Warmonger Is Now “The Reluctant War President”

For the past week, Obama has been insisting that he was going to attack Syria regardless of legality or anyone else’s opinion. Now that he is over his infantile “get even with Putin” temper tantrum, the press is already trying to rehabilitate his image.

Analysis: Obama and Syria: The education of a reluctant war president | Reuters

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3 Responses to Warmonger Is Now “The Reluctant War President”

  1. Bdaman says:

    I died laughing when he said and now I’ve made a second decision LOL
    Sure does make alot of decisions. Congress comes back on September 9th. Taking bets on the birds flying on the 11th with the motto we will never forget.

  2. bcbrowser says:

    Please, just don’t push this guy and his administration so that they feel obligated to safe the face and do something spectacular (like a war) just to show their might. There is nothing wrong with changing your position (see UK) based on new data. From my vantage point, it looks right now like a mess whether US does or doesn’t do anything in that country. Not al all the same same as in Iraq a few years ago, IMHO.

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