school district shuts down schools suddenly for no reason? Unsupervised teenagers get in trouble. I just rode my bike up to the top of the hogback ridge behind the CSU football stadium, where I watched the … Continue reading

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Could The Students Have Survived The Heat?

Poudre School District in Fort Collins cancelled school today because of what they called “unprecedented heat.” Weather Underground forecasts 88ºF  for the high today. Fort Collins, CO Weather Forecast from Weather Underground There have been twenty-five August 30 temperatures over 88ºF since … Continue reading

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In Praise Of The World’s Smartest Scientist

‘ Twitter / MichaelEMann: Being stalked by …

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Gallup Poll Finds That 45% Of Americans Have No Clue What Is Going On

Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval

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Large Increase In Western Arctic Ice Since 2004

Green shows ice present in 2013 which was not present on this date in 2004. Red shows the opposite. Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor Note the increase in Beaufort and Chukchi Sea sea ice since 2004. This is important because essentially all … Continue reading

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