Shock News : Earth Was Five Degrees Warmer 4,000 Years Ago

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – Google Books

In the pre-Mannian Era, scientists actually did science.

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8 Responses to Shock News : Earth Was Five Degrees Warmer 4,000 Years Ago

  1. beowulftoo says:

    Analysis from the early 1970s.

  2. omanuel says:

    Yes, Earth’s climate is variable. Always has been and will be. Scientists knew that when science was based on observations of reality, not models of reality.

    All that changed when the UN was formed on 24 Oct 1945:

    When nations were separate the integrity of science was protected by national competition.

    Here is a one-page synopsis of the results of forming the UN:

    Click to access Synopsis.pdf

    The story was first summarized in four messages to the Congressional Space Science & Technology Committee, beginning on 4 July 2013 – the 237rd anniversary of the birth of our nation:

    Click to access Creator_of_Life.pdf

    Oliver K. Manuel Former NASA Principal Investigator for Apollo

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  3. F. Guimaraes says:

    At that time the 1930’s and 40’s were the warmest years. His comments indicate that he was expecting another LIA to develop, but they didn’t have the information about the Sun that we have now.

  4. Mike Mellor says:

    The abrupt cooling mentioned that took place from 400 BC coincides with the end of the Golden Age in Greece.

  5. greg says: Don’t Worry the Dumb Meter will fix it all

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