Ministry Of Truth News Summary For The Week Of September 2

Global warming has accelerated during the 21st century, during a 15 year pause in warming – due to a colder Pacific caused by missing heat going into the ocean. The Arctic has gained huge amounts of ice, and is melting faster than predicted.

The US is fighting Al Qaeda, by giving them arms and money and by bombing the last few secular governments remaining in the middle east. The US hopes that by escalating the war in Syria, we can reduce civilian casualties.

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5 Responses to Ministry Of Truth News Summary For The Week Of September 2

  1. QV says:

    New study finds that non-existent “global warming” is helping pests to spread around the world.

    The team said they were heading towards the north and south poles, and were establishing in areas that were once too cold for them to live in.


    “The researchers believe that the global trade in crops is mainly responsible for the movement of pests and pathogens from country to country.

    However, the organisms can only take hold in new areas if the conditions are suitable, and the researchers believe that warming temperatures have enabled the creature to survive at higher latitudes.

    Dr Bebber said: “The most convincing hypothesis is that global warming has caused this shift.”

    The “most convincing” hypothesis is that global trade in crops is responsible and that the conditions already existed to which the insects could readily adapt.

    • gator69 says:

      Oh noes! The Greenland coffee bean will be a thing if the past! No more Arctic bananas? There goes my retirement investment.

  2. Pathway says:

    Banana trees have appeared on the White House lawn and are now ready for harvest.

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