National Geographic : EU Environmental Laws Threaten The Well Being Of The UK

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British authorities have been issuing some dire-sounding warnings. In February, the man then in charge of Ofgem, Britain’s industry regulator, warned of an impending “near-crisis” of energy supply, calling the situation “horrendous” and likening it to being on a roller coaster headed “downhill—fast.” Deputy Minister Nick Clegg was quoted saying that he was working to “keep the lights on.”

The main reason for the possible crunch: Britain is closing a number of aging coal-fired plants—as well as some oil and nuclear ones—to meet European Union environmental laws.

As Coal Plants Shut Down, the United Kingdom Faces a Power Crunch

h/t to Tom Nelson


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3 Responses to National Geographic : EU Environmental Laws Threaten The Well Being Of The UK

  1. Martin says:

    The UK government has a cunning plan to keep our lights on by replacing the coal fired power stations with heavily subsidised diesel generators – absolutely mad ! The general aim seems to be to make energy so expensive that no one can afford to use it.

    Richard North and Christopher Booker have written quite a lot about it over the summer:

  2. Don says:

    Obama has his own war on coal. Consumers already paying for it.

  3. R. de Haan says:

    In the Netherlands power plants fueled by natural gas are closed and coal plants will be fed with 1/3 coal and 2/3 biomass = trees from Georgia USA in a outrageous subsidized bio fuel scam funded by Dutch taxpayers. The amount of money involved runs into the billions of euros.

    When we start burning our biosphere in coal plants we will provide all the arguments written down in the UN Agenda 21 that human kind is a cancer to the planet. It also provides the arguments to reduce global populations to the “sustainable” level of 500 million inhabitants, opening the door for the biggest genocide in the history of mankind.

    Environmental and economic policies are aimed to eliminate the buying power of the masses, to end the consumer economy, destroy our democratic rights, freedoms and the Western civilization.

    We’re all lined up for the slaughterhouse.

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